33 Weeks Pregnant

Note: The casaba melon originated in Asia Minor and was imported to the States in the late nineteenth century. It’s approximately 17 inches long and weighs 4.2 pounds.

Are you frustrated with random folks telling you to relax and to enjoy it? We feel your pain. At 33 weeks pregnant, it’s almost impossible to do either one of those things. And, you won’t be able to breathe, exercise or even walk properly since that uterus is putting pressure on your entire body.

Overall, it’s kinda hard to keep your head up and put a smile on your face since the side effects are pretty nasty and embarrassing. They’re not about to ease up, which means you’ll have to toughen up and face the music.

We’ll discuss the 33 weeks pregnancy symptoms in a moment. Right now let’s try to focus on the good stuff. For example, you’re probably quite thrilled to deliver the baby and hold him/her in your hands for the very first time.

That expectation will help you overcome all the obstacles on the road. It’s time to fill that hospital bag with the essentials and get your house ready for the new member of the family. And, at 33 weeks pregnant, you should start reading on baby care and all those things that you’ll become in charge of once the kiddo arrives.

33 Weeks Pregnant – Getting Ready For The Emergencies

Another important thing: make sure to refresh your medicine cabinet with all the supplies that you and the child will need in the first couple of months. You might say that you’re just seven months with a child and won’t be pushing and squeezing that uterus at least for another couple of weeks. But hey – early arrival is a thing, and if it happens, you’ll have to be prepared for it.

Right about now, the fetus in your belly is as big as a casaba melon. It’s about 17/17.1 inches long and weighs 4.3 pounds. There’s still some growing to do and the baby is still in development. So, keep fighting that good fight and let’s check out the side effects.

33 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

If you want a one-word description of your condition these days, we’d say it’s “Discomfort”. Pretty much everything is messed up, not to mention the majority of your systems are having some trouble with performing their duties, so to speak.

It’s different for every single woman out there. If, say, your friend is feeling clumsy and/or wants to pee 24/7, you might be less concerned with these 33 weeks pregnancy symptoms. At the same time, the majority of expecting moms go through the same obstacles, and the side effects are universal.

– Overheating. Say what? Yep, it’s safe to say that you’re a sizzling-hot mommy. Relax, it doesn’t have anything to do with your bumpy belly or those mighty breasts. It’s just that the metabolic rate in your body is sky-high.

Difficulties With Breathing, A Dizzy Mind

– Crowded and squeezed lungs. We bet you’re already kind of used to the limited supplies of oxygen at this point. The uterus is putting a lot of pressure on the lungs, making it impossible for you to fully catch your breath at 33 weeks pregnant.

If you’re a proud mom of twins, it will be even harder for you to fill those lungs with air. Can you imagine how life will change once you deliver the baby? How much more “alive” you will feel? Hold on, dear sisters – the road is almost over!

– Memory loss and sluggishness. Some folks like to call this the “pregnancy brain” condition. Others claim it’s just a bunch of B.S. The stress is building up, and you’ve got a lot on your mind – that’s it! The 33 weeks pregnancy tips recommend treating this like a normal thing and not freaking out over forgetting to feed the cat or something like that.

– Nasty headaches. The hormones keep changing and causing a mess in your body. Make sure to drink tons of water and eat 5-6 times a day. That might help you with the problem. And don’t worry: even if you don’t drink as much water, you’ll still visit the bathroom numerous times during the day. So, keep a bottle close.

33 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

On average, 23 to 30 pounds is what you should aim for in terms of weight gain. And if you’re 33 weeks pregnant with twins, 32-43 pounds is the most likely scenario. For certain expecting mothers that additional weight and the seductive curves make them feel naughty and sexy.

So, unless your doc tells you otherwise, sex is always on the table. That means it’s time to get freaky with your man and try to have at least some pleasure while dealing with the side effects. Again, consult with the doctors before “getting down to business”.

Here goes one of the best 33 weeks pregnancy tips: put something revealing on, play your favorite music and let your man know that you’re still hot as hell even though there is a child in that belly. Sex is one of the best remedies for the headaches, by the way :).

Watch Out For Preterm Labor Signs

Feel like that uterus is turning into a rock sometimes? That’s because you’re experiencing the so-called Braxton Hicks contractions. But they’re not “real” and are more of a training for your body. Yet, if you feel like there’s something wrong at 33 weeks pregnant, contact your OB immediately.

Preterm labor is an unwanted thing, but modern-day medicine treats it beautifully. So, keep yourself hydrated and try to follow the rules set by your doctor. The mothers of twins have a greater risk of early delivery. Cramping is a big sign of preterm labor.

Leaking, vaginal discharge, blood and pressure in the pelvic area are also big “harbingers” of the baby’s early arrival. If you’re experiencing any of those symptoms, get comfortable on the bed, put a bottle of water next to yourself, and call (or e-mail) the doc. And don’t forget to visit the bathroom.

Thirty-Three Weeks Pregnant Movement

As you probably already know, it’s not healthy to sit around all-day-long. We, the human beings, are meant to move, and that is why you should include walking into your 33 weeks pregnant movement plan. Oh, you don’t have a plan yet?

Then you most definitely should come up with one. Or, better yet, consult with your doctor about the hidden dangers of doing exercises during one’s pregnancy. If you keep it steady and follow the guidelines made by the pros, you’ll be great.

Try to walk at least 5 miles a day. Drink lots of water, don’t push yourself too hard, and avoid any kind of contact sports. Those are the basic rules. There are numerous yoga exercises that are specifically intended for the expecting mothers.

The key is to make your 33 weeks pregnant movement routine exciting enough to get your ass off the warm and fuzzy chair and get some work done. Swimming exercises are also quite popular among moms-to-be. It would be best to hire a trainer and/or work with a qualified fitness coach to make sure you’re doing everything right.

33 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Did you know that the fetus in your big belly is keeping his/her eyes open most of the day? Yes, that’s a known fact, and you’ll get to see it in the 33 weeks pregnant ultrasound. Plus, it’s learning how to breathe, swallow and suck.

Without a doubt, these new “abilities” will be of great need once it arrives into the big, scary world. Furthermore, your body is busy perfecting the baby’s brain, and it’s also strengthening its bones. Pretty soon you’ll have a beautiful little human being on your hands, but there’s still a road ahead.

If the docs put you through a BPP test, the 33 weeks pregnant ultrasound might be a vital part of it. What is BPP, exactly? This is a 3rd-trimester-only test that the docs run for the so-called high-risk mommies. Expecting mothers of twins certainly do fall into that category.

Ladies who don’t deliver on their due dates are also potential patients. At 33 weeks pregnant, the machines allow the technicians to track the kiddo’s breathing, movement, its overall state, and also the amount of the “goo” that it’s surrounded by (it’s called the amniotic fluid, by the way).

The test at 33 weeks pregnant will also track the changes in the heart rate of the boy/girl whenever he/she kicks/moves and the mom experiences contractions. Don’t worry about anything: the vast majority of the high-risk patients deliver the babies without any complications.

Pregnancy Checklist At Thirty-Three Weeks Pregnant

Don’t forget to pack your hospital bag – this is important and should be one of your priorities.

Read up on postpartum care. Or, better yet, consult with your doctor at 33 weeks pregnant.

Get yourself familiar with the resources of the hospital where you’re going to deliver that cute baby.