5 Weeks Pregnant


Congratulations – you’re officially a conscious expecting mother! What does that mean? Well, at 5 weeks pregnant, most ladies discover that they are, indeed, with child. The truth is – the majority of girls/women don’t really feel any different before this moment.

All it takes for you to know that there’s a boy/girl growing in your uterus is a missed period. You’ll probably think something like – hey, could I be pregnant right now? The only way to know for sure is to take a simple test at home.

Furthermore, at 5 weeks pregnant, you’ll most likely start to experience all those nasty side effects. They include sensitive boobs, nausea, and the constant feeling of being exhausted. Do those symptoms sound familiar to you? Then it most definitely means you’re a lucky soon-to-be-mom!

5 Weeks Pregnant – Dealing With The Consequences

The increased level of pregnancy hormones will make a mess out of you and put a lot of strain on your system. As a result, you’ll feel sick early in the morning and be tired even if you spend the whole day on your favorite couch.

The 5 weeks pregnancy symptoms are quite strong and will probably get on your nerves :). So, get ready for that. Yes, the “divine pregnancy”, as some magazines describe it, won’t feel so good at first. Hey, it will only last for 8 more months!

Keep in mind that when a woman is 5 weeks pregnant, her kiddo will be approximately the size of a pear seed. That’s right – you can actually follow the size of your baby from now on. At this moment, it will be around 0.13 inches long – isn’t that totally cute?

Following Your Baby’s Path

However, in the upcoming weeks, it will accelerate the growth rate. Get this: next week, the embryo will be twice as big. At 1 month pregnant, you can’t even comprehend how tiny the child is, but now you can at least have an image in your head.

How many months do 5 weeks usually mean? Well, let’s see: in the world of pregnant women, it’s actually one full month. That has to do with the fact that the docs consider you to be pregnant from the 1st day of your latest period. And that means if you’ve just realized that you’re not alone in your body anymore, you’re actually a whole month in!

5 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Ok, now it’s time to talk about the frustrating symptoms at 5 weeks pregnant. You already know that they’re quite daunting, right? On the other hand, almost every single woman goes through them, and that means that you’ll do the same. After all, you have no other choice and will have to endure all the inconveniences.

The 5 weeks pregnancy symptoms introduce you to the struggle that awaits you in the upcoming 8 months. At the same time, it’s a known fact that the 1st trimester is the hardest. So, if you make it through the first 12-13 weeks, life will get easier.

Many women claim that after the first tough break, you get used to it all and most of the symptoms go away. The most important thing is to forget about hard work, have a lot of rest, eat healthy food and take care of your future baby in any way you can.

Getting To Know The Side Effects

– Sore boobs. If you feel like your breasts are different, just know that they are. They’re getting ready to turn into a milk factory, and the pain that follows is a common thing. At 5 weeks pregnant, this is something you’ll have to get used to.

– Sickness. They usually call it the “early sickness”, but it can kick in at any given moment and never let go. Yes, as bad as it might sound, most mommies feel sick and tired 24/7. If you’re 5 weeks pregnant and are carrying twins, that queasy feeling will be even stronger. So, how do you defeat this nasty side-effect?

Try eating less and more frequently; vitamin B6 is also a great pick. There are these special lollipops that will help you with this. And finally, take a look at the wristbands that are also supposed to ease the pain.

Laziness, Spasms, And Spotting

– Fatigue. Do you feel like you want to go nap-nap even after you’ve been in bed for 10 hours? Well, guess what – you’re 5 weeks pregnant! Nothing is more natural than wanting to sleep all day long at this moment. There’s no remedy for this – just try not to miss your most important duties. The rest can wait. As we just said, try the frequent meals technique.

– Mild Spasms. When you’re 4-5 weeks pregnant, regular cramping means the future baby has successfully “stuck” into the uterus (or that the uterus itself is getting bigger). If the pain is more than you can handle, be quick to tell your doc about it.

– Spotting. Don’t be afraid of spotting at 5 weeks pregnant – it’s totally normal, even though it can be a bit scary. This is a clear sign of successful implantation. Spotting can also follow after making love (because the cervix is under a lot of pressure).

Again, if it’s more like blood stains, get in contact with your doctor ASAP. One final thing: some ladies are lucky and don’t experience any of the pregnancy signs weeks 5 is famous for. So, if you’re one of those blessed women, enjoy it!

5 Weeks Pregnancy Tips – Gaining Weight

At this stage, your tummy will be literally the same as before. Bloating might make you feel like you’re fatter, though. Or, if you’re feeling nausea all the time and can’t swallow even a bite, you might just get skinnier! At 5 weeks pregnant, it’s all quite normal. We’re all different, and that’s the beauty of Mother Nature.

Still, your weight is important and you’ll need to be conscious about it. A bunch of 5 weeks pregnancy tips coming your way: during the 1st trimester (it lasts for 13 weeks), 1-5 pounds of additional weight is ok. You don’t need more.

As a general rule, you won’t have to do anything – just live your life and the pounds will add up. On the other hand, if you have trouble with gaining weight, your doc will help you come up with a working plan. Take a look at what the ACOG has to say about this.

Using Science To Figure Out Your Weight Strategy

For an underweight woman (BMI – body mass index – under 18.5), your weight gain should be between 28-40 pounds. When the 2nd trimester kicks in, make sure to gain 1 additional pound (or a bit more – like 1.3) a week.

For an average weight woman (BMI of 18.5 to 24.9), your weight gain should be between 25-35 pounds. As for the second trimester, 0.8-1 pound a week is great.
For an overweight woman (BMI of 25 to 29.9), your weight gain should be between 15-25 pounds. Gain 0.5-0.7 pounds per week.

For an obese woman (BMI of 30 and higher), your overall weight gain should be between 11-20 pounds tops. And, make sure not to gain more than 0.4-0.6 pounds a week.

Finally, if you’re a lucky mom of twins, your weight gain should be between 37-54. Try to gain a pound per week in the 1st trimester. In the 2nd trimester, 1.2-1.3 will be ok.

How do you know if you’re with twins? Stronger symptoms and more pounds on your body may suggest that there are two kiddos in your belly. Oh, and here is another one of those fine 5 weeks pregnancy tips: ask your man to give you a massage. Your body will be under a lot of stress, and his warm hands all over you will feel great.

5 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Right now, at +/- 1 month pregnant, you future child won’t look like a human being to you. Yet, the organs are already shaping up. The systems are also in place. But, there is no need for a 5 weeks pregnant ultrasound, unless you have some troubling medical history.

Your doctor will, most likely, tell you to come for a check-up around the 8th/9th week. So, before that day arrives, just keep yourself together. When you do eventually have the 1st ultrasound procedure, the expert will measure your child and change the due date.

Get ready for a series of tests (blood and urine) – it’s a part of the game. Ok, that’s it for the ultrasound – no need in it unless there’s something wrong with you or with the embryo.

Pregnancy Checklist At Five Weeks Pregnant

Make sure to forget about junk food for at least a year and go with healthier food.

Writing a pregnancy diary is a good idea – it might help you cope with the frustration.

And start to think about ways you’re going to save money for when the boy/girl arrives.