23 Weeks Pregnant

Note: The sweet/sugar apple grows in the tropical regions of the American continent and West Indies. It tastes a bit like pineapple and a bit like custard. The sweet apple is approximately 11 inches long and weighs 1/1.1 pounds.

It depends on the actual baby, but usually, at 23 weeks pregnant, the child starts to listen to what’s going on around. So, watch what you’re saying and the people that you talk to because it all will have an impact on your future boy/girl.

At this point, you’re probably taking care of that cute stuff that includes perfecting the nursery, buying all kinds of adorable baby clothes, and everything else in between. True, that is super important and you should do it all with your mom/sister.

But, on the other hand, when you’re 23 weeks pregnant, you should also think about some not-so-fun things that need to be taken care of. Finances always come first and you must be prepared for the expenses that are about to hit the table.

The majority of women think that their men will be able to handle this, but the truth is – no fella out there knows how many diapers you’ll need or the cost of the nutrition. So, get your serious face on, and take care of this stuff – the sooner the better.

Make sure to get in contact with the insurance provider and check exactly what they’re covering. You might have to make some changes in order to benefit later. Of all the 23 weeks pregnancy tips, we believe this is the most important one right now: just call them and assess the situation, so to speak.

23 Weeks Pregnant – Start Counting Your Bucks

You’re young and full of life, but it might be the right time to write your will. Finally, think about the future child’s savings account. Are you not even familiar with the concept? Well, you better adjust to this new reality, dear ladies.

Now that you’re 23 weeks pregnant and still have a long road ahead of you, even the tiniest deposits will turn into a significant amount of money later. That means you’ll have to start saving this second. Don’t starve yourself or do anything crazy like that. Just be conscious about your budget.

A “fun” fact for all the expecting ladies in the house: the approximate cost of taking care of a boy/girl until he/she is 18 is +/- 225K! Ever seem a sweet apple? The fetus in your belly is just as big.

The 23 weeks pregnant ultrasound will confirm that it weighs 1.1/1.2 pounds and is 11.5 inches long. The baby is growing at an exponential rate and looks more and more like a real human being. And, you’re about to enter the 6th month of this turbulent journey.

23 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

True, the last thing any woman wants to talk about is the frustrating (and ridiculous) side effects, but we’ll still have to discuss them all. The good news is – sickness, nausea and complete lack of energy are gone. But, there are some 23 weeks pregnancy symptoms that are almost as bad.

– Swollen feet/ankles. Make sure to always keep your precious feet up, drink a lot of clean water and take regular walks whenever you can. We’ll talk about your workout routine a little bit later, but for now, just know that even 10-15 minutes will enough. If the pain is severe and sudden, consult with your doctor.

– A hurting back. The ever-growing uterus is pushing on your organs and muscles. Plus, it’s getting harder and harder to deal with the additional weight – hence the pain. If you’ve got two adorable babies in that belly, the discomfort will be stronger.

Problems With The Gums And Contractions

– Sensitive and/or bleeding gums. What, one of the 23 weeks pregnancy symptoms has to do with your mouth? Yes, that’s true. This is an outcome of the increased flow of blood and fluids in your body. We recommend putting your regular toothbrush aside and going with something softer.

And, don’t forget to visit your dentist every now and then (once in 6 months is good for starters). Better yet, schedule a couple of extra appointments if you really want to take care of your teeth/gums.

– Braxton Hicks contractions. Does your belly get super-duper tight sometimes? It’s your muscles squeezing themselves as hard as they can, getting prepped for labor. Don’t even worry about this if everything goes back to normal. Switch to a different position and drink to ease the pain.

23 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

Ok, let’s check out how our body is doing. When you’re 23 weeks pregnant, the distance between your pubic bone and the ridiculously big uterus will be somewhere in the 21-25 cm area. As for the additional weight, you’re probably 12/15 pounds heavier today.

Expecting mothers of twins will have even more extra pounds – up to 23. Keep in mind that gaining weight is of the utmost importance, especially if you’ve got two kids in your belly. Preterm labor is a dangerous thing, and the lack of nutrients might lead to it.

At 23 weeks pregnant, you’ll start feeling your baby’s kicks. They won’t cause you much discomfort, but you’ll know that everything ok with the little bugger. As a general rule, babies don’t make a sound and/or twist around when they’re asleep.

But when they wake up, your belly will turn into a boxing bag. Here goes one of the best 23 weeks pregnancy tips. Learn your child’s patterns and adjust your schedule so that the kicks never catch you in the middle of something. That way, you’ll always be in control of the situation (well, most of the time).

Twenty-Three Weeks Pregnant Movement

Do you sit around all day and do nothing, complaining about the symptoms and making your man take care of the chores? Well, if that’s the case with you, then we gotta break it to y’all – this kind of behavior will ruin everything.

First of all, you’ll drive your boyfriend crazy. Second, you need to move that big body of yours around to feel alive and to prevent all kinds of unwanted side effects. The 23 weeks pregnant movement routine should include – yep, you guessed it – moving.

It’s as simple as just putting your favorite clothes on and walking down the road. Nothing like stretching your legs and breathing the fresh air. Another tip coming your way: start doing Kegel exercises on a daily basis once you’re 23 weeks pregnant.

They will help you support the whole abdominal area of your body and keep all the nasty conditions away. It’s easy – just squeeze the muscles around your vjjs really tight and let go. Hold it tight for 8-10 seconds and release. Ten repeats will be enough in the beginning. Later, you’ll be able to do several sets a day.

23 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Are you curious to take a look at that cute tiny face? Of course, you are! All the facial features are in place and your fetus will look like an infant in no time. Fun fact: the baby’s nipples are coming out, and its mind is starting to function like a “radar” at 23 weeks pregnant.

It can tune into the mother’s voice and even her heartbeat. As for the surrounding sounds, everything loud will capture its attention, like a passing train or something like that. And what about the 23 weeks pregnant ultrasound? One thing is clear: from now on, you’ll have fewer appointments, which means little to no tests.

Yes, it might be exciting (and nerve-wracking) to have the doctors take your samples, but believe us – it’s no fun peeing in a cup every week. So, a checkup at six months pregnant might not even be in stores for you. Just follow your doctor’s orders and everything will be fine both with you and the baby.

Now, when the 3rd trimester kicks in, things will change and you’ll have to get back to the old routine of visiting your doc every week. Furthermore, the majority of expecting mothers lose a big chunk of their energy during the “final lap”. With that said, if you’ve got some important stuff to take care of, do it now!

Pregnancy Checklist At Twenty-Three Weeks Pregnant

With the baby coming up, you need to take a critical look at your insurance plan. Does it cover everything, or maybe some changes are in order? Think it all through with your significant other and leave no room for mistakes.

Or, better yet, leave that to the man of the house and switch your attention to the cute things, like putting your heart and soul into the baby’s room.

Finally, spend some time writing/editing your will. What? Isn’t it a bit too early to think about that? Well, it’s best to be ready!