7 Weeks Pregnant


At 7 weeks pregnant, you’re in a unique position: you know that there’s a baby in your belly, but nobody else can see it. At this moment, women are conscious about their pregnancy and are getting ready to become mothers.

This is a huge event for them; yet, unless they decide to speak up, nobody will notice anything different about them. Right now, you’re thinking of ways to break the happy news to your loved ones and colleagues. That’s totally normal, but, try to make the most of your tiny secret while you can.

7 Weeks Pregnant – The Embryo Is Turning Into A Human

When you’re 7 weeks pregnant, the wonder inside of you is growing at a rapid paste and will show in no time. A woman’s body is suffering through countless changes and it’s up to the “host” to take care of herself and her kiddo.

Do you know how big the embryo is already? Well, compared to the size of it back when you were 1 month pregnant, the lad/lassie is huge! It’s the size of a cranberry. Pretty great, right? As mentioned in the previous posts, starting with the 4th/5th week, the embryo doubles in size every 7 days.

Half-an-inch – that’s how big the boy/girl in your tummy will be. True, that’s super-tiny, but, given the fact that it used to be microscopic in beginning, the progress is incredible. In doctor speak, a 7 weeks pregnant woman is officially one month and +/- 2 weeks with child.

7 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

At this stage, you need to get yourself, your head and your bod ready for the onslaught of side effects that will, most certainly, hit you with everything they’ve got. Some of them are pretty manageable, while others can make life miserable (to a certain extent, of course).

Ok, let’s take a look at the most common 7 weeks pregnancy symptoms that every single woman out there will have to go through if she wants to deliver a baby into this world. Hey, the final reward will be well worth it :).

– Morning sickness. Without a doubt, by the seventh week, nausea will become your biggest problem. It’s quite a nasty side effect and will turn your daily routine upside down. Some of the best 7 weeks pregnancy tips include taking ginger, the amazing Vitamin B-6 (it really does make wonders for some women) and these fancy “acupressure” wristbands that will help a pregnant woman cope with it all.

Good news: the 2nd trimester will make sure nausea goes away, so, hang in there and know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Expecting mothers of twins will have even more trouble with vomiting and sickness. The more babies in your tummy, the more problems.

More Challenging Side Effects

– Fluctuations of appetite. At 7 weeks pregnant, you’ll find yourself having all kinds of strange cravings for food. At the same time, some foods that were your favorites will make you want to throw up. Aversion is one of your body’s precautionary measures for killing your urge to eat everything that moves.

On the other hand, if you stop eating, the morning nausea will become even more unbearable. So, sometimes, it’s a good idea to give in to your food cravings. Gluttony is not always a sin, especially if you’re doing it for the baby :). Still, don’t go nuts and go with healthy food instead of junk food.

– Frequent visits to the bathroom. Do you feel like the ladies room is your new home? Well, your uterus is twice as big now and there is a lot of blood circling around in that area.

Spasms, Extra Saliva, And Emotional Instability

– Acne. Yes, the villainous hormones often lead to acne. Warning: don’t run to the local store to get your favorite product for treating this. First, talk to your doc. He/she will check whether it’s safe to use it at 7 weeks pregnant or not.

– Constant drooling. Well, it’s not a 24/7 thing, but you’ll definitely feel that your body is producing way more saliva than usual. Again, it’s those hormones playing tricks on you.

– Mood swings. Of the classic 7 weeks pregnancy symptoms, this is probably the least harmful one. Get ready to be extremely emotional and get angry and/or cry tears of joy without rhyme or reason.

Dealing With Cramping

– Spasms And Spotting. Spasms at this stage is an ordinary thing. The body is going through changes. True, the baby will not start to kick for another 1-2 weeks, but you’ll feel a lot of “action” down there.

And your cervix will also be extra sensitive. Remember about that when you encounter spotting after making love to your handsome man. When it comes to these pregnancy signs week 7 is quite strong. But don’t worry: as a general rule, both cramps and spotting are harmless.

At the same time, if your abdominal hurts more than it generally does, or if spotting turns into bleeding, then you should definitely contact your doc and discuss these symptoms.

At the end of the day, even when you’re 7 weeks pregnant, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to deal with any of these side effects. Some future mothers are just lucky that way! Every woman is unique, and her experience during pregnancy doesn’t have to be exactly the same as, say, in the books.

7 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

Let’s talk about your belly, dear ladies. Did you, by any chance, catch yourself looking at your tummy in the mirror for half-an-hour, trying to imagine how it would look like in the upcoming weeks? Maybe you even assumed a certain position to create an impression that there’s a bump there?

Countless girls/women do that all over the world, especially when they’re 6 and 7 weeks pregnant. That’s just a part of our nature – we want to know how we will look in advance. Usually, the belly starts to show right in the middle of the 2nd trimester. In order for that to happen, the uterus must outgrow the pelvis.

If you’re carrying twins, your belly will become even bigger, but you’ll still have to wait. A 7 weeks pregnant woman may (and probably will) be bloated, but it’s because of the hormones that mess us digestion and blood flow, not the baby sticking out.

For the ladies that don’t feel comfortable with their bellies, here are some useful 7 weeks pregnancy tips: simply put your tight clothes in the back of your drawers and go with something a bit comfier (loose). And, if you’ve got the nerve, tell the people you love that you’re expecting. That way, you won’t have to worry about any of it.

7 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Get this: with every passing minute, that cute embryo in your body is creating 100 new brain cells. The rest of the muscles/organs are also being formed. At 7 weeks pregnant, the ladies can’t wait for their 1st visit to the doc.

Remember that you’ll have to give a number of samples, including urine and blood. However, a 7 weeks pregnant ultrasound is quite a rare thing – there’s no point in it unless there’s something wrong with you and/or the embryo.

As a general rule, the period between the 8th and the 10th week is when you’ll be checked up. The doctors may change the “date of arrival” even if there is a fixed date in your mind. It all depends on what he/she will see on the screen.

At this point, you’ll be excited to take a look at your future son/daughter. If you’re carrying twins, that will show in the form of not 1, but 2 sacs. Besides, a blood test in the very beginning would have revealed a peak level of hCG (that means there are two kiddos in your belly). Again, don’t expect to have a 7 weeks pregnant ultrasound – just wait a bit longer.

Pregnancy Checklist At Seven Weeks Pregnant

Check what Google has to say about the 1st ultrasound and the tests. Read about the various samples that the docs will take so that you’ll be ready when the day comes.

Put all of your fancy beauty products away and grab those that won’t harm your baby. This is very important! Consult your doc and go with what he/she has to offer.

One last thing: make sure that the pills you take are harmless. At 7 weeks pregnant, it may be a bit tricky to make sense of it all on your own. Again, go to your doc and talk about this – after all, that’s what he/she is for!