38 Weeks Pregnant

Note: The Crenshaw melon is delicious and appreciated all over the world. It originated in theĀ Mediterranean and the American continent. It’s approximately 19.8 inches long and weighs 7 pounds.

Feel like there’s a tiny bug running up and down your lower body? Don’t worry – that’s totally normal at 38 weeks pregnant. The thing is – that fetus is located quite low in the pelvis and is constantly pushing on numerous nerves, giving you new sensations.

There are enough side effects to deal with, but you’ll need to be vigilant and try to differentiate between, say, “practice contractions” and the real thing, or the regular discharge and the release of the plug.

These 38 weeks pregnancy symptoms are nothing more than signs and you won’t be able to guess the exact hour when you’ll go into labor. Still, listen to your body and don’t freak out whenever you feel a kick in the uterus or a contraction or two.

38 Weeks Pregnant – Measuring The Baby

The fetus is as big as a Crenshaw melon. The kiddo is almost 20 inches long (19.6/19.7, to be exact) and it weighs 6.8/6.9 pounds at 38 weeks pregnant. Yep, it’s pretty much fully developed and ready to enter this world. In about 2 weeks, you’ll officially become a nine months pregnant lady. That sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

Ok, so, given the fact that you’re about to give birth at any moment, all the side effects are a result of the changes in the body. That belly is ridiculously huge, and your entire system is getting prepped for delivery while trying to stay strong on both feet.

Thirty-Eight Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

– Swelling all over. At this point, you have every right to drop everything and turn into a lazy cough person. Every woman out there knows that swollen feet/ankles aren’t fun. So, put your feet up, drink tons of water and include walking into your 38 weeks pregnant movement – that’s pretty much it.

– Changes in the vaginal discharge. If you’ve got mucus-like stuff coming out of your body, that’s a sign of labor. We know that it looks gross, but it’s totally normal and keeps your cervix safe to the very end. Yes, this means you’ll deliver soon.

– Discomfort in the belly. That poor belly is stretching beyond its wildest expectations at 38 weeks pregnant and is under a lot of pressure. Unless you’re experiencing a rash, you’re fine. Try drinking more water than usual and keep that bump moisturized.

Contractions And Sleeping Problems

– Braxton Hicks contractions. Nothing new here: you’ve been going through this for quite a while now. That tightening feeling means your body is getting ready to deliver the baby. As long as it’s not painful and the discomfort goes away once you switch to the other side, that means this isn’t the real deal.

Of all the 38 weeks pregnancy symptoms, you should pay extra attention to this one. Regular and severe contractions are a clear sign of labor. And we’ll talk about that in a moment, dear ladies.

– Problems with sleeping. Another classic side effect. This has to do with the raging hormones, the hurting ankles, and the exhaustion. The irony of it – 38 weeks pregnant women really need a good night’s sleep to gather their strength!

Exhaustion And Appreciation

– Anxiety. Aha, we know that you’ve had enough and want this journey to end. But you’ll still have to wait for the offspring to arrive. If you’ve gained more pounds than recommended, and/or are carrying twins, the desire to deliver will be even greater.

Here goes one of the best 38 weeks pregnancy tips for you. Don’t rush anything. It’s obvious that this new “lifestyle” is taking its toll on you and it’s getting harder and harder to cope with all the frustration and inconveniences.

But the baby’s health is the most important thing, and you should focus all your energy on appreciating the people around you. While you’re still 38 weeks pregnant, get into that good spirit and check out a movie with your partner, have something delicious to eat and/or get together with your friends.

38 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

Let’s take a quick look at the signs of labor that will hint you at a possible early labor. Obviously, this isn’t an exact science, but it’s always nice to know that childbirth is right around the corner in advance and get ready for it at 38 weeks pregnant.

– Mucus plug. Some women have a mucus-like discharge, while others experience something of a bloody show. Don’t go crazy – this is your body making way for the baby to arrive. If the plug is released, that means the kiddo is on its way.

– Nausea. Yes, our “old friend” is back. As far as the side effects go, this is probably the most inaccurate one. Still, a lot of ladies claim they feel funky moments before they go into labor.

– Diarrhea. Sounds nasty, we know, but this can also be a clear sign. It has to do with an increased presence of hormones in your body, the ones that help deliver the boy/girl.

More Signs Of Labor

– Contractions. If that belly of yours is getting rock-hard at regular intervals and the pain becomes more severe, it means something epic is about to happen. And if the “gap” between them is less than five minutes, you need to get to the hospital ASAP. This is one of the most effective 38 weeks pregnancy tips.

– An aching back. Your poor back has had enough with the whole pregnancy routine! Yet, the pain that you’ll experience at this stage will be a lot more intense. Back labor is a thing; so, tell your doc about it and follow his/her instructions at 38 weeks pregnant.

– Water breaking. Along with the contractions, this is the favorite sign of the moviemakers. When the amniotic fluid starts to flow down your legs, that usually means labor is imminent. Again, contact your doctor and see what they have to say about this.

Dealing With The Complications

Please keep in mind that at this point, inducing labor may be a necessity in order to save the baby and the mommy. Diabetes, preeclampsia, trouble with the placenta and infection are among the most common reasons for this.

On the other hand, if everything’s fine and you’re starting to bleed (or if you’re a proud expecting mother of twins), the docs may tell you to go to the hospital at 38 weeks pregnant. This can catch you off guard, but don’t freak out – let the docs help you.

The OBs will make sure everything goes smoothly. And keep in mind that unless it’s absolutely necessary, inducing labor is not a good idea. That baby wants to stick around for a bit longer. The 39th week is considered to be full term, by the way.

38 Weeks Pregnant Movement

As mentioned in the previous post, exercises aren’t recommended at this point, as your body is under enough pressure as it is. Wrong moves can lead to labor, and you want everything to be natural. Yoga might be ok but consult with your doctor first.

At the same time, walking should be a big part of your 38 weeks pregnant movement plan. Ask your man to accompany on your 15-30-minute walks and try to enjoy this time together as much as you can. There won’t be any time left for the two of you once you deliver the child. Make the most out of this moment and stretch your legs while you’re at it.

38 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

The baby is fully developed and ready to go. If you take a look at it in the 38 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you might notice that white substance all over it (some of this will still be covering it after birth). During the visit to the doc, he/she will check the position of the boy/girl in the uterus.

Ever heard of a pelvic exam? Well, you’ll experience it this week. The technicians will run some tests on your cervix (don’t worry, they’re totally painless). If it’s thinner or wider than usual, that’s a sign of labor. But sometimes, even if it’s in a normal state, you might find yourself giving birth the next day at 38 weeks pregnant.

Even the best doctors won’t be able to predict this! The biophysical profile is a test that some docs like to run for an expecting mother. During this test, they’ll check the kiddo’s heart rate, breathing capabilities, overall tone, and, of course, the level of the fluid.

A 38 weeks pregnant ultrasound is a part of this test, and in some cases, the OB might tell you that the baby needs to be delivered earlier than you expected.

Pregnancy Checklist At Thirty-Eight Weeks Pregnant

With the 39-week visit to the docs around the corner, some preparation is due.

If this is your first baby, you’ll need to learn the basics of breastfeeding.

Once that baby arrives, you won’t have any time to cook. So, do that now and keep your delicious meals in the freezer until further notice.