29 Weeks Pregnant

Note: Buddha’s hand is an exotic fruit with quite a “controversial” taste. The fruit originated in India and China. It’s approximately 15.2 inches long and weights as much as 2.5 pounds.

You know what they say – pregnancy is a gift, and it changes a woman’s perspective? We’re happy to say that at 29 weeks pregnant, you’ll finally understand what they mean. Right about now, you’ll start feeling those tiny pushes and mighty kicks inside your belly.

Some ladies claim that judging by this behavior, one can determine the future child’s attitude. If you’ve got a slow, calm twister, then that’s the kind of a person he/she will be. On the other hand, if there’s a kicker in your uterus, expect a fighter.

Of course, this isn’t an “exact science”, but there is some truth to that. When you’re 29 weeks pregnant, it’s actually the best time to start thinking about the livelihood of your kiddo. Get the nursery up and running, get yourself stocked on diapers, baby clothes, and everything else in between.

29 Weeks Pregnant – Getting Everything Ready

Plus, start thinking about daycare and pediatricians. You’ll be giving birth to your offspring in no time, and that is why you need to be prepared in advance. Here goes one of the best 29 weeks pregnancy tips: pack a tiny bag full of those things that you’ll need in the labor room. If you’re not sure what to put in there, consult with your doctor.

Preparation is the most important thing in any “mission”, and it’s safe to say that this is probably the most dramatic one in your life. Ever seen the Buddha’s hand – this exotic fruit with a specific taste? Well, that’s how big the fetus is.

At 29 weeks pregnant, the kiddo is 15.1 inches long and weighs about 2.4/2.5 pounds. Keep in mind that before birth, the fetus will become three times heavier. Yes, that’s the truth! With 6 months and 1 week behind, you’ve got less than the 1/3rd of the road ahead of you.

29 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Get ready, dear ladies, because the job isn’t done yet, and the side effects aren’t going anywhere. The fetus keeps growing into a big, mighty, healthy baby, and that’s putting tons of pressure on your already-exhausted body.

The 29 weeks pregnancy symptoms are quite frustrating and embarrassing, but you’ll need to remember that there’s no going back now and there’s something truly amazing waiting for you at the end of this adventure.

– Dizziness and constant headaches. This has a lot to do with the fact that you won’t be able to get enough sleep during this month. Lightheadedness is bearable, but your head might be giving you a lot of trouble. At the same time, if the blood sugar level in your body is low at 29 weeks pregnant, that can also be a cause for pain. So, don’t forget to have frequent meals.

– Discomfort in the belly. Remember that the uterus is forcing the skin to stretch and become thinner, making it more sensitive. Drinking tons of water helps; lotion is also a good choice. Consult with your doctor before doing anything rash, though.

Hurting Muscles, Limbs, And Regular Bathroom Visits

– Pain all over the place. If it’s just a little bit of soreness, then you’re totally fine. Don’t forget that the additional pounds your body has been carrying around aren’t that easy to carry. In addition, at 29 weeks pregnant, the baby is pushing really hard.

It’s squeezing your internal organs and putting pressure on your back and legs/hips. If you’re a lucky expecting mommy of twins, life will be even more difficult for you. Another thing: the ligaments and joints of a pregnant woman usually get softer, thus getting ready for the upcoming delivery.

– The new pee queen. Yes, that’s you. This also has to do with the huge uterus – it’s putting tension on your bladder. Don’t be freaked out by the constant bathroom visits, because it’s just a part of the deal. Some 29 weeks pregnancy tips recommend drinking less water, but that’s actually a very bad advice.

The body needs water for baby development. If it runs out of it, you’ll face the risk of having a preterm labor. With that said, keep yourself hydrated and make peace with the fact that the bathroom will become your new “favorite” spot.

Tummy Troubles And Problems With The Digestive System

– Constipation. As far as the worst 29 weeks pregnancy symptoms go, this one’s right there among the leaders. You’re already struggling with a lot of side effects, and problems in the bathroom are the last thing you need. Drink plenty of water and go for fiber-rich foods.

– Hemorrhoids. Yep, another “bonus” from your annoying pregnancy hormones. The digestive system is also under pressure, and the results can sometimes be quite frustrating. Again, at 29 weeks pregnant, all you can do is eat healthily and hope for the best.

– Lack of sleep. We already talked about this. Try to put your caffeine intake on hold and switch it with water. Some women say that reading a book will help you relax and get into the right mood. Others watch TV.

We recommend introducing a 29 weeks pregnant movement plan into your daily routine and doing some exercises. We’ll talk about that in a bit, but for now, just know that any kind of movement will be much appreciated by your body.

Twenty-Nine Weeks Pregnancy Tips

At this point, you should be 18-26 pounds heavier than in the beginning of the journey. If you’re carrying twins in that belly, 24-37 is what you should aim at. Fun fact: your belly button is about 4 inches lower than the top of the uterus.

At 29 weeks pregnant, the baby in there will start kicking and twisting a lot. First of all, it’s getting a bit too crowded; second, all that nutrition is giving it enough energy to be super-active. Remember: the kiddo must move +/- 10 times during a 2-hour period for you to know that it’s doing great.

Keep on counting those kicks to make sure everything’s going according to the plan. You’ll be able to see the overzealous fetus on the 29 weeks pregnant ultrasound. And if you feel like it’s been silent and motionless for a long time, drink a glass of cold water.

Doesn’t help? How about listening to some nice music and asking your man to give you a nice massage (don’t lie on your back, though – your side will be good). We bet the baby will wake up after all that. If not, then get in contact with the doctor.

29 Weeks Pregnant Movement

Ready for some walking, swimming and yoga classes? When you’re 29 weeks pregnant, it’s imperative for you to move. We’re not saying you should break any records, but regular exercises should become a part of your daily plan.

Walking is the easiest part. Just move your legs and stretch them before you feel tired. The goal is not to push yourself but to breathe some fresh air, maybe listen to your favorite music and help your body “rehabilitate”.

Swimming and yoga are also pretty great at this stage, but you’ll need to work with a trainer and consult with your doctor about it. Please, don’t try to do anything unless you’re 100% sure about it. The 29 weeks pregnant movement plan should be easy and straightforward.

With that said, we still encourage you to try different things and go with whatever your body is craving for. Yoga has been a life-savior for women for centuries, helping them cope with the stress and the tension.

29 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

So, the baby is self-conscious, smart, has a lot of brain activity, looks like a tiny human being and is kicking and moving, preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep. And those kicks are getting meaner and more frequent (that’s because the baby itself is getting stronger).

And if you’re feeling periodical twitches at 29 weeks pregnant, just know it’s the fetus hiccupping. Yes, there’s a lot going on inside that bumpy belly of yours. Mothers of twins will be interested to learn that there’s something of a wall between the two babies.

Obviously, all the symptoms will be twice as challenging for moms of two. But you’ll get used to it. Alright, what about the 29 weeks pregnant ultrasound? Women on a regular schedule won’t even have to visit the doctors at this stage.

If you were to take a look at that precious little boy/girl, you’d see that it’s all kinds of cute and ready for action. Notice that fat under the skin? The body is prepping it for the harsh reality of the outside world at 29 weeks pregnant.

Pregnancy Checklist At Twenty-Nine Weeks Pregnant

The 3rd-trimester tests are coming. Read about them online and consult with your doc if you have some questions.

Planning to have a nanny or a caregiver? Start looking for worthy candidates today.

And make sure to buy enough essential stuff for your future kid.