9 Weeks Pregnant


Alright, it’s time to finally get your head around the fact that you’re pregnant and about to become a mother in less than a year. Yes, it’s totally normal to start thinking about your future life with a kiddo at 9 weeks pregnant.

At this point, it would be a great idea to talk to your man/husband about saving some money for the baby’s arrival. You do know that it’s not that cheap to raise a child, right? We’re not saying you should cut on everything; just save a bit for a “jump-start”, so to speak.

Maternity leave is one of those things that you should really look into. Check out your firm’s/company’s handbook to know exactly what you’ll get out of it. If you do that while 9 weeks pregnant, you’ll be well-prepared when talking to your chief/boss at work.

9 Weeks Pregnant – Embryo Vs. Fetus

Right now, your mighty embryo is already pretty big – as big as a gooseberry! The future kiddo weights +/- 0.7 ounces and is just a bit shorter than 1 inch. Get this: you’re already 2 months pregnant and are officially entering the third month.

Oh, and one more important thing: the growing organism inside of you is now a fetus – congratulations! What that essentially means is you can start calling it a baby. Plus, in about a month or two, all those nasty 9 weeks pregnancy symptoms will be gone.

Well, not completely, obviously, because the fetus will still require a lot of energy from your body. But, in all fairness, things are about to look up for you. For now, let’s see what side effects we’ll have to deal with at this stage.

9 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

If you feel like the nastiness is getting worse, that’s because it is. Two months in, the pregnancy hormone reaches its peak levels and puts your entire body through a test. With that said, the symptoms will also be quite strong. Again, pretty soon, you’ll start feeling better, but the 9 weeks pregnancy symptoms are still there to frustrate and confuse you:

– Uncontrollable emotions. HCG is the main reason for this, but so are constant nausea and the desire to sleep and rest. Together, they mess up emotions and turn you into a cry baby in the morning and an angry lady in the evening (not necessarily in that exact order, though).

It’s totally OK to take some time to yourself, sleep longer than usual, have something nice to eat and enjoy your favorite TV show. Don’t stress yourself, have happy thoughts and you’ll be more than alright.

Sickness And Bathroom Visits

– Nausea and sickness. According to the doctors, 80% of pregnant ladies suffer from nausea. It’s inevitable and generally lingers on for the whole day. At 9 weeks pregnant, you might be throwing up on a regular basis and/or feeling a bit out of it – depends on your luck, really.

If there’s not one, but two kids in your belly, rest assured that everything will be worth. The ninth week is the worst one; so, get ready for that ultimate fight. Vitamin B6, walks around in the park, frequent tiny (and healthy) snacks and ginger are good remedies.

– Turning into an urination champ. When you’re 9 weeks pregnant, your uterus is significantly bigger, and there’s a lot of blood circling around in your lower body. As a result, you’ll be visiting the bathroom more than a couple of times during the day. Still, drinking tons of water is a must.

More Symptoms For The Ladies

– Fatigue. As mentioned above, an expecting mother’s body is working double and even triple shifts to make that baby happen and needs a lot of time to rest, hence the fatigue. So, sleep as much as you can and have those healthy snacks every 2-3 hours. The 2nd trimester will be a lot easier – we promise!

– Problems With Your Nose. This might come as a total surprise, but it’s normal for a 9 weeks pregnant girl/woman to have higher-than-usual amounts of mucus. Arm yourself with as many tissues as possible.

– Mighty headaches throughout the day. That overzealous hormone can be pretty frustrating. It often leads to headaches; but, you’ll need to remember that stress, hunger, overeating, coffee and the lack of water can also cause this.

Great 9 weeks pregnancy tips for you: you can beat the headaches by handling the other side effects and by sleeping 10+ hours a day. Don’t forget about those snacks – they’re quite important for your well-being. As for the pills, talk to your doc first before taking your favorite medication.

9 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

The majority of the expecting mothers find it difficult to squeeze into their favorite jeans/pants at 9 weeks pregnant. That has to do with your uterus finally getting big enough to show. Get this: it’s twice as big as in the beginning! Try touching it – can you feel that the lower abdomen is “stiffer” than before?

Don’t expect your belly to be huge, but it might already be visible to the naked eye. When you’re 2 months pregnant, weight gain should be treated seriously. The amount of additional weight you’ll have to gain will be determined by your doctor.

He/she will ask for your BMI (the body mass index, of course) before the child. Say, if you used to have an average index, the doc will advise you to add 25-35 pounds during these 9 months (not weeks), and 3-5 pounds should be added in the 1st trimester.

Keeping Your Weight In Check

If you’re a lucky mother of twins, make sure to put on +/- 1 pound each week. At the same time, it’s not unusual for a 9 weeks pregnant mom to lose weight at this stage because of the exhausting sickness. Talk to your doc to discuss your strategy regarding the weight loss/gain. Generally, it’s ok if you lost a pound or so.

The appetite will, most definitely, come back, and make you get fatter and happier :). In some cases, nausea is so unbearable that a woman might need medical help. Dehydration is a very serious matter, and you shouldn’t treat it likely.

If you notice that you can’t drink water and/or eat any food, you should IMMEDIATELY consult with your doc. Because you might just have HG (it’s a nasty thing). Thankfully, it’s treatable – there’s nothing a good IV can’t fix! There are some great anti-nausea pills; take them only if your doctor says so. Ok, that’s pretty much it for the 9 weeks pregnancy tips.

9 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Get ready, ladies, because it’s time for the first big-time visit for a check-up. The very 1st appointment (it’s called “prenatal”) usually happens in the period between the 8th and the 12th weeks. That means that you’re about to have your 9 weeks pregnant ultrasound.

They say that at this point, it’s quite possible to see and hear the fetus’s heartbeat. Got you all hyped up, didn’t we? If you’re curious about the technical aspects of the ultrasound (of course you are), know that the doc will put a probe into your vjj – yes, that how it’s done. It won’t hurt a bit.

The 9 weeks pregnant ultrasound will allow the docs to check whether everything’s going according to the plan or not and let you see your child for the 1st time. If your man wants to, you can offer him to join you on this ride.

A Cute Baby On The Other Side Of The Screen

As we said in the beginning, you’ve got a fetus in your uterus now, and, even though these are just technical terms, we’re sure you like the sound of that. When you’re 9 weeks pregnant, the boy/girl is working hard on developing its eyes, nose, mouth, ears and the rest of the face. The heartbeat is strong and the machines will pick it up.

Fact: if you hear the kid’s heart, the risk of a miscarriage is incredibly low (about 3%). The doctors will test your blood/urine samples to check your hormone levels, the count of cells, the blood type, and other complicated stuff.

A pap smear is also a must to check for any unwanted STDs/abnormalities. Yes, at this stage, it all sounds pretty exhausting, but you’ll get used to it in no time. Besides, it will all be worth it when you deliver that cute baby into this world.

Pregnancy Checklist At 9 Weeks Pregnant

Check out the collection of maternity bras at your local store. Or, you can just order the one you like most on the Internet. As far as the most important clothing items go, this is one of the top-3 – just trust us on this.

Get your partner to join you in estimating the costs regarding the pregnancy and the delivery. It’s always a good idea to get your budget straight before facing this new stage in your life.

Pay your doctor a visit and let him give you the most accurate answers to all of the questions that bother you. True, there are a lot of solid website on the Internet (this one included), but you might just find yourself reading up on all kinds of BS. So, having an appointment with the doctor is probably the safest bet.