41 Weeks Pregnant

Note: Pumpkins have been around for centuries, and they’re cultivated all over the globe. A single pumpkin is approximately 20.3/20.4 inches long and weighs 8/8.1 pounds.

Yes, this isn’t a dream – you’re actually 41 weeks pregnant! It’s been a wonderful journey, and, even though you might’ve hated the baby once or twice (that’s totally normal), you’re still one lucky gal. To be able to give life to another human being is priceless. Truly.

That kiddo in your uterus is doing quite alright and the additional time “on the inside” gives it more opportunities to grow and gather its strength. At the same time, it’s kinda hard to be a 41 weeks pregnant woman. The additional weight is becoming unbearable.

Plus, you’re already thinking about all those things you’re going to do after childbirth, and the fact that you’re still carrying might be confusing. In other words, the anticipation is ridiculous, but do keep in mind that a lot of ladies jump over their due dates and still give birth to healthy children.

41 Weeks Pregnant – The Final Moments Before Childbirth

As a matter of fact, some 41 weeks pregnancy tips will tell you to enjoy this time and be thankful for it. That’s because once that trouble-maker arrives, he/she will crush you with all these new responsibilities (changing diapers is one of them).

Right about now, the adorable kid is as big as a pumpkin. It’s about 20.5 inches long and weighs 8 pounds. At 41 weeks pregnant, pretty much everything‚Äôs locked and loaded in your body. All that’s left to do is wait for the baby’s “green light”.

Alright, now let’s talk about the most common side effects that we’ll have to deal with at this point. Nothing new here: all those nasty symptoms you’ve been experiencing for the last couple of months will still be with you.

41 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

– Trouble with sleeping. Aha, this is that good-old side effect that has been around pretty much since the very beginning. The doctors claim that it’s the hormones playing tricks on you. Others say this has to do with your nerves. In any case, this is one of the most exhausting 41 weeks pregnancy symptoms ever.

Now, if you were hoping that once that baby arrives, you’ll be getting all the sleep in the world, you’re wrong. Once it’s born, the kiddo will take up all of your time. So, try to enjoy the little sleep that you get! Take regular naps when possible.

– Contractions. Whenever your belly gets rock-hard, that means your body is practicing for the upcoming labor. If switching to the side doesn’t help and/or the contractions become more frequent and severe at 41 weeks pregnant, you gotta call your doctor.

– Regular visits to the bathroom. Another “old-timer” on our list. Back in the day, it used to put pressure on your bladder. But now that it’s positioned really low in your pelvis, it’s practically sitting on it. Make sure to download some good apps on your phone that will help you keep sane while dealing with these 41 weeks pregnancy symptoms.

Discomfort, Pressure, And Hemorrhoids

– Pressure in the pelvic area. As you’re getting closer and closer to giving birth, the fetus is descending to the very bottom, crowding the cervix along with the bladder. As a result, you’ll experience a lot of discomfort and pain, among other things. We know that this is quite frustrating, but there’s nothing anyone can do about it at 41 weeks pregnant.

– Hemorrhoids. Yep, sounds horrible, we know, but it is what it is. The pressure in your body is omni-dimensional and your digestive tract is going through a rough patch. The pressure on your rectum is one of the major causes of this. Bad eating habits can also lead to hemorrhoids.

So, along with including walking and stretching into your 41 weeks pregnant movement routine, make sure to eat only healthy foods, drink tons of water and stay away from anything salty, spicy and greasy. That’s pretty much it.

41 Weeks Pregnancy Tips – Noticing The Signs Of Labor

We’re sure that by now you’ve read tons of articles on the Internet and watched one too many videos about these signs. Pregnant women tend to learn everything by heart, but, to refresh your mind, let’s take a look at them once again.

– A non-stop leak, a flow is a solid sign that your water broke.

– Regular, severe contractions that don’t go away after you change your position are also clear signs that labor is around the corner at 41 weeks pregnant.

Abdominal pain, along with heavy bleeding is among the so-called abnormal symptoms. Get in contact with your doc immediately if you experience any of the signs we just mentioned. That’s one of the best 41 weeks pregnancy tips: don’t wait until it’s too late.

At the same time, some expecting mothers don’t go through any symptoms! If this is your case, just be patient and don’t freak out. Mother Nature only wants what’s best for you. So, even if that belly is huge, and you’re ready to give birth at any second, the signs might not be that bright at 41 weeks pregnant.

Still, you may go into labor tomorrow. When it comes to this, nothing’s said and done and there is no way to predict anything. Again, let your body handle everything.

41 Weeks Pregnant Movement – Walking As A Labor Induction Technique

To keep it straight with you, we’ll admit that carrying a baby in the belly for this long is no fun at all. People around you look at the bump with surprise and can’t believe that you’re still hanging on to the fetus. The thing is – mentally, you’re 100% ready to deliver. But, for some reason, the physical processes haven’t started yet.

As far as the natural labor induction techniques go, a 41 weeks pregnant movement routine should be quite helpful. Yes, we’re talking about taking regular walks and helping your body stretch itself. You can try whatever comes to mind; as long as it’s safe (don’t forget to talk to your doc).

Eating spicy foods is not really a good idea while having sex and walking for 15-30 minutes might just do the trick for you. As for the workout exercises, you’ll have to forget about those, because let’s face it: that belly has turned you into a clumsy dinosaur :).

Medical Induction

At 41 weeks pregnant, medical induction is an option for you. And the doc will, most likely, recommend going ahead with it. The reason – babies who go well beyond their due dates tend to face obstacles and troubles.

You should take this matter very seriously and learn every single detail about this procedure. What are the risks? Will it hurt? What’s the success rate? Those are the questions that are probably stuck in your head, and the doctor will answer all of them.

The 41 weeks pregnant ultrasound will allow him/her to check the baby’s position in the uterus, along with numerous other things. Now, induction can cause some painful contractions, so, watch out for that. Plus, some ladies prefer to wait at home rather than in a cold hospital room.

The Specifics Of Medical Induction

– AROM. Sounds like a military weapon, doesn’t it? During this procedure, the docs will make the water break earlier than your body has planned by using a special hook. They quite literally rapture the membranes and let the water flow.

– Membrane stripping. Believe it or not, this is a natural technique; still, you’ll need the docs to do this. Don’t worry: you won’t have to drag that 41 weeks pregnant belly to the hospital: this can be done at the OB’s office.

They say this is a painful method – keep that in mind. If you agree, the doc will “hug” your amniotic sag and activate the hormones that can accelerate labor. This isn’t a 100% accurate thing, but if the membrane separation works, you’ll be giving birth in a couple of hours.

– Medications. Yes, medication is also a very popular induction technique. You’ve got two options here: either receive oxytocin through an IV or go with something that you probably won’t even be able to pronounce right – prostaglandin suppository. They’ll put it inside your vjjs and keep it all-night-long to provoke dilation in the cervix.

41 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

At this point, the fetus is fully developed and having fun in your belly. If you take a look at it in the 41 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you’ll see that the nails and hair are longer, which makes it look like a cute baby.

The doctor might order an ultrasound and an NST to check the kiddo’s vitals. These tests will allow him/her to learn more about your condition and make a decision about medical induction. It would be best to make this decision with your husband.

Pregnancy Checklist At Forty-One Weeks Pregnant

– If you want to go ahead with induction, schedule your visit and prepare yourself for it.

– Get as much sleep and rest as possible. You’ll need that energy during childbirth.

– Don’t forget to watch your favorite TV shows on Netflix.

– And finally, take some long, relaxing walks.