25 Weeks Pregnant

Note: Kiwano melon, also known as the “horned melon”, is quite tasty and refreshing. Originally from the Sub-Saharan region, it’s now cultivated all-around-the world. It’s approximately 13.7 inches long and weighs more than 1.5 pounds.

Do you realize that pretty soon a baby will arrive and it will be your child? At 25 weeks pregnant, it’s time to start thinking and behaving yourself as a mom, because you’re about to become one. It’s usually a bit scary to realize that labor is in stores for you.

Don’t worry, though – the majority of ladies worry sick about this only to find out first-hand that it’s not nearly as bad as they say. True, every pregnancy is different, but, at the end of the day, you’ll come out of the room with a new family member.

When a woman is 25 weeks pregnant, she can (and probably should) pay an early visit to the hospital of her choosing and pre-register. That will allow her to skip all that frustrating paperwork later when it’s time to deliver the baby.

25 Weeks Pregnant – The Importance Of Pre-Registry

Believe us, you won’t appreciate filling out a ridiculous amount of papers while literally standing on the edge and feeling mind-blowing pain. So, here’s one of the best 25 weeks pregnancy tips for you: mark a day on your calendar and take care of the pre-registry routine. We can’t stress how important this really is.

Have you ever seen a kiwano melon with your own eyes? Well, the baby in your huge round belly is just as big now. It weighs 1.4/1.5 pounds and is as much as 13.5 inches long. Yes, it’s growing at a rapid rate, and pretty soon the fetus will turn into an infant.

You’ll get to see exactly how the baby looks at this point on the other side of that 25 weeks pregnant ultrasound. We’ll talk about all that in more details later, but for now it’s time to check out the “lovely” side effects that most women will have to live with.

25 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

The energy is still there – thank God – but at the same time, you’re starting to feel the extra pressure that the baby is putting on your body. As they say, you’ll experience a little bit of both worlds. So, get ready for the following 25 weeks pregnancy symptoms:

– Sleeping problems. Nobody really knows why you can’t get your dose of sleep. Maybe it’s the hormones playing tricks on you, or the thoughts about delivery. Or maybe that ridiculously huge belly can’t let you close your eyes. Thankfully, there are some remedies for this unfortunate circumstance.

The 25 weeks pregnancy tips recommend drinking as much water as possible – just keep a bottle next to you wherever you go. If you drink more in the first half of the day, that will also allow you to avoid going to the ladies room every half-an-hour or so at night when you’re 25 weeks pregnant.

– Bathroom visits. Still, no matter what you do, the fetus will keep pushing on every organ in your body, including the bladder. That will result in you going to the bathroom a lot. You’ll just have to suck it up and wait for this side effect to pass.

Contractions And Heartburn

– Braxton Hicks contractions. Sounds a bit scary, we know, but there’s nothing to be worried about. You can think of them as pre-labor contractions, a way for your body to get prepared for what’s coming. Usually, this doesn’t happen when you’re 25 weeks pregnant and kicks in +/- a month later, but every pregnancy is different.

Whenever you feel like your uterus is getting abnormally tight, that means it’s getting ready. Some women mistake it for the muscles, but it is, indeed, the “baby’s home” getting as hard as a rock. Well, it doesn’t happen every day – just every once in a while. All it takes to ease up the tension is change your position.

Obviously, if you feel like the contractions aren’t just a drill and the baby is about to arrive, get in contact with your doc. Preterm labor at 25 weeks pregnant is nothing to joke about, and some ladies are more at risk than others. Mothers of twins have to be even more careful. If you let the doctors know at an early stage, this can be avoided.

– Heartburn. Tummy problems are a classic side effect. The uterus is squeezing your guts, and they, in turn, push on your stomach, releasing acid into the gullet, which leads to quite a terrible symptom. Antacids are very helpful when you’re still 25 weeks pregnant, but you should always consult with the doc about them. And don’t eat anything spicy.

Trouble With The Digestive System

– Bloating. That overzealous hormone – HCG – is playing all kinds of trick on your body and causing most of the systems to work much worse than before. For example, it makes your digestive system “slow down”, which leads to a bloated belly.

– Constipation. There’s no sugar-coating this one: every single woman out there has to deal with this. We recommend including regular walks into your 25 weeks pregnant movement routine. And, introduce fiber-rich meals into your diet and drink tons of water.

– Hemorrhoids. Sounds awful, we know. The baby has been putting you through numerous tests ever since day one, but this is something else. It usually happens in the second half of the second trimester.

The bigger the fetus gets, the more pressure it puts on your internal organs, the digestive tract included. If you follow our guidelines – avoid greasy/spicy foods, stretch your legs every 2-3 hours, and drink water 24/7, you’ll hopefully be able to beat this nightmare.

Twenty-Five Weeks Pregnancy Tips

Now that you’re a proud 25 weeks pregnant woman, we bet you’re 15-18 pounds heavier. And if you’re an expecting mom of two, make that 25-42 pounds. Even if you’ve been staying true to the cause and gaining those extra kilos slowly, it’s not uncommon for your weight to go up and down without rhyme or reason.

Don’t be freaked out – it’s totally normal. Plus, it’s almost impossible to keep the weight gaining process nice and steady. Still, if you try to do everything that the doctors recommend, the baby will be happy and full of nutrients.

Don’t overeat, though, because, at 25 weeks pregnant, you’re running the risk of ruining the 3rd trimester with excessive calories. The goal is not to obsess over the food and eat healthy foods. The doctors claim that it’s not that important to keep up with the pounds.

Keeping Up With The Baby

Eating every 2-3 hours, walking every day and staying positive – that’s what you should be focused on. Keep in mind that from now on, the baby will start to kick in that uterus, and you’ll feel it. Thankfully, when the boy/girl goes to sleep, life will be peaceful and quiet.

Learn the kiddo’s patterns and don’t let the “mutiny” bring you down at 25 weeks pregnant. Constant kicks and movement are direct signs that the fetus is doing great. Feeling like he/she has been quiet for some time?

Drink a cold cool-aid, put your favorite music on and let your man massage your body – the “creature” in your belly will wake up then. As a general rule, you should try to worry as little as possible. We know you care about the child deeply, but still, do try.

25 Weeks Pregnant Movement

We pretty much covered this above. Regular walks and some simple exercises – that’s what you need at 25 weeks pregnant. It’s best not to do anything than to go all in and hurt yourself in the process. The body is still under a lot of pressure and doesn’t need your overzealous behavior to break it down.

Whenever you feel pain, discomfort, or out of breath, you should stop. Don’t lie on your back and go with something simple and straightforward. Yoga is a God-sent for some women. Others don’t really like it and prefer to do whatever their qualified trainers recommend.

25 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

You’re way past the middle of the road, and the baby is already aware of its surroundings. If you take a look at the 25 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you’ll see that it’s gotten fatter and has more hair (that equals more cuteness than ever before).

However, you probably won’t have an ultrasound at this stage, unless there’s something wrong with your pregnancy (we hope not). On the other hand, after you enter the 28th week, the number of visits will dramatically increase (up to two checkups a week).

As for the glucose test, it usually happens during the 24-28 weeks period, and that means if you haven’t been through it yet, make sure to do it in the upcoming weeks. The doctors will “command” to restrain yourself from eating for a couple of hours and then drink a sugar-water mixture.

Next, they’ll take a sample of your blood to check how your body deals with the excess of sugar. If this test reveals symptoms of diabetes, another test will be in order. Thankfully, it’s totally treatable these days.

Pregnancy Checklist At Twenty-Five Weeks Pregnant

Buy or rent stylish maternity clothes. They don’t have to be fancy, but nothing’s stopping you from rocking them like you were born to do that :).

It’s now or never if you want a romantic getaway with your husband. So, book a flight and enjoy your one-on-one.

Start thinking about the upcoming baby shower and let your friends worry about the planning.