4 Weeks Pregnant


Fact: if you know you’re carrying when you’re just 4 weeks pregnant, that makes you special. Why is that? Because the majority of women have no idea they are with child at this stage. You probably took a test the moment you missed a period and didn’t want to wait, right?

As a result – you already know that your body’s changing. It’s not that easy to get used to the idea that you’re about to be a mom in less than a year. Some women get excited from the very beginning; others just get used to this new reality and adjust themselves to it.

4 Weeks Pregnant – Your First Steps

In any case, don’t expect the 4 weeks pregnancy symptoms to kick in this early. You’ll feel exactly the same as before until your hormones start to go insane and the side-effects appear. Obviously, you should tell your boyfriend/husband about it. Don’t hide your pregnancy as some ladies do – tell him the second you find out!

At the same time, at 4 weeks pregnant, don’t rush to tell every single person about the fact that you’re an expecting mom. Pay a visit to your doc and let him/her run some tests to make sure everything’s OK. A simple urine/blood test will tell you with an almost 100% accuracy whether you are, indeed, pregnant or not.

When you’re 4 weeks in, the boy/girl in your body is extremely tiny – smaller than a grain of salt. At this stage, your child is just a group of cells that need time to grow and turn into a fetus. The real action will take place over the following 1, 5 months.

4 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

As soon as the hormones take over your fragile body, they start to wreak all kinds of havoc on you. In some cases, you’ll get to avoid the following 4 weeks pregnancy symptoms (it depends on your luck, really). But you should most definitely get ready for the side effects in the nearest future. Let’s see what the ladies will have to deal with at 4 weeks pregnant:

– Bloating. Yes, this is a very common symptom in the early stages of your pregnancy. The docs and the scientists blame it all on progesterone – a hormone that ‘bulks you up” a bit. Hey, if that happened with you, find your comfortable pants and rock ’em!

– Occasional Cramping. If you’re 4 weeks pregnant, you may experience some mild cramping. That’s a sign that the future baby has successfully “landed” in your uterus’s wall. Still, if the pain is unusually strong, then you should consult with your doc. He/she will run a full test to see whether there’s something wrong or not.

More Confusing Side Effects To Deal With

Hey, you didn’t think we were done with the 4 weeks pregnancy symptoms, did you? Because there’s more! Expect heavy mood swings and frustrating to be a big part of your day. It’s hormone-related, which eventually means you can’t do anything about it.

The stress is known to take its toll on the future mothers and its best to avoid any extreme situations so that you don’t make matters worse. The mood swings are dramatic during the first trimester and that is why a 4 weeks pregnant woman will experience them fully. Thankfully, after the 1st 12 weeks, you’ll get back to normal (more or less).

– Sickness and nausea in the morning. According to the docs, 50-90% of the ladies go through this. Nausea is the most common side effect, and you might want to vomit all day long. Your stomach will be upset a lot – get ready for that. After weeks 9-10, nausea will bother you less and less.

– Fatigue. At 4 weeks pregnant, you’ll feel exhausted even without doing any heavy lifting or brainstorming. Your baby will take almost all of your body’s energy, making it work harder than ever to turn a bunch of cells into a human being.

– Sensitive and sore boobs. Women feed their babies with milk, and it takes a lot of time for your system to generate it. That is why your breasts will feel awkward and tender/humpy. Your man might like that, but you most definitely won’t.

4 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

When a girl/woman/lady is 4 weeks pregnant, she will probably be bloated to a certain degree “thanks to” the changes in her body. But she’ll never look pregnant, simply because the baby hasn’t been formed yet. On the other hand, one should start behaving herself like a future mother. So, make sure to supply yourself and the child with TLC.

Here goes probably the most important of all the 4 weeks pregnancy tips: start taking a prenatal vitamin as soon as possible. Your boy/girl is already going through all kinds of procedures and needs you to support it. Generally, 400mgs of folic acid is all you’ll ever need.

Yes, we do know that it comes with some nasty side effects (including gas, a bad taste in your mouse, problems with sleeping, etc), but frankly, the baby’s health is more important than your temporal discomfort. This acid is great at preventing birth defects, so, buy a lot of it if you’re 4 weeks pregnant and take a pill a day.

What To Wear During This Stage?

We know we said earlier that you’ll show only at the end of the 1st trimester, and that’s true. But bloating is a pretty big problem and you might find yourself not fitting into your favorite pair of jeans (even though your child is still smaller than a seed).

The 4 weeks pregnancy tips include saying goodbye to tighter clothes and switching for something comfier, like pants, shorts, leggings, and cardigans – whatever your heart desires at this particular moment.

The last thing you need to do is stress yourself out by thinking about how fat you look in those skinny red jeans :). And you won’t have to look like an old lady in those clothes: there are a lot of stylish options out there on the market that will help you rock a comfortable-yet-fancy look.

4 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

When you’re already +/- four weeks pregnant, the group of cells in your uterus starts to split in half to form the placenta and the so-called embryo (which will, in turn, become your kid). Fact: at 4 weeks pregnant, the building block of many important organs (the brain), the backbone and many other things are already developed.

The fluids and the amniotic “bag” transform into a lining that protects the embryo. However, on the 4 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you won’t be able to see all of that. A tiny dot is the only thing that the machine will show you.

The majority of doctors/OBs are not big fans of early ultrasound procedures. That means if you contact them and claim that you’ve been with child for a whole month, they’ll congratulate you and then invite you for a checkup only 4 weeks later.

Just Wait For Another Month

Do you also think that it’s a lot of time? Well, the professionals know what they’re doing. So, if they say there’s no need in a 4 weeks pregnant ultrasound, then you’ll just have to trust them and go on with your daily routine.

Actually, you need to be thankful for it. If the doctor doesn’t want to run hundreds of tests that means you and your baby are healthy. Now, around the 8th/9th week, the doc will see a lot of things on the big screen and even hear the tiny boy’s/girl’s heartbeat (how cute is that?) – and you will too.

Until then, just eat healthy food, drink as much water as you can, abandon your bad habits and try to relax. We know it’s not going to be easy to relax when there are so many things happening in your body, but still – do try.

Pregnancy Checklist At 4 Weeks Pregnant

So, the first thing to do when you’re already 4 weeks pregnant is to make an appointment with your doctor and have yourself checked. If you’ve got some bad habits (like drinking or smoking), you’ll need to say goodbye to them – right this second. You need to think about your baby, not yourself!

A prenatal vitamin is a must. Start taking one a day and you’ll supply your kid with all the support and care it needs during this fragile step. And don’t forget to tell your boyfriend/husband/partner that you’re an expecting mother. Believe us, it’s no fun to struggle with the nasty symptoms without a shoulder to cry on.

Speaking of crying, a 4 weeks pregnant woman is a pretty emotionally unstable creature. You will probably cry after every sad and sentimental movie/show/commercial. That’s one of those things that your significant other will have to know about in order to be able to support you fully. Ok, that’s it – follow our guidelines and you’ll be alright