43 Weeks Pregnant

Note: The breadfruit has been around for ages and is considered to be one of the biggest fruits in the world. It’s approximately 20.5 inches long and weighs 8.2/8.3 pounds.

Alright, don’t get freaked out or anything, but if you’re 43 weeks pregnant, that actually makes you something of a unique woman. If you read our previous post, then you already know that only 2% of expecting moms stick with the baby till the 42nd week.

With that said, being 43 weeks pregnant turns you into one-of-a-kind hero. It’s EXTREMELY rare; still, this happens, and if you let the doctors take care of you, everything will be OK. Nature works in mysterious ways; so, if you’re walking around with a bump, that means this is exactly what you should be doing.

Yes, we know that all that frustration, confusion and lack of sleep is starting to turn your life into a misery. Plus, the expectation is killing you at 43 weeks pregnant. And don’t make us start on all those “good folks” that treat you like some kind of a relic of something :).

The biggest question you’re gonna hear will sound like “Why the hell didn’t you go with induction?” Now, even though the docs will talk to you about this, it would be best to let them handle all that complicated stuff when you’re 43 weeks pregnant. Because they’ve got more experience than you’ll ever have (unless you’re an OB yourself, of course).

43 Weeks Pregnant – When Is That Baby Coming?!

Try to relax, be in sync with your body and give your kiddo just a little bit more time to develop. The arrival is right around the corner, and the simple truth is – you won’t be able to change anything if you start going crazy. Those are the best 43 weeks pregnancy tips right there. Keep your head up and give the fetus some room.

Remember: there’s nothing wrong with crossing that “due date” threshold. No doctor out there can tell you exactly when you’re going to deliver. All that pressure is building up, that’s true, but the baby will actually come pretty soon – it has no other choice!

Now, as always, before checking out the 43 weeks pregnancy symptoms, let’s see how big the child in your belly actually is. At this point, it’s 20.5/20.6 inches long and weighs a bit over eight pounds. Aha, it’s all-grown-up and the whole world is waiting for it to arrive.

43 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

This shouldn’t come as a for you, but these last couple of months you’ve been struggling with pretty much the same side effects. And the 43rd weeks is no different. So, if you’ve got problems with your back, ankles, sleeping, walking, going to the bathroom, and/or the contractions are killing you, that’s totally normal.

Again, it’s not easy to be a 43 weeks pregnant woman, but the increased attention of the doctors should give you confidence that everything will go smoothly. The downside is – the longer you keep the kiddo in the uterus, the higher the risks for both of you.

Thankfully, modern-day technology will allow the professionals to keep an eye on your progress and interfere if necessary. Note: if you feel like the 43 weeks pregnancy symptoms are more severe and/or last unusually long (like the contractions), tell your doc about it.

43 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

You don’t need to treat this as something otherworldly. Think of your prolonged pregnancy as a necessary term for delivering a healthy baby. That way, you’ll finally relax and let your body bring everything in order for that last push.

Next, we’ve got some down-to-Earth 43 weeks pregnancy tips for recognizing the real-deal signs of labor. They will feel nothing like the regular symptoms, and that is great. At the same time, you’ll need to have everything ready in case the baby decides to arrive in the middle of the night.

– Water breaking. Even the fellas know that once the water breaks, it’s go-time. The amniotic fluid doesn’t always come out of your body as one big “lump”. Sometimes, it starts to leak. In any case, if this happens, labor will be in stores for you at 43 weeks pregnant.

More Signs Of Labor

– The release of the mucus plug. If you notice the mucus mess coming out of you (sounds gross, we know), that means the cervix is finally ready to go into labor. If the mucus is covered in blood, there’s nothing to worry about.

Some folks claim if you include walking into your 43 weeks pregnant movement routine, that will make the cervix “wake up” sooner. Still, even if you’ve been doing that for months, it might not be affected by your actions.

– Frequent and severe contractions. Another classic sign right there. Once you experience what real contractions feel like, you’ll instantly know that childbirth is around the corner. These nasty buggers will be stronger than anything you’ve ever experienced. Plus, they won’t go away. If the gap between them is around 5 minutes, that’s an almost 100% sign.

Forty-Three Weeks Pregnant Movement And Labor Induction

So, as we just mentioned, walking and stretching are great natural induction techniques. However, if you’ve been lying around for this whole time and only start doing it at 43 weeks pregnant, the effect might not be that impressive.

Other 43 weeks pregnant movement plans like yoga and/or other exercises are out of the question at this point. The doctors will tell you to “keep it low” and check back with them to see the pregnancy through without any complications.

Acupuncture is a bit barbaric; having sex is awesome, but we don’t think you’ll be able to do it with that HUGE baby bump. Herbs, oil, and nipple stimulation are totally wrong and any doc out there will strongly advise against this at 43 weeks pregnant.

Medical Induction – Your Options

As we always like to say, the baby’s health should be your #1 priority. That means no controversial methods for you! Ok, so, what about the medical induction techniques? Now, as a general rule, the doctors recommend doing this during the 41st/42nd week.

With that said, a 43 weeks pregnant woman will, most definitely, have to go through with this. It’s not beneficial for the fetus to stay in your uterus for any longer unless it’s absolutely necessary.

– Artificial water breaking. Even in this technological age, the docs will use a hook-like tool to “attack” your sac and break it. This method will “bless” you with severe contractions.

– Dilating the cervix. Ever heard about prostaglandin? It’s a medication that the assistants will put in your vjjs; next, you’ll have to sleep with it “on” so that it can make the cervix dilate.

– Artificial contraction stimulation. They’ll connect your body to an IV with a specific hormone that will also cause severe contractions.

– Membrane stripping. Another option for your at 43 weeks pregnant. This technique makes wonders happen for some women. During the procedure, the doc will put her hands around the amniotic sac and touch it in the right places.

43 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

So, why didn’t the doctors use medical induction earlier? Because their machines and tests told them to wait for a little bit longer. Obviously, they’ve been running all kinds of “experiments” on you, and a 43 weeks pregnant ultrasound will be used before they go ahead with the induction.

The child is fully-developed in that belly and needs a little push to come out. The risks at this point are real, but they’re not critical. Countless women have been through this, and you’ll deliver a healthy boy/girl sooner than you think.

After the 43 weeks pregnant ultrasound confirms that the fetus can’t stay in the uterus for any longer, medical induction is what you’ll go through. It’s ok to be a bit scared, so, it would be best if your man was right there next to you.

Pregnancy Checklist At Forty-Three Weeks Pregnant

Medical induction can be frightening. Read about it online and don’t freak out.

Take care of any last-minute preparations that you might’ve missed.

And try to relax. That’s true for every single week, actually!