6 Weeks Pregnant


Without a doubt, at 6 weeks pregnant, you’ll still feel like you’re just getting started. And it’s totally normal to feel a bit awkward and “out of your plate”. Give it some time – it will definitely sink in soon. But, before that, you’ll have to deal with the nasty 6 weeks pregnancy symptoms that will make the worst PMS feel like child’s play.

Yes, there’s no sugarcoating this: the side effects at the beginning of your journey are pretty much a living hell for any women. That’s especially true if you’ve always been a healthy person with good habits and are used to having everything under control.

You’ll need to be ready to change your mind set for the next 8 months and let the hormones do their thing. Does it make you feel miserable? Well, welcome to the club then! At 6 weeks pregnant, you’re not in control of your body anymore – just deal with that. So, it’s totally OK to feel uncomfortable and frustrated.

6 Weeks Pregnant – Your Baby Is Growing Big

At this stage, your kid will be the size of a corn seed. The average size in inches would be approximately 0.25. Keep in mind, though, that it will be 0.5 next week. Fact: at six weeks, you’re actually already 1 month + 1 week pregnant.

You found out that you’re to be a mom just a week ago? Don’t worry – that’s a common thing these days. At 6 weeks pregnant, women are barely starting to get a grip on their new reality and do everything in their power to adjust.

At the same time, because the docs are counting the days of pregnancy since the 1st day of a woman’s most recent period, that means the process has started a while back. In most cases, the ladies conceive a baby in the 2nd/3rd week and realize they’re with child when they miss their period (usually around the 5th week).

6 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Now, every woman out there is different, and our bodies react to pregnancy in different ways. While most girls are forced to deal with the frustrating side effects early in the process (like at 6 weeks pregnant), others will feel totally fine and wonder why the magazines describe the first 1-2 months as the worst ones.

It all depends on your karma, probably, and you’ll have to thank the nature for taking it easy on you :). Alright, let’s look at the nastiest 6 weeks pregnancy symptoms.

– Fatigue 24/7. The feeling of being tired and sleepy all the time has to do with the fact that your body is working hard to create a human being. Yep, the baby inside of you is still tiny, but it does require a lot of energy. Get extra rest whenever you can.

Learning About Sickness And The Other Side Effects

– Sickness and nausea. Yes, that’s the “scary nausea” that all the magazines talk about. And it doesn’t let go in the afternoon or at night – the sickness will, most likely, follow you all day long. Furthermore, if you’re 6 weeks pregnant with not one, but two kiddos (twins), everything will be worse.

You’ll need to find the right foods that won’t upset your tummy and have snacks every couple of hours. An empty stomach is usually what will cause nausea. Or, it can be overzealous eating – just keep the balance and you’ll be fine.

– Aching breasts. Another common symptom. The increased sensitivity and mild pain are a result of unusually high blood flow. Your system is getting your boobs ready for milk production. What, already, at just six weeks? Yep!

Bathroom Visits, Bloating, And Cramping

– Constant visits to the ladies room. Frequent urination is totally normal if you’re 1 month pregnant. The thing is – your body sends more blood to your abdominal/pelvic area once you become pregnant.

But if urination causes pain and/or you’re unable to go when you feel the urge, you should definitely pay your doc a visit. Don’t try to deal with this on your own because it may lead to unwanted consequences.

– Bloating And Gas. Yes, that ridiculous hormone is also known for making your tummy feel funky. Here goes one of the best 6 weeks pregnancy tips: make sure to drink as much water as you can and include fiber-rich meals into your diet. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with constipation that leads to bloating at just 6 weeks pregnant.

– Wrecked nerves and mood swings. Feel cranky all the time and find yourself crying at a touching cat story? Get as much rest as you possibly can and don’t forget about those snacks to keep yourself in check and to lift up your mood.

– Spasms and spotting. At this stage, mild spasms and spotting are a regular thing. The most important thing to remember is that these 6 weeks pregnancy symptoms are common and won’t cause any problems for you and the kid. If the pain is strong and you find yourself bleeding, get in contact with your OB.

6 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

Now, despite the fact that the majority of women are bloated at this stage, you won’t look like a pregnant woman at 6 weeks pregnant. However, keep in mind that pretty soon the baby will grow bigger and you’ll start to show. That means you won’t be able to keep this a secret from people for much longer.

Besides, if you’re about to become a proud mother of twins, your belly will be “hyped up” a lot sooner. One of the best 6 weeks pregnancy tips: go with comfy clothes and forget about those sexy tight jeans for the upcoming 8-12 months.

You don’t have to torment yourself: just go to the nearest store and pick up a couple of roomy pants that will allow you to both feel good and hide your tummy from the rest of the world. True, sooner or later, you won’t be able to conceal that huge bump. Still, at 6 weeks pregnant, comfortable clothes are imperative.

6 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

If your doc knows you’ve been an expecting mom for six weeks, he/she will, most likely, instruct you to wait. And you will wait until you’re 2 months pregnant. Your situation might be different, of course. But in most cases, the 6 weeks pregnant ultrasound is not really a thing, unless the doctors have a reason to worry about your health.

Yes, every single woman out there is anxious to take a look at her kiddo for the 1st time. But it is what it is, and you’ll have to wait just like the rest of us. Still, let’s see what’s going in there while you’re trying to lead a normal life.

Believe it or not, but at this stage, the “baby-making machine” is working tirelessly to make sure the embryo’s development processes kick in. Blood circulation will already be in progress, and at 6 weeks pregnant, you’ll have an adorable embryo in your belly.

Saying “Hello” To Your Offspring

The eyes, the years, the nose and some other body parts will make the bunch of cells look like a real human being. The machines might be able to provide the doctors with an image of the heartbeat. Don’t panic if it doesn’t – the good doctor will tell you to pay a second visit for another 6 weeks pregnant ultrasound in a couple of days.

As mentioned above, it’s generally way too early for that. If you were curious about how twins look on the screen, we’re happy to say that there will be not one, but two tiny sacs on the ultrasound. Usually, twins develop 4-10 days after you conceive them.

Fact: while a woman counts the days until her first appointment, she comes up with tons of questions that bother her. It would be a good idea to put it all on paper (or on your phone) so that you can ask away during your 1st visit. And don’t forget to re-read this post – you’ll find that the majority of the answers are right here!

Pregnancy Checklist At 6 Weeks Pregnant

You gotta be prepared for your 1st official one-on-one with the doc. Write down every single question on your mind so you don’t forget any of them when the day arrives.

Take a closer look at your current life insurance policy. It would be wise to do that with your husband/significant other because you might not make sense of it all while you’re dealing with the pregnancy.

Prepare yourself and your man for the challenges that will follow after you deliver the baby. First of all, you’ll both have trouble with sleeping, as the kiddo will need you 24/7. Second, the ladies lose their sexual appetite 3-6 months after they deliver. The men, on the other hand, don’t.

However, all of that won’t matter if you love each other and are ready to put your own lives on hold for the sake of the new member of your family. Isn’t it a bit too early to think about this at just 6 weeks pregnant? No, it’s definitely not. The sooner you start, the better solutions you will come up with!