30 Weeks Pregnant

Note: The white cabbage is known worldwide for its versatility – you can add it in pretty much anything. Cabbages originated sometime before 1000 BC. A single cabbage is approximately 15.7 inches long and weighs 3.1 pounds.

Is that belly growing on you already? At 30 weeks pregnant, that baby bump is not just turning your life into one big challenge. From now on, it’s pretty much the only thing people will pay attention to when talking to you.

Yep, get ready to hear all kinds of comments from folks that don’t even have the slightest idea what you’re going through. Their remarks won’t always be pretty, either. These days, lots of people like to run their mouths without thinking about the words that can actually be hurtful for a 30 weeks pregnant woman.

Try not to be offended by their ridiculous and/or embarrassing notes and move on with your life. Some ladies take it all too hard and become nervous, overzealous, and even break down and cry. But hey – not all men and women are bad.

30 Weeks Pregnant – Dealing With The Increased Attention

Sometimes, you’ll get compliments! Hold on to them and let the good words lift your spirit at 30 weeks pregnant. Besides, even though it’s not fun to be walking around with a huge belly hanging out, you’ll soon discover that it has some benefits.

Men will offer you their seat on a bus or train, and folks will move you up in line at the malls. Again, take advantage of your situation. Right now, the fetus in your uterus is as big as a white cabbage. It weighs almost 3 pounds and is 15.5/15.6 inches long.

True, this is a stressful time for women, and the 3rd trimester is known to exhaust them. Still, some of the best 30 weeks pregnancy tips will tell you to live your life to the fullest and consider this period to be a blessing. Don’t forget to take cute baby belly pictures for your future collection and make fun of yourself while you can.

30 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Right about now, your body will start to play tricks on you. The anxiety and the troubles with sleeping aren’t that easy to handle. Plus, the hormones will attack you from all sides, turning your day into a fight.

Some ladies have bad dreams about giving birth in their cars and not making it to the hospital in time. Others think that they’ll deliver in their sleep. Don’t worry – none of that will ever happen to you! However, we can’t say the same about the following 30 weeks pregnancy symptoms.

– Swelling. By now you must’ve gotten used to this side effect. No, seriously: it’s been bothering you for a while, and that “puffiness” is nothing new to you. If it’s a case of mild swelling, then it should go away after you put your feet up.

At the same time, sudden and/or severe cases shouldn’t be treated lightly. Make sure to get in contact with your OB whenever you feel like the 30 weeks pregnancy symptoms aren’t normal. If you don’t it might lead to some horrible consequences.

An Aching Body And Heartburn

– Discomfort. That huge baby belly is starting to get on your nerves, isn’t it? First of all, it’s heavy and you feel like you’re carrying a huge bag full of stones with you. Second, it’s putting pressure on your feet, back, the internal organs…pretty much every single part of your body.

– Heartburn. This is a very common side effect at 30 weeks pregnant, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Make sure to make a list of foods that cause it and say goodbye to them – at least until the baby arrives.

Make a habit of eating healthy foods and drinking tons of water. If you still want a bite of that delicious pie or ice-cream, at least don’t do it before going to bed. That’s pretty much it: restrain yourself and everything will be relatively fine.

Trouble With Breathing And Sleeping

– Cramped lungs. Feel like you can’t fill those lungs with enough air? That’s because the uterus at 30 weeks pregnant keeps pushing on your internal organs, the lungs included. At this point, it reaches high up that rib cage.

Thankfully, after about a month, you should feel some of that pressure gone. You don’t have to track this: once that baby eases up a bit, you’ll instantly feel like deep breaths are on the table again.

Doctors recommend coming up with a solid 30 weeks pregnant movement plan and doing some exercises on a daily basis. That might help your tired and pressed lungs put up a proper fight. Don’t do anything extreme, though.

– Sleeping problems. Like all those nasty side effects weren’t enough, right?! Women can’t get a good night’s sleep because no position is comfortable. Plus, there’s a lot on their minds. We know that it’s not easy to relax in this situation, but you should try.

Thirty Weeks Pregnancy Tips

Does that big belly of yours feel like it’s made of stone sometimes? Don’t be freaked out – these are deliberate contractions at 30 weeks pregnant to get ready for the upcoming labor. You could say that this is the pre-repetition before the main event.

Keep in mind that these contractions usually happen after a good workout, due to the lack of hydration in your body, whenever you’re tired, or after sex. Lying on your side usually helps. Have a couple of sips of water and you’ll be fine.

On the other hand, if they keep going and you have 4 contractions within an hour at 30 weeks pregnant, get in contact with your doc. Chances are, preterm labor is just around the corner. Or not :). Either way, it’s always better to be prepared.

Weight Gain Policies

Right now, you should be 19-26 pounds heavier than in the beginning. And if you’re carrying twins in that ridiculously big belly, 25-42 pounds is what you’re looking at. As for the fundal height, it should be somewhere in the 28-32 range.

A lot of women are concerned with this extra weight and want to get rid of it. That’s actually a very bad idea. Some of the best 30 weeks pregnancy tips recommend overeating against not eating enough. Your baby will need those precious nutrients during breastfeeding.

You’re still sexy to your man, and the rest of the world doesn’t have to matter. Don’t be quick to hop on any controversial diets or anything like that. Let the baby “torment” you a little longer – it will all be over soon.

Dealing With The Inconveniences

Fact: it took you more than half-a-year to put those frustrating pounds on, and you shouldn’t get rid of them in two weeks. That’s just not healthy at 30 weeks pregnant (or at any other stage, for that matter). Still, keep your eyes on the process: sudden/abnormal bumps in your weight is a dangerous thing and can lead to serious conditions.

The baby in your belly is floating in a special fluid and has more than enough space to move around. Over the next couple of months, the uterus will grow even bigger, so, get ready to deal with the same symptoms only twice as nasty :).

30 Weeks Pregnant Movement

Ever since the rise of humanity, walking was a big part of our lives. And back in the day, even pregnant women used to hunt and/or take care of business. You should follow their example at 30 weeks pregnant.

We’re not saying you must go into the forest and hunt down the poor animals and birds, but walking and stretching those muscles is very important. As you may already know, walking, swimming and yoga are the most common 30 weeks pregnant movement practices.

Make sure to put the comfiest clothes available, drink a lot of water and never put pressure on yourself. And, take long breaks. You’re not trying to beef up – just keeping yourself in shape and giving your body a good “shake up”.

30 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

If the process is going according to the plan, then you won’t have a 30 weeks pregnant ultrasound. It simply won’t be necessary. But if you were to take a peek inside your own belly, you’d see a lot of interesting things.

The skin on your fetus is becoming stronger and stretchier, and the brain activity is increasing with each passing day. And, now the baby is well capable of holding on to your fingers. That sounds pretty adorable, right? If you’re 30 weeks pregnant with twins, there won’t be any differences in their development.

At the same time, if they slow down during the 30-32 weeks period, you shouldn’t be worried. The doctors might tell you to take a so-called “biophysical profile” of you fragile babies. This is just a fancy way of describing a 30 weeks pregnant ultrasound and an NST.

They’ll even put these cool thingies on your bumpy belly to check the kiddos’ heart rates. Don’t worry – this test is absolutely harmless. If you and your precious little ones prove to be fine, there will be no reason to be concerned about their health.

Pregnancy Checklist At Thirty Weeks Pregnant

Your 32-week visit to the doctor is around the corner. Get ready for it at 30 weeks pregnant.

The offspring is about to become a new member of your family. You’ll need all the help you can get – from your mom, dad, husband, the nannies, and the pediatricians.

Prepare yourself for a hospital run.