21 Weeks Pregnant

Note: Carrots are known internationally as a great addition to any salad. They originated in Persia. A single carrot is approximately 10.5 inches long and weighs 12.5 ounces.

Usually, when it comes to picking a name for the baby, you either find just the perfect one in a matter of days or obsess over it for months. At 21 weeks pregnant, you should already have at least a couple of options on the table.

Make sure your husband comes up with awesome names and always make the decision together. The name must sound great and go well with the second name. At the same time, please restrain yourself from going with something crazy like “Egypt”, because the baby might just be angry at your forever.

If you’re having problems with finding just the right “title” for your future boy/girl at 21 weeks pregnant, let the Internet help you. Thankfully, it’s full of amazing websites that will lend you that much-needed helping hand.

The name gotta stick, and, even though there’s no telling what your child will look like once it grows up, women actually feel whether a given name is right or not. So, trust your instincts and don’t rush it: you’re still only halfway through, and there’s enough time to solve this riddle.

21 Weeks Pregnant – Getting Ready For Some Action

The nursery should also be on your mind, but don’t try to make it look and feel perfect. Here goes one of the best 21 weeks pregnancy tips you’ll ever hear. The kiddos don’t care about the fact that the wallpaper doesn’t “get along” with the rug or that the curtains are bigger than the windows. They’re generally busy taking care of their own stuff!

Can you guess how big your pride and joy is right now? Well, it’s pretty impressive and is approximately ten-and-a-half inches long. As for its weight, 12.5-13 ounces is what you’re looking at. A big carrot is what you should keep in your head as a close reference.

At this point, the twisting and kicking will become more and more confident and you’ll have to get ready to “fight nights”. Pretty soon you’ll be five months pregnant, and that calls for a celebration. But before we do that, let’s take a look at the side effects we’ll have to deal with.

21 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Women with experience say that the symptoms during this week feel a lot like a preview of what you can expect in the 3rd trimester. Don’t worry – it’s nothing you can’t handle. Still, there are some pretty annoying 21 weeks pregnancy symptoms waiting for you, and we’ll take a look at them all right now.

– Problems with the stomach. Troubles with digestion and/or heartburn are one of the most common side effects of the 2nd trimester. As a general rule, spicy and greasy is a no-no for you at this point. Keep track of what you eat and stick to a diet that doesn’t mess up your tummy.

– Mighty breasts. Don’t be freaked out when your boobs start to “leak”. Pretty soon they’ll be 100% ready to feed your child. Who knows, maybe this will be an early pregnancy? Your body will be ready in any case!

Spasms, Contractions, And An Itchy Skin

– The Braxton Hicks contractions. Ever heard about these? It’s the uterus acting up. The doctors claim it’s practicing for the upcoming labor. If the pain goes away after you turn to the other side at 21 weeks pregnant, then everything’s fine. If not, you should talk to your doctor about it.

– A dry and sensitive skin. As we said in the previous posts, the baby forces the uterus to get bigger, which, in turn, makes the skin stretch. The fetus needs room to grow and that takes a toll on the skin. A simple body oil will be of great help.

Consult with your OB first, though. The key is to keep it moisturized. If you – God forbid – develop a rash, you’d be wise to do exactly what your doctor orders. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with some terrible consequences. As far as the worst 21 weeks pregnancy symptoms go, this one’s on top of the list.

Handling The Pressure On Your Skin

– Tiny stretch marks. As the skin stretches to accommodate the impudent boy/girl in your belly, it gets thinner. That leads to occasional tears all over. In some cases, the marks are more vivid; other times, they’re barely visible. Weight gain/loss can cause this.

If you’re a proud mother of twins, the stretch marks at 21 weeks pregnant will be even more in-your-face. Right now, you can’t really do anything to get rid of them. And you shouldn’t: they are totally harmless and your skin will get back to how it used to be once the baby is out.

21 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? You look nothing like that skinny beauty before the pregnancy, right? Well, no worries – it’s all totally normal. If you’re carrying a single baby in that belly, then you’ve probably gained as much as 12-14 pounds.

Expecting mothers of twins will have even more additional weight at this stage – up to 20-21 pounds. On one hand, these new seductive curves might get you into a naughty mood. On the other one, all that extra weight will, without a doubt, make you feel fat. Well, that’s totally normal at 21 weeks pregnant.

Besides, that weight is crucial for your baby’s well-being, so, don’t you dare to put yourself through any kinds of ridiculous diets! Now, if you want a more, say, scientific explanation of all those pounds, we’re happy to give it to you. Here are some 21 weeks pregnancy tips as to where all that weight comes from.

A Breakdown Of The Extra Weight

– A healthy full-term fetus weighs 7.5/7.7 pounds

– The uterus – two pounds

– The fluid in the uterus – another two pounds

– The placenta – approximately 1.5

– Breast tissue – two pounds

– Stocks of vital nutrients that you give to the baby during breastfeeding – additional 7 pounds

– And finally, the dramatically increased blood and fluid volumes will give you 8 extra pounds.

So, it should be clear to you now that when you’re 21 weeks pregnant, all that additional weight is not just fat and carbs. These changes in your body are necessary to take care of the fetus during and after the pregnancy.

With that said, if you’re still a bit disappointed by how you look, keep in mind that everything will get back to normal in six months. The child in there is already making some moves, and if you put your palm (or the palm of a person you trust) on the belly, the boy/girl might just kick back!

Twenty One Weeks Pregnant Movement

Now that we figured out it’s not all fat on the pregnant body, it’s time to talk about your 21 weeks pregnant movement routine. You’re halfway through, and regular walks around the park will be more than enough to keep yourself energized.

A little goes a long way, and 5-6 (or 7-8, depending on your stamina) miles will be efficient at this point. Yoga classes are life-saviors for some ladies, but, unless you feel the urge, there’s no point taking them. Do you still want to try? Then consult with your doc first. And that’s pretty much it for your 21 weeks movement.

It’s all about listening to your body and following its wishes. That means if you feel you’re sitting on your couch all-day-long without doing anything, then it’s time to move those legs. Running/jogging is not recommended; don’t start any marathons you can’t finish.

21 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Ok, let’s see what your baby is up to at 21 weeks pregnant. We already know that all the major organs and systems are in place. For example, the sophisticated digestive system is ready-steady and will take care of the food you send its way once the baby arrives.

Even though the fetus is not even fully developed yet, its own reproductive system is already shaping up. If there’s a man in your belly, his testes will “come out of hiding” soon. If it’s a woman, her body is filled with more eggs than she’ll ever need (approximately 6 million).

The 21 weeks pregnant ultrasound will allow you to check out that cute face on the screen. Furthermore, the machines will give you a chance to see through the skin and look at the brain and all the other organs.

Learning The Gender And Collecting Printouts

Decide whether you want to know the gender in advance or not and inform the assistant about it. At 21 weeks pregnant, the estimation will be 100% correct. Some women like to know as soon as possible, while others prefer to wait.

There’s another approach: ask the technician to send you a letter and only open it whenever you’re ready. That way, you can get your family together and reveal the sex at a party! The 21 weeks pregnant ultrasound will provide you with precious printouts – keep them somewhere safe.

Pregnancy Checklist At Twenty One Weeks Pregnant

Get ready for your 1st glucose challenge test. It would be best to read about it before you actually proceed. The test will measure the level of sugar in your body.
The baby shower is just around the corner. Get your lady friends to join you in planning it.

And, never stop thinking about the future boy/girl’s name.