31 Weeks Pregnant

Note: The napa cabbage originated in China; it’s been available in Europe since the 20th century, and they call it the Chinese cabbage over there. It’s approximately 16.1 inches long and weighs 3.1/3.2 pounds.

At 31 weeks pregnant, you can officially call the fetus in your belly a human being. That’s because all of its senses are fully “locked and loaded”. The kiddo is getting bigger, stronger and smarter with each passing day.

The moms, on the other hand, tend to become forgetful. It’s totally normal and you shouldn’t be freaked out by tiny memory losses and an overall “absent mind”. The 3rd trimester is the final push, and all that stress is finally catching up to you at 31 weeks pregnant.

Some folks claim that the so-called “pregnancy brain” is just something the ladies use as an excuse for their behavior, but they’re actually wrong. Expecting moms have a lot on their minds during this period; and, they worry too much.

Can you honestly remember another time in your busy life when you had to take care of so many things? We bet the answer is “No”. Therefore, even though the pressure is high and you might be forgetting things, it’s only due to an overachieving mind, not one that goes rusty.

31 Weeks Pregnant – Finding Some Time To Rest

The best 31 weeks pregnancy tips recommend taking some time off to yourself and relaxing a bit. Yes, it’s extremely hard to stop thinking about all those things that bother you. But sometimes, not doing anything is the right choice.

Alright, so, at 31 weeks pregnant, the fetus in that belly is as big as a napa cabbage. It’s +/- 16 inches long and weighs 3.2/3.3 pounds. The uterus keeps expanding to accommodate the baby, and it’s putting pressure on your lungs.

Don’t worry about it: just take our advice and don’t push yourself too hard. Pretty soon (in a week, actually) you’ll be seven weeks pregnant, and that’s a good enough reason for a celebration. Remember: you’re not allowed to drink alcohol!

31 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Nothing new here, dear women. It’s safe to say that you’ve been living side by side with the majority of these side effects for quite some time now. Some of them will actually ease up on you, while others will attack you with double force. Let’s take a look at the most common 31 weeks pregnancy symptoms and see what we can do about them.

– Some difficulty with breathing. First of all, you’re not getting any skinnier, and the additional weight is making it hard to walk up the stairs. Second, as mentioned above, the hooligan-of-a-baby in your belly is crowding the lungs, making it difficult to breathe.

The best course of action would be to forget about heavy lifting and all that stuff that will make your lungs feel like they’re about to collapse. At 31 weeks pregnant, it would be better to sit around all day doing nothing than to push yourself and make matters worse.

Taking breaks should be your #1 priority at this moment. Yes, we do know that some things need to be taken care of regardless of your situation. And the man of the house might not always be around to lend that helping hand. As for your 31 weeks pregnant movement plan, exercises are good, but don’t overdo it – we’ll talk about this in a moment.

Contractions, A Hurting Back, And More

– Braxton Hicks contractions. Before you turned into an expecting mother, we bet you didn’t know what this term means. It’s basically when your tummy muscles and the uterus squeeze really hard to emulate delivering a baby.

To ease the pain, make sure not to sit/lie in one position for too long. And, have a bottle of water by your side 24/7. At 31 weeks pregnant, you gotta be extra careful not to provoke preterm labor. Expecting mothers of twins have a higher risk of this.

– Backaches. This may also include pain in your legs, hips, and every other muscle/limb in your body. But usually, it’s the back that takes all the “heat”. Stretching helps; so do some yoga exercises.

Bathroom Visits, Ready-Steady Breasts, And Poor Nails

– The restroom is your new favorite room. Did you think that the lungs are the only ones getting “bullied” by the baby? Nope! The bladder is under equal amounts of pressure. Of all the 31 weeks pregnancy symptoms, we think this one’s the worst.

– Preterm breastfeeding. True, the offspring hasn’t arrived yet, but your boobs are already eager to feed it. That is why they might be “leaking” from time to time, reminding you that everything’s ready for the big day.

– Crumbly nails. Maybe that’s not the best way to describe them, but they will be easy to break. The good news is, at 31 weeks pregnant, they’ll grow faster. Some women use special oils to moisture them. A spa is also a great choice.

31 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

By now you must’ve gained as much as 20-38 pounds, give or take. And, if there are two babies in your belly, then it’s more like 27-41 pounds. It’s safe to say that life is getting harder and harder, but the fact that the light at the end of the tunnel is near should give you enough energy to keep a smile on your face.

Here goes one of the best 31 weeks pregnancy tips: try not to worry too much and focus on the good stuff. Yes, we know that the belly is not particularly helpful when you’re trying to get intimate with your boyfriend. Furthermore, it’s making you feel uncomfortable, weak, dizzy, and frustrated.

But you can actually enjoy this time if you’ve got the right man by your side and a family that support you no matter what. So, even if you start to waddle, the bathroom breaks turn into a regular thing, and it takes you an hour to put the right make-up on at 31 weeks pregnant, remember that a child is a blessing.

Thirty-One Weeks Pregnant Movement

Ok, it’s time to talk about sports. Some ladies are eager to get down to business, while others prefer to sit around and do nothing. Regardless, you’ll still have to include it into your daily routine and try to make the most of it.

First of all, put on the comfiest clothes that you can find. This is very important. Second, take a bottle of water with you. The majority of folks don’t really like to “waste” time on warming up and cooling down, and sometimes that’s ok.

But it’s totally necessary if you’re 31 weeks pregnant. Give your body some time to rest – don’t push it any more than you absolutely have to. And, keep in mind that you’re not the same as before: that means stop trying to impress your BFFs and get some work done!

It goes without saying that your 31 weeks pregnant movement routine should NOT include any falling and/or lying on your belly. Keep it steady and remember that even if you just take simple 15-minute-long walks, the effect will be quite significant.

31 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

It’s time for some brainstorming for the baby. It’s going through huge developments, and all the fundamental systems are getting in place. As mentioned before, it’s becoming aware of the circumstances and can even react to light.

It’s positioned with the head down – ask your doctor to check if you’re curious. So, is a 31 weeks pregnant ultrasound a possibility for you at this point? Yes, it is, but only if you’re an expecting mom of two or if you have diabetes of some sorts.

Pretty much every single woman in the world can’t wait to take a look at the kiddo on that big screen. There’s a 3D/4D ultrasound available, and some mothers and fathers really like it. Generally, it’s done in the 24-32 weeks period (perfect if you’re 31 weeks pregnant).

Cute Baby Pictures And Videos

What does this mean, actually? Well, it allows you to see your precious little thing’s face on a 3-dimensional picture. And, you’ll get to “keep an eye” on the fetus in real time. Get ready to watch it blink, kick, twist, and even smile back at you. Don’t tell us you don’t want a video of your child like that on your computer!

Sometimes, this 3D/4D image is necessary for the doctors to check something. But even if there’s no need for it, you can go to an imaging center and ask them to do a 31 weeks pregnant ultrasound picture/video for you.

Yes, you’ll probably have to pay for it (the insurance won’t cover it), but it will be worth every penny you spend on it. Note: make sure to consult with the doctor before going ahead with this.

Pregnancy Checklist At Thirty-One Weeks Pregnant

If you’ve got a couple of pets running around in the house, prepare them for the arrival of the child. It’s not going to be easy, though.

Preterm labor is a very dangerous thing. Learn as much as you can about it and be extra-cautious.

It’s time to baby-proof the kiddo’s room. It’s better to do it with the man of the house and/or someone from the family.

And finally, buy a cute baby keepsake book to document everything!