32 Weeks Pregnant

Note: Jicama, also known as the Mexican turnip, originated in the Americas. It’s approximately 16.7 inches long and weighs 3.9 pounds.

Usually, women don’t give birth at 32 weeks pregnant, but that doesn’t mean that their bodies aren’t prepped for a potential “early call”. So, even though there’s still some ground left to cover, rest assured that the baby is ready for whatever.

Right about now you’re probably busy with the pre-delivery errands, like taking care of your insurance, discussing the basic rules with your family – stuff like that. On, and don’t forget to ask your man to install that cute baby seat in the car.

When you’re 32 weeks pregnant, your head is consumed by one of the most important events in your life, and there’s’ no place for any other thoughts and plans. Curious about the kiddo’s position in the womb? Its head is looking down, not up.

32 Weeks Pregnant – The Journey Is Almost Over

Wait, did you think that they arrive into this world head-first? No, that’s not how this works. We know that it’s almost impossible to stop thinking about the big day at 32 weeks pregnant. And the truth is – you shouldn’t even care about anything else.

The fetus is approximately as big as a jicama. If you want the exact measurements, here they are: it’s about 16.8 inches long and weighs almost 4 pounds (3.8/3.9, to be exact). Alright, so, do you know how long you have been carrying for? The right answer is you’re now officially seven weeks pregnant!

32 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Some women think that the closer one gets to the end of this wonderful journey, the less annoying and embarrassing the side effects become. Unfortunately, that’s not really the truth. In fact, some of the 32 weeks pregnancy symptoms will only intensify this week.

At the same time, the excitement and joy of the kiddo’s arrival usually do tend to “ease the pain” a bit. It actually depends on your personality and the people that surround you. If you’ve got some awesome folks supporting you 24/7, everything will be fine.

– Mighty contractions. At this point, the Braxton Hicks contractions will become stronger. Don’t worry: you won’t be delivering that baby today. This is just your body testing its own abilities at 32 weeks pregnant before the delivery day.

However, if the contractions keep happening over and over and don’t go away when you switch the side, then you should talk to your doctor. This might be a clear sign of preterm labor, and the docs need to know about it to fight it. If you’ve got twins in that belly, the risk is even higher.

Heartburn, Difficulties With Breathing, And More

– Crowded lungs. Do you feel like your lungs can’t seem to get as full as before? Well, it’s that baby putting pressure on them. But the fetus itself is getting more than enough oxygen. You, on the other hand, might need to keep it steady at 32 weeks pregnant. Don’t push yourself, get regular breaks and don’t try to be a hero.

– Heartburn. Yep, we feel your pain. The uterus pushes on all fronts, and your digestive system is also going through a “rough patch”. Don’t hesitate to take an antacid or two. In most cases, expecting mothers are allowed to take these when carrying.

– Dark nipples. Did you notice that your nipples are unusually dark? This is totally normal; yet, nobody really knows why this happens. Some folks claim that it’s your body trying to catch the baby’s attention. Cool, huh? In any case, this is one of those harmless 32 weeks pregnancy symptoms.

Excessive Discharge And Bigger Breasts

– Increased vaginal discharge. True, it does feel gross, but believe us, you don’t want to get infected down there. Aha, this is your body’s way of making sure your system is infection-free. If you feel like the substance looks a lot like water at 32 weeks pregnant, that might be a sign that your water broke recently.

If that’s the case, your doctors will tell you exactly what to do (go to the hospital, probably). Do you know what the mucus plug is? It’s basically a weird substance that “hugs” the cervix. When the body releases it, that means you’re about to deliver that baby.

– Big boobs. While huge breasts aren’t big news for the expecting mothers, they might start to produce some sort of yellowish fluid that will feed the newborn. So, if they begin to leak, don’t panic – it’s all a part of the process at 32 weeks pregnant.

32 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

If your fundal height is in the 30-34 cm range, that means you’re in the green zone and your baby is doing fine. Keep in mind, though, that before the 34th week comes to an end, the fetus will “descend” from the position near the ribs to a new place close to the pelvis.

The baby’s position won’t change and, like we discussed earlier, it will come out of the uterus head-first. However, some lazy babies don’t “drop” before the mothers get to the hospital to deliver them. Many 32 weeks pregnancy tips recommend moms of twins to forget about work at this point and focus fully on the child’s health.

True, this may be wishful thinking for a lot of busy ladies, but do remember that the doctors consider 37 weeks to be a full-term pregnancy. So, again, don’t do anything stupid and try to turn into a “royal figure”. You’ll be able to get back to your busy routine in no time!

Thirty-Two Weeks Pregnant Movement

Aren’t you tired of sitting around all-day-long? Yes, you can actually get tired of not doing anything. And that is exactly why it’s super-important to keep yourself in shape and to stretch those legs and every other muscle in your body.

Your 32 weeks pregnant movement should include at least walking and some basic exercises. Now, before putting yourself through a test, you must talk to your doctor. Chances are, you won’t be allowed to do any kind of workout routines.

That’s especially true if you’re carrying twins. But, in most cases, walking, swimming and doing yoga is quite welcome. Pregnant women need to let their bodies know that they’re still capable of something more than just sitting idle.

Choosing The Best Tactic

At the same time, your 32 weeks pregnant movement plan should never include any exercises that are done while lying on your back. The thing is – this position is quite dangerous and is known for dramatically dropping the blood flow to a woman’s brain and uterus, and you don’t want that.

As we always like to say, don’t overdo it. You might’ve been a pro athlete or even an Olympics champion before your man put a baby in that belly. But right now, at 32 weeks pregnant, you’re just another expecting mommy trying to fight the side effects off.

The rest is simple: don’t ever engage in any sort of contact sports, drink as much water as you can, put on some comfortable clothes (they don’t have to look like rags, though) and stay positive. The rest is up to your body.

32 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Here’s a thought that might never cross your mind: despite the fact that the uterus is always expanding and putting pressure on your internal organs, that doesn’t mean the baby isn’t cramped. It actually is; maybe it’s under even more pressure than you are.

The 32 weeks pregnant ultrasound will let you take a look at your future boy/girl in all of his/her glory. And the doctor will, most likely, schedule an official appointment for you to get checked up. That’s because the majority of docs like to “keep tabs” on the expecting mothers twice a month at this point.

As for the 32 weeks pregnant ultrasound, there’s no reason for it unless there are some complications with the fetus (or if the doctors want to check something). Say, if you’re carrying twins, the OB will call you in for extra monitoring starting with the 30th week.

Pregnancy Checklist At Thirty-Two Weeks Pregnant

The 34th week is right around the corner, and you should get ready for your visit to the doctor. You’ll probably be kinda used to this routine by now.

Get your health insurance in check and ask your husband to take a closer look at it now that you’re about to welcome a new member of the family.

And finally, don’t forget to buy that special car seat for the future boy/girl.