39 Weeks Pregnant

Note: Jackfruit originated in India and is very popular in the tropical countries. It’s approximately twenty inches long and weighs as much as 7.5 pounds.

Cheers! At 39 weeks pregnant, the baby is finally ready to leave your exhausted body. The technical term for this is “full term”, but you don’t really care about that, do you? Let’s admit it: as much as women love their children, they can’t wait to deliver them.

Don’t feel bad if you’ve got the same thoughts in your head because this is nature’s way of getting an expecting woman ready for action. The frustration is common among girls/women at 39 weeks pregnant. And it makes wonders happen!

Back in the day, you were terrified at the thought of delivering a child. But now all you want is to get over with it. Funny how that works, right? Obviously, this isn’t a universal thing, and some expecting mothers really love to carry their infants.

39 Weeks Pregnant – Ready, Steady, Go


Now that you’re officially about to become a proud mother, the fetus is as big as a jackfruit. That baby is pretty huge and is as much as twenty inches long (and weighs 7.3/7.4 pounds). Yes, we know that it’s getting harder and harder to carry that “extra load”, but we promise that it will all be over soon.

So, are you already 9 months pregnant, or what? Well, not quite: you’ll reach that magical number the next week. Still, that doesn’t mean you won’t go into labor right this moment or, say, tomorrow. Nothing’s more unpredictable than a child’s arrival!

Alright, now it’s time to face the music and check out the 39 weeks pregnancy symptoms. Most of these side effects are familiar to an average expecting mom. First, we’ll talk about the ones that give you a sign that labor is around the corner.

39 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

– Contractions. At this point, contractions will follow on every step of the way. That feeling of tightening in your belly (the uterus, to be exact) is actually “fake” and will go away once you change your position. However, if these bad boys begin to hurt and pile up, that’s when you’ll need to visit the doc.

– An energetic mood. What? How come you’ve got so much energy at 39 weeks pregnant? It’s a mystery, but many women experience this sudden urge (and strength) to get the house crystal-clean before childbirth. Don’t put too much strain on yourself, though.

– Discomfort in the pelvic area. This has to do with the fact that your baby is now positioned quite low in the pelvis, thus putting pressure on your abdominal muscles, back, and the ligaments. Don’t worry – everything will get back to normal after you deliver.

– Sharp sensations. Feel like there’s a lightning striking in your lower body? That’s the fetus hitting some nerves down there! It is quite painful and unusual, which makes this one of the weirdest 39 weeks pregnancy symptoms you’ll ever encounter.

The Nasty Plug And The Twins

If you notice a discharge that looks like mucus mixed with blood, that means only one thing: your body said goodbye to the mucus plug. True, this is telling you that labor is imminent, but the exact date is still not set. Even the best docs out there won’t be able to give you the right answer.

Now, as a general rule, expecting mothers of twins deliver during the 35-37 weeks period. So, if you’re still carrying that makes you a hero! Here goes one of the best 39 weeks pregnancy tips. Treat this as a gift, not a curse. It’s a known fact that it’s extremely hard to keep going when you’ve got not one, but two babies in that belly.

But on the other hand, every week spent inside that uterus is beneficial for the kiddos. We feel your pain; yet, it’s best to treat this super-long pregnancy as something special rather than turn into an angry and crazy lady :).

Thirty Nine Weeks Pregnancy Tips

And now we’ll discuss the symptoms that indicate the baby is about to come out RIGHT NOW. Every expecting mother tries to recognize these signs, and we’ll help you do that. In all fairness, even though it’s necessary to understand these signs, you’ll still be ok if you go into labor at 39 weeks pregnant without having a clue about it.

Yet, the labor symptoms are generally so severe and in-your-face that you’ll instantly realize something big is about to happen. If you’ve got one of the following signs/symptoms, get in contact with your doctor at 39 weeks pregnant and let him/her guide you.

Water breakingDon’t let the movies trick youif you’re experiencing a “slowish” flow instead of a “pile“, that still means your water is gone – brokethat is (it’s just not that showy). If the discharge looks and feels like water instead of the usual stuff, get ready to deliver the baby within the next couple of hours.

Frequent Contractions And More

If you feel like that belly is turning into a rock over and over again, start timing it. If the intervals between the contractions become shorter and the pain increases, that means labor is around the corner. The best 39 weeks pregnancy tips recommend having your man/husband by your side 24/7 so that he can drive you to the hospital ASAP.

There’s no telling how long this 1st stage of labor will last. Make sure to talk to your doctor and follow his/her instructions on when and how to get to the hospital in time. Fact: some women don’t come across any signs at this point, and that’s ok.

On average, a 1st-time-mommy delivers her baby at 41 weeks; “second-grade” mothers go into labor at 40 weeks. Changes in the cervix’s size are clear signs that you’ll give birth in a couple of days/weeks. But sometimes, the cervix expands just a couple of hours before childbirth.

39 Weeks Pregnant Movement – Inducing Labor Naturally

The majority of women want to know all there is about natural labor inducing. Herbs, oil and all that “witchcraft” isn’t safe. And no, spicy foods won’t cause the baby to come out earlier. They will definitely upset your stomach, though!

– Walking. This is one of the safest and most effective methods. Simply include walking into your 39 weeks pregnant movement plan and everything will be fine. Now, we’re really hoping that you’ve been keeping up with our posts and are not new to regular walks.

But if you’re a novice and have been sitting around during the pregnancy, 15-minute-walks every day will still do the trick. So, put those comfy boots on and let’s roll. The medics aren’t sure about this, but some docs claim motion will push the fetus down, causing the cervix to expand.

More Practices For The Restless Mommies

– Acupuncture. That’s a funny word, right? Of course, modern-day medicine doesn’t recognize its benefits. Still, some women claim that this centuries-old technique increases blood flow, which, again, forces the cervix to “open up”.

– Making love. Yes, there are some folks out there who strongly believe sex can help with this. How is that, exactly? Well, what do you think about an orgasm causing wild contractions? Hey, every expecting mother out there should try this at 39 weeks pregnant!

Medical induction is another thing you can try. Sometimes, the doctors actually recommend using this practice when the mother-to-be is dealing with some complications. Those include diabetes, infections, trouble with the placenta, and preeclampsia, among other things at 39 weeks pregnant.

If you’re carrying twins and are still going on, induction might be a good way to make the babies “leave the premises”. And if your water broke a while ago, but the kiddo still doesn’t want to arrive, medical induction will also help.

39 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

The fetus in your belly is probably just as excited about birth as you are. It’s fully developed, has everything in place and can move its limbs up and down. But the brain is still in development, and the nails keep growing.

A 39 weeks pregnant ultrasound will allow the docs to check the baby’s vitals and make sure everything’s ok. That’s especially true if you’re carrying twins. The so-called non-stress test will give them another perspective. If there’s nothing to worry about, the doc will instruct you to wait for the baby to arrive naturally.

On the other hand, if there are some complications, she’ll probably tell you early delivery is necessary. The 39 weeks pregnant ultrasound these days is extremely accurate and helps detect even the tiniest abnormalities.

If everything’s peachy, all you’ll have to do is go back home and wait. Try to take care of some chores and take another look at the nursery. In the upcoming weeks, you’ll become a mother. Start acting accordingly!

Pregnancy Checklist At Thirty-Nine Weeks Pregnant

Get prepped for the 40-week visit, dear women.

Before you deliver that beautiful child, you’ll have to prepare for it. Start prepping yourself.

Learn about the process of childbirth as much as you can.

And finally, read inspiring and not-so-much stories about other women giving birth.