28 Weeks Pregnant

Note: the kabocha squash is known as the Japanese Pumpkin in the US. It’s sweet and comes with a strong flavor. And, it’s approximately 14.9 inches long and weighs 2.2/2.3 pounds. 

Oki-Doki, the 3rd trimester is finally here! Welcome, dear ladies. At 28 weeks pregnant, you are an esteemed member of the “it’s almost over” club. Get ready to walk around the house with a sleepy head, because these couple of months will keep you up all night.

If you wake up early in the morning, try to set your mind back to napping by doing something chill and relaxing. Just remember: don’t do anything adrenaline-charging, like a workout routine or cleaning the whole house (some women tend to do that).

You’re 28 weeks pregnant, and heavy lifting is not really the best idea, especially now that you’re lacking sleep. Make yourself a nice cup of tea, put your favorite music on (something mild and relaxing) and maybe read a book.

Then, get back into that warm bed and close your eyes. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and fall asleep again? Of all the 28 weeks pregnancy tips, this one’s the most effective one. Don’t go for pills or anything drastic and radical like that unless it’s absolutely necessary.

28 Weeks Pregnant – Almost At The End Of The Journey

Talk to your doctor about your troubles with sleeping before taking any medicine. Wondering how your precious baby is doing in that belly? It’s doing great, actually. At 28 weeks pregnant, the fetus is as big as a kabocha squash.

It’s almost 15 inches long and weighs 2.1 pounds. Yes, it’s getting bigger and stronger! Keep in mind that this week, you’re entering not only the long-awaited 3rd trimester but also the 7th month of your journey.

Right now, you’re six months pregnant, and there are only 3 more left. It might seem like the natural order of things to you now, but you had to overcome several obstacles to get here. Alright, let’s take a quick look at the most common side effects.

28 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

The baby doesn’t care about the fact that by now, it gets crowded in your body. It keeps growing and pushing on all the internal organs. Plus, your entire system is getting ready for the upcoming labor, and that is why some side-effects will still bother you.

– Problems with sleeping. The deeper you “dig” towards the end of this epic “road trip”, the more trouble you’ll have with closing your eyes. Blame it on the hormones or your own stress. It won’t change the fact that you’ll be wearied 24/7. As far as the most exhausting 28 weeks pregnancy symptoms go, this is the one to watch out for.

– Problems with breathing. Don’t worry, you won’t run out of breath and/or suffocate. But the pressure your little one puts on the lungs and the diaphragm will result in a shortness of breath. There are no rules about this. Just don’t push yourself and everything will be fine.

An Aching Body And Contractions

– Pain all over. It’s not severe or anything like that, but still – the final trimester is a bummer when it comes to aches and pains. The hormones weaken your body, especially if you’re a proud mom-to-be of twins.

If you include walking, swimming, stretching or even yoga into your 28 weeks pregnant movement plan, that will help ease the symptom. Ever heard about the so-called maternity support belt? Yes, we do know that it’s not attractive at all, but it will help you deal with the discomfort.

– Braxton Hicks contractions. This is your body preppin’ itself for the stressful event of delivering a baby. The muscles are getting super-tight for practice. And the contractions will become stronger and more frequent as you get closer to delivering the child.

This is one of the scariest 28 weeks pregnancy symptoms, but there’s nothing to worry about unless the pain is severe. If they’re occasional, then you’re golden. At the same time, if they happen all the time and the tension doesn’t go away when you change the position, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

More Side Effects

– Over-productive breasts. It might look and feel gross, but that substance coming out of your boobs is actually nutrition for the baby. True, it’s not here yet, but your body is already preparing itself for breastfeeding. Nothing to worry about – just know that this is a pretty common practice at 28 weeks pregnant.

– Dizziness. Well, this is more of a side effect of a symptom, is that makes any sense :). Your body is under a lot of pressure, and the lack of sleep doesn’t help. Hence the dizziness. Try to get as much sleep as you can and do something relaxing while you’re at it.

Twenty-Eight Weeks Pregnancy Tips

If you’ve been keeping up with our posts, then you know that the 28 weeks pregnant ultrasound is right around the corner for you. Plus, when you visit the doc, he/she will measure your big, bumpy belly. If everything’s going according to the plan, your fundal height should be in the 26-30 cm range.

However, if you’re a proud expecting mother of two, there’s no point in measuring anything, as the results are always tricky. There are no rights and wrongs for twins. At 28 weeks pregnant, the docs will “command” you to count your baby’s kicks.

The consistency of the kicks, twists, and moves is important. The best thing to do this is to pick a certain time during the day and arm yourself with a timer. As a general rule, in about 2 hours, you’ll feel 10 movements.

Repeat the next day. Write down the times, and soon you’ll figure out the range of your fetus. This is one of the best 28 weeks pregnancy tips and a great way to make sure that precious baby is doing ok. If something worries you about this whole thing, ask your doc to run some tests.

28 Weeks Pregnant Movement

Cardio is the best remedy for all those nasty side effects and the ever-growing baby. Walking is the simplest and probably the most effective thing. You can also go swimming. Some claim that this is the safest exercise for expecting mothers.

If swollen feet is one of your major concerns, swimming might help with that. It’s also quite effective against low back pains. Ever thought that pregnant women can (and should) dance? That’s true! If you avoid jumps, leaps, and other extreme stuff, dancing will become the best part of your 28 weeks pregnant movement routine.

And what about running? Is it safe to run while you’re carrying a baby inside that belly? At this point, jogging is allowed by the OBs. Endurance, a strong heart and a mighty set of lungs are exactly what you’ll need when delivering the baby. If you’re just getting started, though, take it slow.

28 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Right about now, the organism in your uterus is busy getting fatter. Hey, don’t laugh: fat is a critical component in our bodies and it will make the baby’s skin look smoother and more human. And, since the 25th/26th week, the kiddo has been breathing on its own.

You won’t be able to see that in the 28 weeks pregnant ultrasound, but if he/she was to be born today, he/she would be able to use those lungs to survive. Cool, right? There is still a lot of time left, and growth is going exactly the way it should be.

You could say that Mother Nature is putting the finishing touches on its masterpiece. Good news for 28 weeks pregnant women: from now on, you’ll be visiting your doctor twice a month. At the same time, if everything’s been going smoothly, you probably won’t have an ultrasound this week.

Yes, we know that it’s always thrilling to take a look at your boy/girl in there. But the truth is – the docs don’t really need a lot of “ultra procedures” to check if everything’s alright. Learn to be patient. Besides, pretty soon you’ll get to meet your offspring personally. And you’ll have all the time in the world to look at it.

Pregnancy Checklist At Twenty-Eight Weeks Pregnant

When you reach the 30th week, an appointment will be in order. Get ready for it and make a list of questions/wishes you want to discuss with the doctors.

As mentioned above, counting the baby’s kicks is something you should learn how to do at 28 weeks pregnant. It’s a lot of fun, actually.

That big day is coming! Modern-day medicine can provide a number of options for pain relief. Learn about them and consult with your doc.