3 Weeks Pregnant


Despite the popular belief, ladies don’t start to show at 3 weeks pregnant. The truth is – it’s way too early, and no girl out there will be able to know that she’s carrying already. With that said, the man’s semen made it into your egg, and now you’re with child.

That means you conceived the baby a day or two ago, and at 3 weeks pregnant, you didn’t miss your period to realize that something’s different in your body. That’s just how it works – the process starts earlier than we, the women, know about it.

3 Weeks Pregnant – Keeping Up With The Changes

Now, in all fairness, there will be no vivid physical changes to your body. We’re talking about the outside. Don’t worry – your belly won’t get big at 3 weeks pregnant. Even if you do feel like you’re a bit “preggy”, that’s just bloating.

It’s pretty hard for your system to adjust to this new reality, and a bigger tummy has nothing to do with your baby. Most women usually show at the 12th-13th week. Yes, there’s still time before that – two full months.

3 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

At this stage, if the symptoms aren’t really that quick to appear, that’s because your hormones are still doing ok and just go with the flow. The higher the level of the so-called “pregnancy hormones”, the sooner you’ll start to feel the changes.

Eventually, every single woman will experience at least some of the following side effects. That means you shouldn’t be concerned about it at all – when the time comes, you’ll know it. Just enjoy the calm and tranquility while it lasts :). The most common 3 weeks pregnancy symptoms include:

– Bleeding/Spotting. If the overzealous boy/girl that’s about to turn into a fetus is already resting at the temporal “home”, there may be a little bit of spotting here and there. That’s due to the fact that the egg (already impregnated by the sperm) is “swirling” into the uterus.

Dealing With Nausea And Staying Positive

– Nausea. At 3 weeks pregnant, you’ll already start to hate it, and the sickness will follow you to the very day when you deliver the kiddo. The docs claim it has everything to do with hCG (which is basically the aforementioned pregnancy hormone).

As it moves all over your changing body, you’ll feel sick almost every single day and this feeling might even make you puke once or twice (or more). They call it the “morning sickness”, but, in all fairness, it doesn’t stop in the afternoon or in the evening. Without a doubt, of all the 3 weeks pregnancy symptoms, this is the nastiest one.

Now, if nausea is killing you 24/7, that means one of the following two things: either you’ve been carrying for a lot longer than you think, or you’ve got two babies on the way! That’s right – when a woman has twins in her belly, the hormones really start to act up.

Learning More About The Side Effects

– Changes in your breasts. At 3 weeks pregnant, as a woman’s body gets ready to produce milk for the kid, the boobs get a lot more sensitive and the nipples change in color.

– Missing a period. If your cycle doesn’t last for 4 full weeks, your system might be giving you a sign that you’re carrying. But, you can’t know for sure unless you take a simple test.

– Taking A Pregnancy Test. Most tests are almost 100% correct after you miss a period. At the same time, some company brands claim that their product can find pregnancy hormones in your body (in the urine, that is) even before that.

We’re talking when you’re 3 weeks pregnant + 4/5 days into the 4th week. Time for some useful 3 weeks pregnancy tips: keep in mind that there may not be enough hCG in a lady’s body for the test to be accurate. Thankfully, the amount doubles every two days.

So, if the results are negative, but you feel like something’s different, try that same test a couple of days later. You can keep going until it’s obvious you’re not an expecting mom.

– Sometimes, at 3 weeks pregnant, your doc might tell you to go through a blood test. They usually ask you to do that when there’s a certain risk for a miscarriage or the so-called “ectopic pregnancy”. This test is a lot more accurate than the pregnancy test and will tell you at an early stage whether you’re carrying or not.

3 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

Alright, now let’s see what you can do during the 3rd week and what to expect from the changes in your body. As mentioned above, a larger belly is not a possibility when you’re just 3 weeks in. At the same time, you will be a bit flabby.

And what about your eating habits – should you already double your daily calories? Not quite: the docs say that 3-5 five pounds of additional weight is what you should go for in the 1st trimester (the first 13 weeks, that is). So, at 3 weeks pregnant, eating double is not really a good idea.

Don’t actually change anything in your daily routine; maybe start to eat healthy food and take one prenatal vitamin a day. As for the calories, don’t increase the amount until the 2nd trimester kicks in. And when you do arrive at the 14th week with a baby in your belly, increase your daily intake by 300 calories. No junk food, though :).

3 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

At 3 weeks pregnant, your egg is fertilized and ready for action. It’s moving up through the fallopian tube. On its way, the egg breaks down into numerous cells, duplicating it right up until it hits the uterus.

This early in the process, the 3 weeks pregnant ultrasound will, probably, fail at detecting the organism that will soon turn into your boy or girl. The thing is – the egg is as tiny as a pepper grain and is constantly moving forward. But if you go back for an ultrasound a week or two later, the doc might just see that your lining is getting rougher.

That means the little egg has finally arrived at its new home for the upcoming 9 months. Yes, we’re talking about your uterus. Alright, that’s pretty much it for the 3 weeks pregnant ultrasound. There’s absolutely no need for it unless you’re feeling like there’s something wrong with your pregnancy or if you’re just curious.

Pregnancy Checklist At 3 Weeks Pregnant

Ok, so you’re a 3 weeks pregnant woman/girl. What should you do to keep track of your pregnancy and to make sure everything’s going exactly the way it should? Well, first of all, take a pregnancy test to know whether you’ve been knocked up or not.

Keep swallowing one prenatal vitamin every day just like we told you to in the previous posts. Read as much as you can about the challenges of the 1st trimester and educate yourself on the “rules of conduct”. Don’t let the books scare you, though.

Some authors like to exaggerate everything and fill a woman’s head with all kinds of unnecessary information that makes them both worried and frustrated. Remember – your body is doing most of the work. All you have to do is not get in its way.

No, seriously: women have been giving birth for centuries, back when they didn’t have books, magical pills and skilled doctors with fancy tech. Nature knows how to take care of the ladies and won’t let you down. That doesn’t mean you should neglect the perks of the modern-day civilization. Just remember that everything will be alright.

Summing Up

Be conscious about what you eat and listen to the pregnancy signs week 3 sends your way. Let your loved ones/friends know that at this stage, you might be experiencing all kinds of confusing side effects. You need the people around to be supportive!

Speaking of eating, go back to the 3 weeks pregnancy tips and find out what you should do with your daily calories. The most important rule – eat enough fats, protein, and carbs. Your nutrition needs to be balanced and well-rounded.

Ok, now you know about the ups and downs of a 3 weeks pregnant woman. If not for nausea, this week would be a pretty chill and relaxed one. Yet, most of the girls want to throw up all the time and the sickness doesn’t seem to ease up. But it will, eventually.

Keep your head high, don’t put too much strain on your body and try to be as “normal” as before you found out about your pregnancy. That’s actually the best way to live the following 9 long months of your life.