27 Weeks Pregnant

Note: Melons are refreshing, sweet and all-around delicious. They originated in Asia (the south-western regions) and Africa. A single melon is approximately 14.3 inches long and weighs 1.8/1.9 pounds.

Now that you’re 27 weeks pregnant, it’s time to raise a glass (you can’t drink any alcohol, though) and enter the 3rd trimester. That’s right – you’ve made it through the controversial middle and are entering the final run.

The kiddo in the belly is growing bigger and more beautiful with each passing day. It knows how to breath (it’s actually taking in the fluid in the uterus) and is busy working on all of its senses, the nervous system, and the rest of the sophisticated processes in a human’s body.

Brain activity is increasing, and the baby is getting ready to enter the real world and survive on its own (well, with a lot of help from you, of course). As for the 27 weeks pregnant future mommies, their brains are preoccupied with all kinds of stuff.

We’re already worried about the actual birth, the day when we’ll go to the hospital to deliver the baby, the clothes we are going to buy for the child, the nursery, the pediatrician…Yep, the 3rd trimester will keep you busy 24/7.

27 Weeks Pregnant – New Challenges And New Victories

Furthermore, it will confuse you with a series of ridiculous and embarrassing 27 weeks pregnancy symptoms like peeing on every step of the way. Well, the good news is – this troublesome rollercoaster is about to end soon.

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, and, even though the process itself is kind of overwhelming, the result is most definitely worth all that hassle. The most down-to-Earth 26 weeks pregnancy tips recommend staying strong, laughing at your own clumsiness and hoping for the best. This is the best course of action.

At this point, the fetus in your belly is as big as a melon. As for the measurements, it’s about 14.5 inches long and weighs almost 2 pounds. Pretty impressive, right? Everything’s going according to the plan and you’re about to be six months pregnant. As the last week of the 2nd trimester is coming to an end, you’ve got only 3 months left!

27 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

If you were hoping that the damn side effects that you had to deal with in the past would magically go away, we’re sorry to say that it’s not going to happen. On the other hand, given the fact that most of them have been “hanging around” for quite some time, we bet you’ve found a way to handle them by now.

– Leg cramps. As far as the most common 27 weeks pregnancy symptoms go, this one’s on top of the list. The key is to stretch your legs and to put them up whenever you can. Try flexing them and drinking tons of water. These are the best remedies.

– Pain in the back. Mild stretching can be helpful in this case as well. A lot of women praise the so-called body pillow that allows you to relax. It takes some of the pressure away and you’ll be able to sleep in relative comfort at 27 weeks pregnant.

Tummy Problems And Trouble With The Digestive System

– Regular bathroom visits. “Regular” is actually not the best word to describe it. You’ll be peeing pretty much all-day-long, and sometimes your body will just go without asking you about it. So, a pantiliner might be in order if you want to live in peace and quiet while making it through the 3rd trimester.

– Constipation. Yes, it does sound pretty gross, but you’re the one who will have to deal with it at 27 weeks pregnant. Now, drinking water, stretching your legs, excluding spicy/greasy foods and including fiber-rich ones should do the trick for you. But if you’re still having troubles with it, consult with your doctor- he/she will have a “cure” for you.

– Hemorrhoids. Don’t be freaked out by this side effect. True, it’s nothing but embarrassing and confusing, but the storm shall pass. All that stress on your body is taking its toll, and even the aforementioned 27 weeks pregnancy tips might not be able to help.

Changes In The Skin And Hair

Believe it or not, sometimes the symptoms can bring you some good. For example, while the thickness of the skin won’t be much of a good change, faster-growing hair is, without a doubt, a welcome side effect. However, both your hair and nails will be more brittle, so, watch out for that.

As a general rule, expecting mothers of twins are a lot more vulnerable to preterm labor than the moms of single babies. With that said, if you have symptoms that might be a sign, including pain in the abdominal area, regular contractions, bleeding, and/or so-called “watery discharges”, get in contact with your doc immediately.

27 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

At 27 weeks pregnant, you should be 15-30 pounds heavier. In case you’ve gained more weight, your doctor will probably tell you to ease up on the food a bit. Yes, we know that your appetite is mighty right now, but the doc’s pointers will be quite helpful.

The weight gain recommendations aren’t just there to keep you in check. If you want to have a healthy baby and avoid preterm labor, you’ll have to be serious about this. Besides, you don’t want to become a member of the 3rd-trimester club with more additional weight than needed.

And, it’s going to be harder to keep up with your 27 weeks pregnant movement plan if you become fat (well, “fatter” than any other bumpy expecting mother, we mean). Moms-to-be of twins should gain as much as 30-45 pounds, even though there’s nothing different about their development as compared to single babies.

At 27 weeks pregnant, mommies usually start to feel those regular kicks in the uterus. Naturally, twins make twice as much noise. Feeling tiny twitches? That has to do with the baby’s hiccups! There’s nothing to worry about. Just make sure to get used to the “kicking patterns” and schedule your day accordingly.

Twenty-Seven Weeks Pregnant Movement

Nothing new in this department. If you’ve been keeping up with your weekly movement routine, then you already know that walking is the best exercise for 27 weeks pregnant women out there. True, yoga and various water exercises are also quite helpful, but you should have some expertise and/or a good trainer to guide you through it all.

The most important thing to remember is that you’re not allowed to put any pressure on your already-exhausted and struggling body. All you need to do is help it out a bit by walking around stretching your muscles and breathing the fresh air. And that’s it!

The 27 weeks pregnant movement plan should include daily walks around the parks and down the streets. For the beginners, 3 to 5 miles are more than enough. The “pro mommies” can go for 7-8 miles. And don’t forget about the Kegel exercises. They’re vital for keeping your abdominal muscles in shape.

27 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Right about now, the baby’s got a mean pair of lungs and is practicing breathing in and out. Furthermore, as mentioned in the beginning, brain activity is a thing now for the child in your belly. Yes, it’s getting smarter with each passing day!

Over the next three months, the fetus will turn into a conscious, self-aware, logical human being. You’ll be able to take a good look at that cute face on the 27 weeks pregnant ultrasound. However, if everything’s been going smoothly, there won’t be a point in taking tests and/or using the ultrasound machine.

Don’t worry, though, because starting next week, you’ll wish you never asked for more appointments. On average, you’ll have to visit the docs twice a month. At a certain point, all that waiting in, well, the waiting rooms will bore the living hell out of you.

So, start uploading interesting movies/documentaries/music/whatever on your phone/tablet at 27 weeks pregnant to beat the frustration. Ok, that’s it for today, dear ladies. Keep fighting that good fight and know that pretty soon you’ll be proud moms!

Pregnancy Checklist At Twenty-Seven Weeks Pregnant

It’s time to start talking to several pediatricians and pick one or two. The first year with the baby is very important and you’ll need competent people to guide you through it all.

Does your boyfriend/husband want to be with you in the delivery room? Most men prefer to wait outside, while others would love to support you in this stressful moment.

Think about your birth plan and discuss it with your doctor at 27 weeks pregnant.

Start practicing labor exercises. What, are they even a thing? Yes, they are, and you’ll thank us later when you give birth to your child.