24 Weeks Pregnant

Note: Platonia is an exotic food that grows in South America. It’s used for beverages and treating several skin conditions. It’s approximately 11.9 inches long and weighs 1.3/1.4 pounds.

One could presume that at 24 weeks pregnant, a woman is already totally in sync with her own body, the baby, and is in control. However, that couldn’t be further away from the truth. Yes, the situation is a lot better than during the middle of the 1st trimester.

At the same time, there are battles to be fought and obstacles to overcome on your road to labor. And while the fetus is steadily growing into a “full-scale” boy/girl, the expecting mother is trying to keep everything together and not go crazy now that she’s 24 weeks pregnant.

Without a doubt, you’ve got people helping you out through this process and the doctors are supporting you with recommendations and some pills. Plus, you’ve learned to live with the constant tiny and big troubles that pop up on every step of the way.

24 Weeks Pregnant – Entering The Sixth Month

That means you’re not freaked out 24/7 and are even taking care of some important stuff that doesn’t have to do with the baby. As for the 24 weeks pregnancy symptoms, they’re pretty much the same as last week and the week before.

Get ready to have the majority of your lower-body muscles to be swollen and/or hurt. The fetus in your belly is as big as a platonia. It weighs 1.2/1.3 pounds and is almost 12 inches long. The growth rate is truly impressive and will accelerate even more down the road.

Fun fact: you’re a little bit more than five weeks pregnant right now. Wait, you’ve been carrying for 24 weeks now, so, how’s that possible? It’s easy, actually: except for February, every single month of the year is longer than 28 days, and those extras add up!

Twenty Four Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Right, so, you’ve been around long enough to know that no side effect out there will be able to beat the frustrating morning sickness that lasts for the whole day. The feeling of wanting to throw up every single minute is no fun at all. Still, there are some 24 weeks pregnancy symptoms that you must be aware of and learn how to beat.

– Leg cramps. Believe it or not, this can be “cured” if you just start to drink more water than you usually do. Those hurting, super-tight legs will get back to normal once you keep your body properly hydrated and don’t sit in one place for more than 2-3 hours.

It’s simple: keep a bottle of water nearby, don’t forget to stretch your legs every now and then and include walking in your 24 weeks pregnant movement routine. It would be wise to consult with your doctor if you’re having troubles with your legs. In most cases, it’s totally normal; but sometimes, it can lead to all kinds of unwanted complications.

A Hurting Back And Swollen Feet/Ankles

– Backaches. No, your back didn’t get used to all that additional pressure and weight – it’s still struggling and hurting. As a matter of fact, the pain might get stronger. The uterus is growing bigger to accommodate the baby, squeezing your spine and putting pressure on it.

Besides, the abdominal muscles are working twice as hard to carry the heavy fetus. If you’re feeling severe pain and are concerned with your health at 24 weeks pregnant, it would be best to talk to your doctor and follow his/her instructions.

– Trouble with your feet and ankles. Every pregnant woman out there is familiar with this nasty side effect. Your legs feel like they’re made of stone and are puffy. Remember to put them high up while sitting to release some of that tension.

Regular short walks are also a great remedy. Swelling is a natural symptom. However, if it’s too much, happens on your face or only on one of your legs, that calls for a checkup. Ever heard about preeclampsia? We hope you’ll never have to deal with it at 24 weeks pregnant.

A Stretched Skin And A Black Line On Your Belly

– Scary stretch marks. Don’t be freaked out by this, because every single expecting mother goes through it. Some call them zebra stripes, and they’re a result of your stressed-out skin. In order to make room for the huge uterus, your skin stretches too much and tiny tears appear all over.

Moms-to-be of twins will have even more distinct marks on their bodies. One of the best 2 weeks pregnancy tips is to stop worrying about this and think about other stuff. These marks will disappear a couple of months after you deliver the baby.

– Linea nigra. Did you notice a mysterious dark line that appeared in the center of your belly out of thin air? It’s caused by the HCG and shouldn’t be a concern for you. Just as the stretch marks, it will go away sometime after labor.

24 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

The baby has been kicking and twisting for a while now, but at 24 weeks pregnant, the punches and the jabs are getting meaner. As a matter of fact, if you ask a person you know to put their palm on your belly, they might just feel the kiddo kicking.

This is one of those magical pregnancy moments that you simply have to share with your man. If you come with average BMI, the doctors will recommend gaining extra 14-17 pounds to make sure the baby is safe, sound, and is getting all the nutrients it will ever need.

One of the best 24 weeks pregnancy tips suggest not to go crazy over the calorie count and just roll with it, so to speak. Eat healthy food and stay hydrated – that’s pretty much it. Sudden gain is an alarming sign, though, and you’ll need to consult your OB.

As for the expecting mothers of twins, at 24 weeks pregnant, they are to gain as much as…24 pounds! Yes, those numbers match, and if you stick with this plan, everything will be alright both with you and the child.

24 Weeks Pregnant Movement

Nothing tricky or out of the order here: just don’t let your body go all rusty on you and life will be great (well, relatively). The idea is to stretch and move every day as opposed to sitting in one spot all day long without even standing up to get your food.

That said, regular walks with your significant other should become a part of your daily routine. Yoga exercises are also good, but you’ll have to consult with your doctor before doing anything that can potentially hurt you and/or the fetus.

It would be best to start working with a trainer who will be qualified in guiding a 24 weeks pregnant woman towards a healthy and beneficial workout routine. Other than that, you don’t need to do anything else. Some expecting mothers are in love with water gymnastics.

Others do all kinds of tightening exercises like Kegels (you can read all about it in our previous post). The 24 weeks pregnant movement plan shouldn’t ever be overwhelming or exhausting. Remember: you’re not training for the upcoming Olympics – all you need is a body fit enough to make it through the stress of being pregnant.

24 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

A month ago, the baby’s skin was see-through and you could practically see every single organ in there. But now, it’s turning into a human being’s skin and turning red/pink. The face starts to look like that of an infant, and there are all kinds of complex developments taking place while you sleep and/or take care of your daily duties.

The 24 weeks pregnant ultrasound will allow you to take a look at your child in more details than ever. And, the doctors will make you take a glucose test to check whether your body is vulnerable to diabetes or not. What you’ll have to do is drink an extremely sweet shake and wait for an hour to see how your body handles it at 24 weeks pregnant.

Going Through Numerous Tests

After the hour passes, the assistants will take a sample of your blood to see how your system handles the high amounts of sugar. If they find something they don’t like, you’ll have to go through another test dubbed “glucose tolerance”.

This time around, they’ll ask you to hang around at the building for 3 hours and only then go back into the office for a new measurement. Fact: even if they do find out that you have gestational diabetes at 24 weeks pregnant, that doesn’t mean you’re in trouble.

This is a treatable condition and the doc will tell you exactly what to do to keep everything under control and ensure your baby’s health. If that’s the case with you, a 24 weeks pregnant ultrasound will definitely be in stores for you.

Pregnancy Checklist At Twenty-Four Weeks Pregnant

It’s imperative to take the glucose test to see whether you’re diabetes-friendly or not. In any case, modern-day medicine will help you be in control of the situation.

The next big visit to the doctor’s office will happen once you enter the 28th week. Prepare yourself for the new tests.

– It’s time to think about the baby shower gifts and everything else concerning this party.

And last, but not least, ask your man to turn your house into a babyproof adobe.