22 Weeks Pregnant

Note: Patisson is known in America as pattypan squash and looks a bit like a UFO. It’s cultivated all over the world. Patisson is approximately 11 inches long and weighs more than 15 ounces.

The marathon is on! At 22 weeks pregnant, you’ll start to feel the pressure that the precious baby is putting on your entire body. It’s getting bigger and bigger and needs more “real estate” than ever. The uterus is expanding, and it’s squeezing your inner organs.

So, if you feel like it’s harder to breathe and/or if you’re having problems with your stomach/digestive system, blame it all on the fetus. Your back will start to hurt, and so will the muscles/ligaments, and everything else in between.

When you’re 22 weeks pregnant, the belly is huge, and it continues to grow, stretching your skin and causing stretch marks all over it. Yes, it’s kinda tough to be a pregnant lady, and, even though the horrors of the 1st trimester are in the past, there’s still a lot to handle.

Want some awesome 22 weeks pregnancy tips? Here goes: right now, you’re pretty vulnerable and have enough on your plate. So, let the man of the house take care of most of the chores. Yes, he is already providing for the family, but you’ll still need his hand in this.

22 Weeks Pregnant – Taking Pictures For The Future

Don’t forget to take pictures of your kid in the 22 weeks pregnant ultrasound. We bet you already started doing that and have at least a couple of cute photos on your phone. Think about a series of “maternity portraits” – you’ll love them after you deliver the child.

Some women wait for their belly to get really big, but one thing can lead to another and you’ll find yourself giving birth. So, it’s better to do this now, at 22 weeks pregnant. A cute fact: at this point, the boy/girl inside of you is as big as a ripe patisson.

It weighs 15/15.3 ounces and is almost 11 inches long. Please do keep in mind that there’s a long road ahead and you’ll need to be ready for it. At the same time, you’re already five months pregnant, and that’s a huge accomplishment. And now let’s check out the side effects that we’ll face.

22 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

As we just discussed, the baby is getting “hungrier” with each passing day and is not shy to push every single organ and bone in your exhausted body. And most of the 22 weeks pregnancy symptoms have to do with the pressure that it’s putting on the system.

– Stretch marks. Ever heard the expression – a tearing skin? Well, it’s not a figure of speech. The growing uterus makes your skin stretch to a certain extent when it literally tears. That’s how you get those marks all over.

Depending on your body, they may or may not go away completely. In any case, they’ll be almost undetectable once you deliver that troublesome kid. At 22 weeks pregnant, all you have to worry about is the baby’s health.

– Pain in your back. Aha, the uterus is pushing on all sides, and the increased amount of weights takes its toll on your fragile back. Most ladies swear by body pillows; others recommend using heating pads and massages.

Swelling, Discharge, And Libido

– Swollen limbs. This has to do with the dramatically increased amount of blood/fluids in your system. Sometimes, that leads to swelling. As far as the most common and harmless 22 weeks pregnancy symptoms go, this one’s right on the top.

Once you deliver the child, everything will go back to normal. If you’re feeling too much (and sudden) pain, consult with your doc. Abnormal swelling can lead to all kinds of unwanted conditions; so, make sure to talk to the doctor ASAP.

– Vaginal discharge. Again, the increased blood flow is responsible. Plus, your system uses this method to get rid of all the bacteria that might be “hanging out” in that area. While some ladies feel increased libido at 22 weeks pregnant, others don’t even want to think about sex when they get this kind of discharge. It all depends on your luck :).

– Lots of sexual energy. Yes, depends on your karma and all that stuff. You can’t control it: you’ll either feel it, or you won’t. The hormones start to act up, and it leads to all kinds of unusual desires. We bet your man won’t mind this new…obsession.

Trouble With Breathing And Increased Hair Growth

– Problems with taking a breath. The uterus grows upwards and puts pressure on your lungs. That is exactly why you can’t seem to be able to fill them with air. So, whenever you feel overwhelmed or out of breath, make sure to take a break. Keep this in mind when working on your 22 weeks pregnant movement routine.

– A hairy kingdom. For some reason, those hormones force your body to produce more hair than ever before. And while that’s welcome when it comes to your head, it’s not that fun when you have hair growing elsewhere.

– A funny belly button. Do you feel like your belly has turned around and is now upside down? That’s a common side effect, don’t worry about it. You’ll get your regular belly button back after the delivery – we promise you that.

Twenty-Two Weeks Pregnancy Tips

Do you know that the uterus right now is 22-24 cm long? This is the fundal height and the docs will check to see if it’s right on track. Expecting moms of twins can forget about this measurement because when there are two kids in there, everything changes.

When you’re 22 weeks pregnant, weight gain is an important part of your day. The doctors will recommend gaining slow-yet-steady. A pound a week is the golden middle – you can’t go wrong with it. What does that mean in the real world? That equals to +/- 300 additional calories a day.

The best 22 weeks pregnancy tips will tell you to forget about that number and do whatever you please. Yes, you can (and probably should) go around those 300 calories. Just don’t do anything extreme and try to eat healthy food.

Dividing your calorie intake into 5-6 tiny meals will be the best course of action. That will help you stick with the plan and don’t eat snacks with lots of sugar and fat at 22 weeks pregnant. Furthermore, it will improve your metabolism and keep you happy throughout the day (hopefully).

22 Weeks Pregnant Movement

If you’ve been keeping up with our recommendations, then you’re probably walking at least 6-7 miles a day without even breaking a sweat. If not, then it’s definitely time to start. Some women like to go “berserk” and do all kinds of ridiculous exercises just to look skinny.

That’s not normal at 22 weeks pregnant, and you should be concerned with your child’s health, not the way you look. What about yoga? At this point, it’s quite ok to get into it. Obviously, you’ll need your doctor’s “blessing” and a good trainer.

Water exercises are also welcome. The key is to keep your routine simple and stick to what makes you feel good. Your 22 weeks pregnant movement plan should include walking – that’s not even a discussion.

The rest is up to you. Most women do perfectly fine while sitting on their couches all day. Others spend hours in the gym. You should find the golden middle and stick with it.

22 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

When you take a peek into that screen, the baby will look a lot like an infant. Most of its facial features are fully developed, and so are all the major organs and systems. According to the docs, the fetus sleeps for 12/14 hours a day.

If you never had a chance to be properly checked at the mid-pregnancy visit, you’ll definitely go through a 22 weeks pregnant ultrasound. As we just said, you’ll get to see a lot more than before. Good news: you probably won’t have any genetic tests after this week, which means life will slowly get back to normal.

Pregnancy Checklist At Twenty-Two Weeks Pregnant

It’s time to take those beautiful baby-belly pictures. Find a solid photographer and get right to it. Even if you’re not “feeling” this right now, you’ll thank yourself later for doing it.

Get together with your husband and consider both options – nanny and daycare. Write down all the pros, the cons, and only then make a decision.
And finally, if you’ve got any questions left, ask away before the 2nd trimester ends.