Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Women have been giving birth to beautiful and healthy kids for as long as the human race has been around. They had very little knowledge of the early pregnancy symptoms and still did just fine. At the same time, modern-day medicine is capable of great things, and we should take advantage of everything it has to offer.

With the contemporary technological advancements and bestselling books that provide the ladies with real-world, important info on the whole process, it’s so much easier (and fun) to be an expecting mother.

With that said, there are one too many shabby websites (for the lack of a better word) and books that will do more harm than good. That is exactly why in this post, we’ll tell you everything there is about early pregnancy symptoms – the signs and the course of action.

Making Sense Of The Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Alright, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so, let’s just jump right back into it, shall we? We all know that a pregnancy test will be able to tell you with 95% accuracy whether you are with a child or not. But, in all fairness, it doesn’t work all the time.

Plus, the following early pregnancy symptoms will also hint that there is a brand-new human being growing inside of your body. Now, the most important thing you need to remember is that every mom is different, and so are her experiences with the side effects.

Even if this is you 2nd or 3rd pregnancy, it won’t be the same as the previous one(s). The tricky part is – the majority of the early symptoms look and feel a lot like the side effects that you deal with ‘fore/during menstruation.

You can’t ever be 100% sure about anything when it comes to being an expecting mother, and no doc out there will be able to do that either. That means the following early pregnancy symptoms might be “fakes”. Still, they are great guidelines, so to speak.

Cramping, Spotting, And Bleeding

Right after you conceive a child with your man, the “excited” egg (fertilized is the right word) sticks to the uterus really tight. As a result, you may be experiencing some spotting and maybe even cramps. This usually happens during the 6-12-days period after the deed.

Again, this cramping feels the same as the regular menstrual cramping, which makes it extremely hard to recognize its true meaning. Along with bleeding, the vjjs releases a different discharge that looks like milk. Don’t worry – it’s totally normal and harmless.

And, it’s one of the “classic” early pregnancy symptoms. This will follow you on every step of the way. Keep in mind, though, that if this causes you discomfort and/or if it smells really bad, this might mean you’ve got some nasty bacteria down there. The docs will fix this if you inform them ASAP.

A Missed Period

Aha, this is the most straightforward and obvious symptom. Once a woman notices that she missed a period, she usually buys a test and gets right on it. Yet, sometimes, even if you did miss or have a delayed period, that’s not necessarily a sign that you’re about to become a mommy soon.

Bleeding is also among the most recognizable early pregnancy symptoms. Note: make sure to talk to your doc about this and let him/her tell you when it’s normal and when you should blow the whistle and get yourself fixed.

Please remember that there are several other reasons for a “dropped” period and don’t go crazy after the test proves to be negative. Excessive weight gain or loss, trouble with the hormones, anxiety, and stress are among the most probable causes.

A lot of women miss their periods after they stop consuming birth-control medicine. Even if the test comes back negative, we still recommend making an appointment with the doctor just to be sure. It’s always better to know what you’re dealing with, right?

Changes In The Breasts

Without a doubt, this is the most “in-your-face” change and one of the most beneficial early pregnancy symptoms out there. The hormones that get activated after conception make your boobs more sensitive, sore and/or heavier.

As a matter of fact, it will take your body weeks to get used to this new thing, and the pain and discomfort will only go away then. The breasts won’t get bigger the second you conceive, but once they do, every single person out there will notice it :).

So, give the hormones some time and let your system adjust to this new reality. And keep in mind that the skin around the nipples will become darker. Don’t be freaked out by this and know that it’s a very common side effect.

Anxiety And Fatigue

Feeling overwhelmed, sleepy and tired is the new normal for you. Of all the early symptoms, this one kicks in, well, quite early. The docs claim that an increased production of the so-called pregnancy hormones is the main cause.

A drop in blood pressure and sugar levels can also trigger this. From now on, you’ll have to forget about your old energetic and workaholic self and focus on being the tired lady that wants to sleep all-day-long and stare at the TV without doing anything.

Yes, we know that you’ve got responsibilities and people relying on you, but the truth is – nothing’s more important than the baby inside of your belly. Make sure to include protein-rich foods into your diet and drink lots of water.

Sickness And Nausea

Without a doubt, this is one of the worst (if not THE worst) early pregnancy symptoms. It doesn’t stop in the afternoon or the evening but it doesn’t stop there. You’ll feel sick, tired and want to throw up 24/7, and there’s actually not a lot you can do to fight this.

If you get super-lucky, this symptom won’t bother you. But we recommend getting ready for the worst. The sickness is also a side effect of an extensive production of the pregnancy hormones; it can be caused by other things as well.

Because of the turbulence in your hormones level, you’ll find yourself disgusted by or craving for certain foods. Believe it or not, sometimes, even if you as much as think about something that you used to like, you’ll want to puke.

Here goes the sad part: for most women, nausea lasts for the entire journey, even though it is one of the early pregnancy symptoms. The good news is, once you enter the 2nd trimester, you’ll feel a lot better. Until then, stay strong and let the force guide you!

Dealing With More Early Pregnancy Symptoms

– Regular bathroom visits. Every mother out there knows that the ladies room becomes her “favorite” place after she conceives a kiddo. Expect this symptom to start in 1, 5/2 months after you get pregnant. Nothing you can do about this – just get used to it :).

– Memory loss and fainting. Don’t worry – you won’t forget the name of your favorite TV show or band. Still, some gaps in memory may occur. Fainting is another common side effect and is often a result of lower blood sugar/pressure and/or dilated vessels. Mild headaches might also be in stores for you.

– Constipation. Yep, this happens. The nasty pregnancy hormone is to blame again. It messes up your digestive system, making it harder for it to “handle” the food. Eat fiber-rich foods, drink as much water as you can and include regular walks into your daily routine.

Going Soft, Sentimental And Handling Back Pain

– Mighty mood swings. It’s safe to say that the fellas know this one pretty well. Once you make it through the 13th/14th week, this will go away. Until then, get ready to laugh at some ridiculous jokes, cry at the sight of a cute cat and get angry for no rhyme or reason.

– Back/leg/ankle pain. An aching back is totally normal and you’ll have to learn to rest more and be more cautious about your sudden moves (like jumping up or sitting down in a rapid fashion). The legs and ankles will start to hurt a little bit later, so, for now, the back pain is the only thing you gotta worry about.

Summing up, we want to say that some ladies experience every single one of the aforementioned side effects, while others only have to deal with a couple of them. It’s a matter of luck, karma and other superstitious stuff; don’t let it get to your head :).