36 Weeks Pregnant

Note: The honeydew melon is great for dessert and is loved for the delicious flavor. It grows all over the world and is approximately 18.8 inches long and weighs 5.7 pounds.

Wait, are we officially entering the 9th months already? Yep, that’s right! Now that you’re 36 weeks pregnant, nothing’s stopping you from delivering that baby. The truth is – the infant might decide to arrive at any given second, which means you’ll have to be prepared.

We bet you took one or two classes about proper childbirth. It would be a good idea to go over the manuals you’ve been given and work on your breathing routine once again. You’ll need all that preparation once you go into labor.

Furthermore, at 36 weeks pregnant, think about all the tiny details that need to be taken care of before your water breaks. For example, pack that hospital bag, keep enough gas in your car and make sure the man of the house is well-informed about the situation.

Another important thing to do: tell your boss and co-workers that you’ll be giving birth to your boy/girl any day now so that they know how to handle the routine at the office. And finally, while you’re still 36 weeks pregnant, try to enjoy the company of your man.

36 Weeks Pregnant – Finding Some Time For Your Man

Yes, we know that dancing, jumping around and acting crazy in the bed is not in stores for you right now, but that doesn’t mean some fun isn’t on the table. How about a nice, romantic dinner together at a fancy restaurant? Or an intimate get-together at home?

True, the 36 weeks pregnancy symptoms are pretty nasty and frustrating, but hey – be appreciative of what you have. You gotta use this time to cherish each other – there might not be time for all of that once the little miracle arrives.

Right about now, the fetus is as big as a honeydew melon. It’s about 18.7/18.8 inches long and weighs almost six pounds (5.8, to be exact). Please remember that you’re officially eight months pregnant and about to enter the final stage. Keep it steady, ladies – this life-changing run is almost over!

Thirty-Six Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Ok, it’s time to take a look at the side effects that will try to turn your life into a challenge this week. Get ready for a whole bunch of inconveniences and frustration. Remember that all these 36 weeks pregnancy symptoms are connected and if you “beat” one of them, chances are you’ll feel like some of the other ones will also ease up on you.

– Improved breathing. Let’s start with a good one: now that the kiddo is closer to your pelvis, ready to arrive into the world, your lungs have more breathing room. You will instantly feel this change once it happens.

– Funny feeling in the pelvic area. Yep, you can’t have something good without something bad at 36 weeks pregnant – that’s just how it is. Your upper body is now free, but the lower part is in even more struggle.

Swelling And Contractions

-Swollen Feet, ankles and everything else in between. This is totally normal and you shouldn’t give it much thought unless the swelling is severe. If you’re carrying twins, the pressure will be higher. The majority of the 36 weeks pregnancy tips recommend putting your precious feet up and drinking water to fix this.

Good news: pretty much as soon as you give birth to the boy/girl, this side effect will go away. Again, if the swelling is sudden and/or you can’t take the pain, make sure to let your doc know; otherwise, you might be dealing with some bad symptoms later.

– Braxton Hicks contractions. That tightening feeling in your abdominal area, that hard-as-stones belly is a sign that your body is getting ready for the upcoming childbirth. Many 36 weeks pregnant women mistake these contractions for the real deal and docs are forced to send them back home.

At the same time, if the cramps are as discomforting and painful as the menstrual cramps, that means the baby is well on its way. As a general rule, you should contact your doctor every time something feels “out of the picture”. It’s better to be prepared! Pregnancy is a very stressful moment and you’ll have to keep up with the symptoms.

Heartburn, Sleeping Problems, And More Discharge

– A permanent lack of sleep. Don’t worry – this will go away, just as all the other side effects. Waking up at 4 a. m. in the morning is going to be the new normal for you. Try to read a book, watch a relaxing movie, drink a cup of tea – those are the best 36 weeks pregnancy tips for you. Or, ask your man to help you relax :).

– Heartburn. Even though your lungs are “free and happy”, the digestive system is still going through a rough patch. The bottom line is – it’s not working as effectively as before, which can sometimes result in heartburn. Try taking antacids – they should be helpful (talk to your doc first, though). And, don’t eat anything spicy, greasy, or drink anything sparkly.

– Changes in the vaginal discharge. Get ready for an increased amount of discharge at 36 weeks pregnant. Watery discharge should be #1 on your list of most important signs, because if it’s the amniotic fluid, then you’re about to become a mommy soon!

If it’s blood, you might be dealing with preterm labor. And if it’s the mucus plug, that also means labor is right around the corner. Unfortunately, even your doctor won’t be able to tell the exact date. But you’ll still need to call him/her.

36 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

From this point on, that baby bump won’t get any bigger. If you’ve got additional 25 to 35 pounds on your body, that means you’re in the green zone. That’s the officially recommended weight gain for a lady with an average BMI. Yep, we know that all that baggage is turning your 36 weeks pregnant movement routine into a challenge.

You might even look a bit funny carrying all that weight around and trying to look sexy :). But hey – it’s all worth it. You’ll be putting on about 0, 5 pounds or even less per week from now on. At the same time, if you’re an expecting mommy of two, 35-45 is the more realistic weight gain range for you.

Remember: it’s totally normal to give birth to twins at 36 weeks pregnant. It depends on a number of things and you shouldn’t even think about this. Besides, the longer those kiddos stay in your body, the healthier they will be and won’t need any NICU time.

36 Weeks Pregnant Movement

Nothing new here. If you’ve been following our posts, then you already know the basics. With a belly that big, workouts are out of the question. You’ll get tired after walking for a couple of miles, and that’s ok. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to move around.

If you sit around all day, your aching and swollen body parts will be under more stress, as will the rest of your body. It’s absolutely necessary to talk to your OB before doing any exercises, even if some websites claim they’re totally safe.

36 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Did you know that your boy/girl already has fully-functioning liver and kidneys? Blood circulation is also in place, as are all the vital systems. Pretty soon the baby will learn how to breathe on its own. That skin is getting smooth, and if you take a look at it in the 36 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you’ll see a beautiful child.

The doctors will most likely want to check the offspring’s position in the uterus. In most cases, the position of a fetus is head-down. If not, you shouldn’t freak out. This is actually called a “breech” and the doctors will tell you to give it some time.

If nothing happens, they’ll do what’s known as a “version procedure”. Basically, they will move your huge belly around in an attempt to turn the kiddo upside down. That will cause you some discomfort, but the procedure itself is harmless (and, they’ll give you some medication to ease the pain).

Taking Care Of Your Baby’s Health

The 36 weeks pregnant ultrasound will allow the docs to see exactly where the baby’s at. And, the machines will guide the technician’s hands. The heart rate of the fetus will always be kept in check to make sure everything’s fine.

Another important thing to take care of is the so-called Group B Strep test. It’s not painful or discomforting and will determine whether you have a certain type of bacteria or not. Now, the mothers are not affected by it at 36 weeks pregnant. However, the babies will be at great risk if they come in contact with it during delivery (it can even kill them).

On average, 10-30% of the women on planet Earth live with this bacterium. A couple of antibiotics will fix everything right away. Ever heard of a biophysical profile? You’ll have it if you’re carrying twins and/or have problems with your heart, kidneys or heart pressure. This mighty combination of tests will create a complete picture for the doctors and allow them to keep the mother and the baby healthy.

Pregnancy Checklist At Thirty-Six Weeks Pregnant

Your 37-week visit to the doc is important. Get ready for it.

Take care of your maternity-leave plan and discuss it with your boss.

Got some questions about delivery? Of course, you do! Have your doc answer them all.