42 Weeks Pregnant

Note: The breadfruit originated in the South Pacific and made its way to the rest of the world over the course of time. It’s approximately 20.5 inches long and weighs 8/8.1 pounds.

Be proud of yourself, because let’s face it: not a lot of moms can say they’re 42 weeks pregnant. We know that it’s almost impossible to keep going like this, and your body is begging for the baby to arrive. At the same time, the longer you carry that child, the healthier it will be.

That doesn’t mean that you should keep it in the uterus forever, though! As a matter of fact, when you’re 42 weeks pregnant, medical induction should be one of your biggest priorities. But we’ll talk about it a bit later. Get ready for a whole bunch of folks to come at you with all kinds of inappropriate questions.

People really love to make you feel uncomfortable sometimes; just remember that every woman is unique, and so is her pregnancy. Besides, even though modern-day medicine is doing wonders, the docs still can’t give you a 100% accurate due date.

So, as some of the best 42 weeks pregnancy tips suggest, keep your head up and try to be thankful for this (we know it’s hard, but please do try). The bottom line is – there’s nothing wrong with going a bit beyond.

42 Weeks Pregnant – Running That Extra Mile

Anxiety, fatigue, frustration, and confusion will probably follow you wherever you go. To lighten up the mood, we’re happy to say that only 2% of babies stay in their mothers’ bellies for the 43rd week. With that said, get ready to look your precious child in the eyes really soon!

Alright, before we dive into the 42 weeks pregnancy symptoms, let’s talk about that good stuff. At this point, the fetus is as big as a breadfruit (yep, it’s pretty big). It’s about 20.3/20.4 inches long and weighs more than 8 pounds (probably around 8.1/8.2).

The fascinating thing is that the kiddo is still growing every single day, and at this point, you’re already more than nine weeks pregnant! Does that freak you out a bit? Well, don’t let it. Talk to the docs and let them assure you that everything’s going exactly the way it’s supposed to.

42 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

If you were kinda scared of the side effects of a late pregnancy, you shouldn’t be. In fact, they’re pretty much the same as before. These last couple of months, you were “blessed” with sleeping problems, pain in the ankles, legs, and back, pressure all over the body (especially the pelvic area), constant bathroom visits, constipation, hemorrhoids, and mighty contractions.

These are the 42 weeks pregnancy symptoms that you’ll have to deal with. The sad part is, everything will hurt more and cause more discomfort. The happy part is, you’ll be free of all this in a matter of days. Stress will be your biggest enemy during this week.

It’s hard for any woman to still be an expecting mom while all the other mommas are way past childbirth. Still, make sure not to go crazy and let the little human in your uterus arrive whenever he/she is ready to do that.

As mentioned above, a 42 weeks pregnant woman is in all kinds of risks. The umbilical cord, the amniotic fluid, and the placenta will be the main concerns for the doctors. The baby itself might have to rely on the help of the NICU for a while until the OB says it’s good to go.

Remember how we used to count the kicks? Well, don’t stop now! If you notice any changes in the patterns and/or the regularity, be quick to talk to your doctor about this. Most ladies go nuts and worry too much. It’s totally understandable, but you won’t change anything by worrying 24/7.

Furthermore, if you’re experiencing any weird symptoms at 42 weeks pregnant, like severe pain in the abdominal area, heavy bleeding, and unusual discharge, make sure to contact the OB right away. These things need to be dealt with at an early stage.

Forty-Two Weeks Pregnancy Tips

Ok, let’s check out the signs of labor that you’ve been waiting on for a while now. Be extra vigilant and try to keep your eye on anything unusual that happens to your body. Thankfully, the real symptoms will be almost impossible to miss.

– Water breaking. If you feel like that amniotic fluid is flowing down your legs at 42 weeks pregnant, or if it’s coming down fast (like in the movies), it’s time to call your doc. This is a clear sign that you’ll be giving birth to your child within the upcoming hours.

– The release of the mucus plug. When your cervix will be 100% ready for childbirth, the mucus plug will “drop”. In some cases, it will be covered in blood. However, this sign doesn’t guarantee labor will happen today. Keep your boyfriend “locked and loaded” 24/7 so that he can take you to the hospital ASAP. That’s actually one of the best 42 weeks pregnancy tips.

– Frequent contractions. Amen, sisters! It’s safe to say that you’ve been dreaming about this moment. The Braxton Hicks have nothing on these real-deal contractions. First, they’re quite severe. Second, they’ll keep coming at you even if you switch your position. If the interval is 5 to 10 minutes, that means you gotta go NOW!

42 Weeks Pregnant Movement As A Natural Induction Technique

We actually talked about this in the previous posts, but let’s freshen your “pregnant brain” up, shall be? If you include regular walks into your 42 weeks pregnant movement routine, you will, without a doubt, take some of the stress and pressure off.

As a natural induction method, it could also work, but the doctors aren’t really sure about that. The thing is – some ladies claim that walking makes the cervix expand, and there is some truth to that. Did you know that sex is another natural technique? Yep, now you do:).

Acupuncture is a bit too extreme if you want our opinion. Drinking oil, taking herbs and/or stimulating your poor nipples are not at all effective. Furthermore, they can (and probably will) hurt both you and your baby.

We’ll say it again: don’t go for any of these methods, because if something goes wrong, even the doc won’t be able to help you. So, just stick with your 42 weeks pregnant movement routine and let nature take care of everything else.

Medical Induction

At the same time, as we just mentioned, there are certain risks when it comes to the 42nd week. After the doctor(s) carefully examine the child, they’ll tell you whether induction is needed or not. Fact: they tend to use it most of the time, so, get ready.

– Breaking the water. They’ve got this special tool that looks a bit like a hook to break the sac. Yep, it’s pretty “savage” but gets the job done. After this, contractions will be quick to follow. The doctors will use a 42 weeks pregnant ultrasound to make sure this is necessary.

– Contractions stimulation. The hospital will connect a woman to an IV with an artificially-made version of oxytocin. It’s also pretty great and “wakes up” the entire body.

– Separating the membranes. Without a doubt, this is one of the most effective methods at 42 weeks pregnant. The doctor will put her arms around the sac and make the body release the necessary hormones. Expect heavy contractions within the next 2 days.

– Artificial dilation of the cervix. In this case, the docs will put a medication inside your, well, vagina, and tell you to stick with it for the whole night. It works wonders in making the cervix expand and causing labor.

42 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Remember we said that only 2% of babies make it to the 43rd week? Well, that is exactly why you’ll get some extra attention from the doctors. You’ll get not one, but three procedures, including the NST, the CST (contraction stress test), and, of course, a 42 weeks pregnant ultrasound.

These tests will help check the kiddo’s movements, breathing conditions, the heart rate, and the level of the amniotic fluid. With all those machines pointed at you and the professionals taking care of things, you can rest assured that everything’s going to be just fine.

Pregnancy Checklist At Forty-Two Weeks Pregnant

– We know that it’s hard, but do try to take long walks during the day.

– The risks are real, and you’ll need to know about them. Talk to your OB and sort everything out.

– Here’s a pleasant one: make love to your man – if you can handle it, that is!

– And the most important advice: RELAX!