40 Weeks Pregnant

Note: The watermelon is an exotic, delicious fruit that grows all over the world. It originated in Africa (the southern parts of the continent). And, it’s approximately 20 inches long and weighs 7.6 pounds.

Congrats – you’ve just reached the deadline! Aha, 40 weeks pregnant women are considered to be full-term and now the whole world, including yourself, is waiting for that baby to arrive. We hope you’ve got the nursery up and running with some cute baby clothes on set.

Furthermore, the baby’s seat is installed, the insurance documents are taken care of, and the family is ready to welcome the new resident of that cute house of yours. Oh, and one more thing: pack the bag and keep it at arm’s reach at 40 weeks pregnant!

The closer you get to delivering the kiddo, the more conscious you’ll have to be about the routine things. Make sure to keep that gas tank full and the phone charged. Believe us, you won’t have time to do that after your water breaks (it’s going to happen any day now).

Here goes one of the best 40 weeks pregnancy tips: consider buying a special waterproof mattress and putting it on your bed. It’s not uncommon for a carrying woman’s water to break while she’s sleeping. You’ll thank us later :).

Besides, as gross as it might sound, the water will not be the only thing coming out of your troubled body these days. So, that mattress will save you a lot of energy and embarrassment. Been there, done that.

40 Weeks Pregnant – Time To Meet The Baby

Without a doubt, when you’re 40 weeks pregnant, your entire body is on edge and you keep treating every kick as if the baby’s about to come out right this second. That’s totally normal, but don’t go crazy over this. When it’s time, the fetus will let you know.

The best course of action would be to relax (easier said than done, we know) and let Mother Nature take care of the rest. We’ll talk about the 40 weeks pregnancy symptoms in a moment, but let’s take a look at that cute baby of yours.

Right now, it’s as big as a watermelon. Do you know how much a regular baby weighs at this moment? About 7.7 pounds (which equals 3, 5 kg). As for the length, it’s 20/20.3 inches long. You can be proud of yourself because you’re 9 months pregnant and have a beautiful and healthy child in that big belly. Labor is just around the corner!

40 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

You’ve probably already noticed that the same side effects have been “haunting” you for the last couple of weeks. Keep in mind that they’ll stick around to the end of the road. So, hang in there, and know that pretty soon you’ll reach your destination.

– Problems with sleeping. This is one of the most common 40 weeks pregnancy symptoms out there. Women of all ages, colors, nationalities and creed experience this more than once. Try to read a book or listen to some relaxing music.

Avoid doing something energetic and highly productive like cleaning the room, sorting your collection of dolls or working out. You’re supposed to help your body “ease up”, chill and go back to sleep. Too much activity will do you harm at night, not good!

Cramps, Pressure, Contractions, And Fatigue

– Swelling and cramps. Leg cramps are quite nasty at this stage and can cause you a lot of trouble. The best 40 weeks pregnancy tips recommend stretching your legs, putting them up and going for regular walks every day. It’s pretty simple: there’s a lot of pressure on your limbs, and if you move them at least for 15 minutes, they’ll be able to relax a bit.

And if you’re feeling pressure in your pelvis, that means the baby’s located really low and crowding your abdominal area. Nothing you can do about this: just wait for the kiddo to arrive. After you give birth, the majority of the side effects will be gone.

– Contractions. Yes, we know that the Braxton Hicks contractions are not new to you. At the same time, now that you’re 40 weeks pregnant, they can be the real thing. So, if you feel like they’re getting more frequent and severe, start counting the time gaps between them. If they’re 5 minutes apart, that means you gotta get to the hospital ASAP.

– Anxiety and exhaustion. We feel your pain. You can’t get enough sleep, and the thoughts about childbirth are keeping you on edge. Taking naps should be your #1 priority right now. And try not to think about going into labor all the time. Again, the baby will come when it’s ready, and your frustration won’t make it hurry up.

40 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

It’s not uncommon for a 40 weeks pregnant woman not to experience any signs of labor. But they will come around pretty soon. As mentioned above, if the contractions become painful and frequent, contact your doc for further instructions. Don’t wait till you’re absolutely sure because there’s no such thing when it comes to pregnancy.

If the amniotic fluid is coming out of your body, that means your water broke – that’s another solid sign that you’re about to go into labor. How do you differentiate between a regular discharge and this at 40 weeks pregnant? Don’t worry – you’ll instantly feel that water flowing down once it does. It might feel like pee at first, but it really isn’t.

Forty Weeks Pregnant Movement And Labor Induction

It’s ok to get restless and to want to deliver the baby. Psychology is a mighty thing, and because of the fact that we expect to deliver before the 40th week, the wait is taking its toll on us. So, this is exactly why women start to think about induction.

As always, we recommend taking regular walks. It’s not only a great way to keep your entire body in shape, but also a solid (and natural) way to induce labor. In fact, you should include walking into your 40 weeks pregnant moving routine.

Sex is also a good “jump-starter” and will allow you to relax and to have a good time. Acupuncture is another technique that women have been using for quite a long time now. If your doctor doesn’t forbid it, you can try this procedure as well.

Other Ways To Induce Labor

Just make sure not to go with “witchcraft” and stay away from drinking oil and/or using any kinds of herbs. The docs claim this is dangerous. Ever heard about stimulating the nipples for early delivery at 40 weeks pregnant? Don’t even think about doing this, as it may hurt your kiddo. To keep it short, nothing is worth putting your child’s life in danger.

Now, medical induction is a whole another thing. First of all, it’s been scientifically proved to be totally harmless. Second, you’ll be in the good hands of professionals. And now that you’ve been carrying for this long, this might be an option.

The technicians will tell you whether it’s necessary or not. The 40 weeks pregnant ultrasound will allow them to check the baby’s health and well-being. For example, if there are some complications or if you’re an expecting mom of twins, medical induction will, most likely, be performed on you.

At the same time, if the fetus is fine, there will be no reason for this. The doctors recommend sticking with the baby for as long as possible. It’ll probably arrive at the end of this week or the next one. The run is almost over, and the best thing you can do is toughen up for at least a couple more weeks.

40 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

You might not believe this, but the fetus in your belly is busy growing and developing. The hair and the nails are still growing. The major organs are learning to operate on their own. By now, you must be familiar with the biophysical profile.

It’s a combination of two tests. The first is the non-stress one, used to check the kiddo’s movement and the mother’s contractions. Next, a 40 weeks pregnant ultrasound will show you the level of the so-called amniotic fluid.

And if the tests hint that it would be better to get that baby out, then the doctors will talk to you about induction. On the other hand, if everything’s peachy, you’ll have to keep carrying that huge belly for a little bit longer.

Pregnancy Checklist At Forty Weeks Pregnant

That 41-week visit to the docs is right around the corner. Get ready for it.

Induction is on the table for you. Talk to your OB about the options you’ve got.

An NST might be in stores for you. Go through with it if the doc wants you to.