37 Weeks Pregnant

Note: The canary melon comes with a sweet flavor. It’s bright yellow and is named after the canary – the bird. It’s approximately 19.1/19.2 inches long and weighs 6.2 pounds.

At 37 weeks pregnant, many expecting moms become super-active and energized. Instead of lying around and watching soap operas all the time like they used to, they start doing all kinds of productive work. Getting the nursery ready, scrubbing the already-clean floors…

There’s no scientific explanation for this and folks just call it “the nesting gene” that wakes up when the baby’s arrival is around the corner. This is an instinctual thing and shouldn’t bother you at 37 weeks pregnant. Just make sure not to drive yourself too crazy!

Our minds are trying to get us ready for the stressful event of childbirth, and this new flow of activity will, most definitely, give you the necessary edge to deliver that child like a true hero. Ever seen a canary melon? Well, right now, that fetus is just as big.

37 Weeks Pregnant – It’s About To Happen!

The baby in your belly is 19 inches long and weighs 6.2/6.3 pounds, give or take. Only 3 weeks are left! Yes, the infant is about to arrive pretty soon, which means you must be ready for it 24/7 at 37 weeks pregnant.

At this point, the side effects are not only frustrating and confusing, but they’re also quite tricky. The thing is – many expecting mothers mistake them for real signs of labor, when they are, in fact, false alarms. Let’s take a look at them next.

37 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

– Heartburn. Nothing new here. The uterus keeps pushing on your entire body, especially the digestive system. As always, try to eat healthy foods and drink enough water. This is one of the worst 37 weeks pregnancy symptoms.

– Nasty stretch marks. Keep in mind that stretches will happen all over the bumpy belly starting this week and all the way up to the end of the pregnancy. Body oil is helpful; plus, keep that bottle of water near you all the time. Yes, we know you’re tired of visiting the bathroom :).

– Pressure in the lower body. If the fetus has already moved further down your pelvis, your lungs will feel a lot less crowded. At the same time, the pressure in your abdominal area will increase. Again, this will make you go to the bathroom more often, but at 37 weeks pregnant, we believe you’re already kinda used to that.

Spotting And Sleeping Problems

– A little bit of spotting. As long as it’s not tons of blood, you’re fine. Right now, your cervix is super-sensitive, so, even some “careful sex” can disturb it. A couple of drops of blood are nothing to worry about. But if it’s more like a constant flow, you gotta call your doc.

Vaginal bleeding is a very serious matter and might have to do with the placenta’s “malfunctioning”. At the same time, don’t mistake this with discharge mixed with blood that just proves your cervix is ready to go. It’s safe to say that this is one of the most confusing 37 weeks pregnancy symptoms out there.

– Trouble with sleeping. Expecting mommies already know that waking up in the middle of the night is the new normal for them. The doctors recommend doing some super-light exercises early in the morning to get your body prepared for a good night’s sleep.

As always, drinking water helps. But don’t drink it just before going to bed. Those are some of the best 37 weeks pregnancy tips for getting your sleep back.

Cramping And Sickness

– Contractions. Expect a whole lot of contractions at this point. Since you’re about to deliver a tiny human being soon, your body is busy getting itself prepared. As a general rule, if you change your position or lie down, the cramps go away.

If that’s the case, then you’re dealing with the so-called Braxton Hicks contractions and not the real deal. Dehydration is one of those things that can cause preterm labor. So, don’t stop drinking clear water at 37 weeks pregnant.

– Nausea. Got an upset tummy? Welcome to the club! This far down the road, nausea can be a sign that you’ll give birth soon. If you find yourself throwing up all the time, let your doc know. He/she will tell you exactly what you’re dealing with.

Fun fact: about 57% of expecting moms of twins go into labor before they become 37 weeks pregnant. That makes the ladies that go beyond this “threshold” a part of the minority group. We know that it’s really hard to keep going, but every day you keep those twins in means they’ll be healthier and stronger.

Thirty-Seven Weeks Pregnancy Tips

Ok, it’s time to talk about those convoluted signs of baby’s early arrival. Believe us, you don’t want to be stuck in a bus or a train while giving birth to a child. So, be prepared and try to recognize the hidden signs.

Usually, there are two kinds: the first ones tell you that labor is just around the corner, while the second ones tell you it’s happening RIGHT AWAY. The following 37 weeks pregnancy tips will help you recognize these indications. Let’s start with the signs that mean you’ll go into labor soon.

– Nausea. Yep, we just talked about it. A lot of ladies claim they feel really sick days before they give birth.

– Falling of the mucus plug. Did that mucus come out of your vjjs recently? It can arrive either as a giant glob or “in pieces”. The plug’s mission is to keep the cervix safe, and it is released to make it possible for the child to be born.

– Diarrhea. The truth is – at 37 weeks pregnant, this could be just a result of a digestive system under pressure. It could also be an indication of an arriving baby.

The Signs Of The Baby’s Immediate Arrival

– An aching back. We know that your back has been in pain for quite some time now, but this is different. Some babies put a lot of pressure on the spine, and if the pain is stronger than ever before, or if it jumps back and forth between the abdomen and the spine, that means you’re officially in labor.

– Constant contractions. If your big, mighty belly has been turning into a rock on a regular basis, you should contact your doc ASAP. No, this isn’t a result of your 37 weeks pregnant movement plan: the repetitive contractions mean the mommy is about to deliver.

Please, do keep in mind that if this is the first child for you, these contractions may last for a couple of hours before they turn into a series of quite painful ones. That’s when your man will have to take you to the nearest hospital.

– Water breaking. This is that “classic” sign. That amniotic fluid may be leaking out all-at-once or in a trickle. As a general rule, you’ll be giving birth to your precious child within 12 hours after this happens at 37 weeks pregnant (or any other week, for that matter).

The Perfect Time For Labor

The docs will tell you exactly when to pay them a visit. After the water breaks, you’ll be called in for an inspection. As for the contractions, if they’re happening once in 5 minutes, that’s when you’ll need to be lying on that table slash bed surrounded by doctors.

For some reason, a lot of women really want to induce childbirth at 37 weeks pregnant. But you shouldn’t ever do that because right now it’s still early for a singleton. A C-section is not recommended at this point, either. This is a dangerous time for the baby and it will need at least half-a-month to grow.

Fact: if labor is natural, that’s ok; don’t rush anything, though. In two weeks, you’ll reach that full term and will be able to mess around with your man, take long walks, and call the baby out. But inducing is still not a great idea if you want our opinion.

You’ve been on this road for a long time: a week or two won’t make a difference for you, while the fetus will, most definitely, benefit from the extra time in the uterus.

37 Weeks Pregnant Movement

At this point, we won’t recommend getting into any kind of crazy workout routines. In fact, even walking can be hurtful for the baby. We just told you that the fetus is vulnerable, which means you’ll both be better off sitting this one out.

If you’ve been keeping up with our 37 weeks pregnant movement recommendations in the previous posts, all those exercises and hours of walking will, most definitely, be enough. Many expecting mothers do yoga every single day; still, the docs recommend taking a couple of weeks off.

37 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Now that the wait is almost over, the fetus is capable of sucking, breathing, blinking, and kicking. Oh, and the digestive system is also in place, so, get those diapers ready. If the docs decide to run a biophysical profile test, a 37 weeks pregnant ultrasound will be necessary.

If you’re carrying two babies in that belly, the docs will tell you about the benefits of C-section and induction. In most cases, this happens at the 38th week. Aha, you might get to face the beautiful little human being in 7 days!

Even the modern-day technology and professional medics won’t be able to tell you exactly when the arrival will happen. Don’t think about it too much and let it all flow naturally (watch a movie or clean the house to chill). When you take a look at the kiddo in the 37 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you’ll see that it’s fully developed and getting ready to arrive.

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