35 Weeks Pregnant

Note: Durian originated in Southeast Asia. It smells kinda funny, but the taste is to die for. And, it’s approximately 18 inches long and weighs 5.4 pounds.

Do you feel like there’s a lot to do, stuff to take care of before going into labor? Well, that’s a common thing among 35 weeks pregnant women. If you’ve been struggling with the side effects and barely getting by, then you’ll have to “toughen up”.

Is the nursery ready? Is it baby-proof? Did you take a look at your insurance? Is your husband going to be present in the room when you give birth? Have you been saving money for the new member of your family? Yep, all those questions need to be answered!

Some women can’t wait any longer and are dreaming of giving birth at 35 weeks pregnant. But you should never rush Mother Nature – the kiddo will arrive only when it’s ready, and not a moment sooner (or later, for that matter).

So, make sure to take care of the most important things and relax a bit. You’ll be able to catch up on things after you deliver the boy/girl and get your senses back. Right now carrying ladies need to be focused on their own well-being.

35 Weeks Pregnant – Getting Everything Prepped For The Infant

Fact: as long as you’ve prepared a nice, cushy bed for the baby and bought and installed a special car seat for it, that’s pretty much all it’s going to need in the beginning. Don’t rush anything: you can always go to the mall and buy whatever’s necessary.

At 35 weeks pregnant, the cute tiny human in your belly is as big as a durian. It’s about 18.1 inches long and weighs as much as 5.3/5.4 pounds (that’s 2.4 kilograms, by the way). Keep in mind that the fetus won’t grow in length much in the upcoming weeks. It will keep getting heavier, though.

You’re almost eight months pregnant now, and in about 5 weeks you’ll get to look into your precious little thing’s eyes for the very first time. But before that happens, you’ll have to deal with a whole line-up of side effects.

35 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

As we’re getting closer and closer to the grand finale, the situation is getting more or less familiar. That doesn’t mean the following symptoms will be pleasant or anything. But, in all fairness, they won’t feel as frustrating and embarrassing as before.

– Regular bathroom visits. Given the fact that the baby is positioned quite low in the pelvis and pushing on that bladder as hard as it can, these 35 weeks pregnancy symptoms shouldn’t come to you as a surprise.

Yes, you’ll be feeling the urge to go 24/7, and it will get on your nerves. Still, don’t forget to drink as much water as you can. Even if you don’t take a single sip all-day-long, the “bathroom calling” won’t fade. Dehydration is a serious condition – don’t let this inconvenience hurt your baby at 35 weeks pregnant.

Tummy Troubles And Contractions

– Constipation. No secrets here. The uterus is crowding your entire body and putting pressure on the digestive system. The best course of action would be, again, to drink up and to eat every 2-3 hours (make sure to include fiber-rich foods in your diet).

At the same time, if nothing helps, you should contact your doc. It’s not unusual for women to struggle with constipation at 35 weeks pregnant. Ask whether you can take stool softeners and other medical remedies.

– Braxton Hicks contractions. We bet you’ve gotten used to this one already and can feel whether it’s just a series of “drills” or the real thing. Keep in mind that the number of contractions will, most likely, increase.

Don’t be freaked out by the hardness of your belly – it’s all a part of nature’s plan. This is one of those 35 weeks pregnancy symptoms that you’ll need to watch out for. If switching sides and drinking water doesn’t make the contractions go away, that might be a sign of a serious condition (or of the baby’s arrival).

A Hurting Body

At this point, it’s safe to say that every single bone and/or muscle in your body can hurt. The pelvis, hips, back, and legs are, of course, more likely to ache. You’ve been experiencing these pains for quite some time now.

And while it’s not fun to live with this discomforting side effect, let the following 35 weeks pregnancy tips guide you. First of all, be aware of the fact that since your body is going through some changes, that means it’s getting ready to give birth to the offspring and you’re right on track.

If your ligaments failed to “loosen up”, the boy/girl in your uterus would simply be stuck inside of you. Besides, including walking and stretching into your 35 weeks pregnant movement routine will, most certainly, help ease the pain. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, be positive, and everything will be fine.

35 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

Get this: the big-bad uterus that you’ve been carrying around is now actually one thousand (!) times bigger than it used to be before the baby came around. And while that might shock the rest of the folks, you’re probably feeling like it’s at least a million times bigger.

The growth is not about to stop, and this last part of the journey will still be quite hard to handle. Some 35 weeks pregnancy tips want you to relax and “chill”, but the truth is – that baby might arrive at any moment, and you’ll need to be prepared for that.

Ten to eleven percent of mothers go into labor prematurely. As for the moms of twins, they give birth during the 35-37 weeks period. So, yeah: be vigilant and ready to go at any given moment. The following 35 weeks pregnant signs are the real deal.

That Baby Is Coming!

– Water breaking. Don’t worry – you’ll instantly know that this is actually your water breaking and not some discharge when it happens. And while it usually looks like you’re emptying a bucket full of water in the movies, in the real life, it’s more like a trickle.

– Hurtful contractions. Did you think that those so-called Brixton Hicks were similar to the real thing? Not really! After you experience the true pre-labor contractions, you’ll never be the same again :). So, if you’re feeling severe pain in your belly/back at 35 weeks pregnant, that could mean the baby’s coming.

– Repetitive contractions. The real contractions don’t really stop. In fact, they “speed up” and make you feel a kind of pain that no man will ever feel. You should definitely give your doc a call if the contractions are just 5 minutes apart from each other. That is if this is your 1st pregnancy.

If it’s not, then you should contact the OB earlier – when the contractions are 10/15 minutes apart. As a matter of fact, you should call the doctors if any symptom feels “out of the picture”. Giving birth at 35 weeks pregnant is a rare thing, but it is a possibility.

35 Weeks Pregnant Movement

Some women are afraid that if they start walking, stretching and doing yoga exercises, that will hurt the baby and cause preterm labor. But that’s not really true. Furthermore, if you do everything right, you will help your body a great deal.

With that said, safety should be #1 on your list of concerns. That means no contact sports and no lying on your back. Drink water, follow your trainer’s instructions and don’t try to be a superhero. The 35 weeks pregnant movement plan should be focused on keeping you in shape and stretching those itchy hips and legs.

Thirty-Five Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

As mentioned in the previous posts, the baby can hear your voice and the conversations you have with other folks. And, it’s sensitive to high-pitched sounds. If it’s a boy you’re carrying, the 35 weeks pregnant ultrasound will show that his testes are exactly where they should be (too much info, we know).

Have you ever heard about the Group B Strep Test? It sounds scarier than it actually is. The purpose of this test is to determine whether you have a certain kind of bacteria that can be harmful to the baby or not. The docs will take samples from your vjjs and rectum to run some tests.

It’s a pretty common bacteria that won’t hurt you. But if the boy/girl is exposed to it, that might cause some complications. If you test positive, the technicians will give you some pills to swallow – that’s it! The 35 weeks pregnant ultrasound is a part of this test, which means you’ll get to take a look at your precious child in there.

Pregnancy Checklist At Thirty-Five Weeks Pregnant

With your baby arriving in a couple of weeks, it’s time to come up with an awesome announcement plan. Maybe your man has some bright ideas?

The real signs of labor are pretty accurate. You should get to know and learn to recognize them.

Finally, put important phone numbers into your iPhone/tablet/whatever.