8 Weeks Pregnant


Congratulations, dear ladies: at 8 weeks pregnant sharp, you’re officially about to move to the third month! Are you a bit worried that your belly is not showing? Well, don’t be. Besides, we’re sure that by now you’re already in the full “mommy mode” and are starting to get used to this new reality.

As they say, the feeling is “sinking in” and the doctors have probably assigned your first big-girl appointment this week or the next one. Keep in mind that an 8 weeks pregnant ultrasound is a possibility, so, get ready for that. The procedure will allow the docs to know exactly how long you’ve been an expecting mother.

8 Weeks Pregnant – Following Your Baby’s Journey

If you’re lucky, the medical equipment might even let you hear/see the future boy’s/girl’s heartbeat. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Yes, when you’re 8 weeks pregnant, the world is starting to change – in the most amazing way.

By this moment, your embryo is just as big as a wild strawberry. Its size is around 0.6/0.65 inches; the weight will be +/- 0.4 ounces. Get this: the kiddo grows every single day, and, with each passing week, it becomes bigger and bigger.

All you have to do at this stage is hold on to something really tight and keep yourself from going crazy. That’s not an exaggeration, and any woman with at least one child will tell you that at 8 weeks pregnant the body goes into some sort of a “berserk mode” and plays tricks on you.

8 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Alright, let’s face it: even though the movies and the magazines love to describe pregnancy as something uniquely enjoyable, the stress of it all is pretty tense. Your hormones take over the entire system and practically do whatever they want.

Your stomach is aching all the time, you can’t get over nausea and it feels like you are the champion of the smells. No, seriously: a woman’s sense of smell reaches its peak and turns into a supernatural ability of some sorts. Let’s see what the 8 weeks pregnancy symptoms are real quick:

– Different breasts. It’s obvious that your boobs are bigger than usual; and, they also feel sore and extremely sensitive (just like the rest of your body). That has to do with the fact that the “milk factories” are about to start producing the nutrients for your offspring.

– Weakness and fatigue. When a girl/woman is 8 weeks pregnant, her body starts to allocate a significant amount of blood to the embryo, which results in a drop in blood sugar/pressure levels. That is why you’ll feel slightly out of it and sleepy all the time. The best remedy – getting as much sleep as humanly possible.

Nausea, Spasms, And New Smells

– The hormones turn your body upside down and cause all kinds of nasty side effects. Nausea is, without a doubt, one of the strongest ones. Drinking tons of water and getting by on healthy snacks is the best course of action. At 8 weeks pregnant, you may be either super-hungry and craving for food, or (which is more likely) feel sick by just looking at it.

Of all the 8 weeks pregnancy tips that you’ll find on the internet, we’d like to point out that the majority of ladies love Vitamin B-6 (it really is awesome), ginger (both healthy and calming for your tummy) and the special acupressure wristbands, and they’ll certainly help you as well.

– Incredible sense of smell. Yes, this is another perk of being an 8 weeks pregnant woman. The worst thing about it – now you’ll be able to catch all those bad smells that you’d never pay attention to before, and they’ll make you sick!

– Spasms. At this stage, there’s nothing wrong with spasms and cramping. The uterus is getting bigger and larger to accommodate the ever-growing embryo, and that might cause mild pains. If it worries you, though, visit your doc.

More Side Effects On Your Plate

– Constipation. Aha, it’s not the best feeling in the world, but hey – aren’t you ready for big sacrifices for your baby? Fact: constipation is one of those 8 weeks pregnancy symptoms that more than fifty percent of the ladies have to deal with.

Drinking lots of water, choosing fiber-rich foods and walking around should fix it for you. If nothing helps, your doctors will, most certainly, have something to help you with this frustrating and confusing side effect.

– Unusual dreams. Caught yourself dreaming about the most ridiculous yet beautiful things at night? No, you’re not going crazy – that’s actually normal. You can blame it on the hormones or heightened senses.

– Spotting. This is the final symptom – we promise! Spotting makes a lot of women worry when they find blood on their underwear. But the bleeding can be caused by many things, including sex. Contact your doc and sort it all out.

8 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

If you’ve got twins “chilling” in your belly, that will take a toll on you. Get ready to be even more tired and sick (yes, that’s possible) as your system struggles to bring two kids to life simultaneously. Again, rest as much as you can at 8 weeks pregnant.

Keep in mind that if you find yourself weaker than ever, ridiculously hungry and/or nauseous, that’s because your entire body has turned into a baby-making machine for 2. Just remember that the 2nd trimester will be SO MUCH easier.

At this point, you’ll probably start to show, but just a bit. We’re all different and our embryos develop in slightly different ways. It takes the uterus a certain amount of time to “push through”. An expecting mamma of two will be bumpier.

Keeping Your Weight In Check

More 8 weeks pregnancy tips coming your way: go with healthy food and try to gain 1/2 pounds a week during the 1st trimester. That way, you’ll ensure your baby is totally fine. At the eighth week, you should be 4-6 pounds heavier.

However, if nausea and sickens have been bothering you all this time, then you’re probably as light as ever – no problems there. At 2 months pregnant, your body will adjust itself to your current weight.

8 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Yes, it’s finally time for your 1st “one-on-one” with the doc. And, if you’re lucky, the machines might let you see/hear your future baby. It’s safe to say that you and every other woman in the room will be amazed when you see the kid moving its limbs like an insane person :). You can’t feel that in your uterus, can you?

The 8 weeks pregnant ultrasound will show you that the fingers/thumbs are not fully formed yet. The tail, by the way, will be gone (aha, it used to have one). Oh, and another cute fact: the child’s taste buds are developing now.

The doctor will take urine and blood samples to test them. Figuring out your blood type is important, as is learning if it’s Rh negative or positive. Don’t get your head confused with this stuff but know that if your type doesn’t match with the one your baby has, some pills will be due.

At 8 weeks pregnant, the doc will also check your hormone and white/red cells levels. Finally, all women get a pap smear – it’s needed for discovering any unwanted abnormalities and possible infections. Giving a urine sample will turn into a routine for you pretty soon, as you’ll have to pee in a cup on pretty much every visit.

Pregnancy Checklist At 8 Weeks Pregnant

Get yourself ready for the twelve-week appointment. The first time will be kinda awkward, but you’ll get used to the numerous visits in no time. As soon as a woman becomes 8 weeks pregnant, her life changes completely.

Consult with your partner whether you need a CVS test or not. It will happen between the 10th and the 12th weeks. This test will help the doctors determine whether your embryo has any genetic conditions (hopefully not).

And keep yourself busy by thinking about the unusual ways you’re going to break the news to those closest to you. If your man already knows you’re soon to be a mom (and he most definitely should if you’re 8 weeks pregnant!), try to come up with something special together.