20 Weeks Pregnant

Note: Also known as pitaya/pitahaya, the dragon fruit is often used to flavor/color drinks and juices. Originally, it comes from Mexico. The fruit is approximately 6.4 inches long and weighs 10 ounces.

Yes, that’s right – we’ve made it to the halfway point. How does it feel to be 20 weeks pregnant? Good, we hope? You probably already know who’s kicking and twisting in that big belly of yours and are trying to come up with names.

If it’s a boy, you should already start picking just the right soldiers, robots and cars as his toys. If it’s a girl, then dolls are in order. It’s safe to say that after a woman learns the sex of her future child, everything changes and she falls in love with the idea of bringing a boy/girl into this world.

At 20 weeks pregnant, every decision you make counts, and one of those ridiculous and fun names you’re picking with your husband and friends will eventually stick. So, be careful and don’t go with a name that will ruin your child’s life 🙂

Besides, now that you’re walking around in those baby stores, make sure to pick at least a couple of adorable clothes. That’s because chances are, you won’t find them later when the kiddo arrives. This is one of those down-to-earth 20 weeks pregnancy tips: if you see something baby-related you like, grab it!

20 Weeks Pregnant – Growing Bigger Than Ever

One of the things that you’ll need to take care of in the nearest future is, of course, baby registry. Believe us, the second half of your pregnancy will come to an end just as quickly as the first one. So, happy shopping, and don’t waste your entire budget on adorable things.

When you’re 20 weeks pregnant, the fetus is as big as the exotic dragon fruit. The boy/girl weighs approximately 10/10.2 ounces and is six-and-a-half inches long. Keep in mind that the docs measure crown-to-rump.

But, starting next week this will change and your child will be treated like a human being and measured accordingly – head-to-toe.Right now, you’re more than 4 months pregnant. There are a lot of challenges down the road, but there’s no stopping us now that we’ve made it this far.

20 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Feels good to know that most of the ridiculous side effects are in the past now! You’ve got your energy back, don’t really need folks to do every little thing for you and are feeling frisky and naughty. So, there’s a lot of action going on.

At the same time, there are still some 20 weeks pregnancy symptoms that you’ll need to be aware of. After all, you are a pregnant woman and a complete lack of them would probably mean there’s something wrong with you (or that you’re an alien).

– Tons of discharge. What’s the point of this, anyway? What is your body trying to do with the increased “activity” in your vagina? Well, this is the best way to keep the nasty bacteria away and make sure your system is clean. It comes without a smell or color. But if it’s greenish or yellowing (or smells awful), tell your doc about it.

Spasms, Swelling, And Cramps

– Pain in the legs. The best remedy for this is stretching. Don’t go for something complicated or for exercises that can potentially hurt you. If used properly, this will make you feel better in no time. Include stretching in your 20 weeks pregnant movement routine. And, drink as much water as you can.

– Swelling. Another unwanted side effect. If the pain comes and goes suddenly and/or if it’s unbearable, consult your doctor. It is ok and will pass after you deliver your pride and joy. Putting up your feet is the best cure for now.

– Lots of energy. This won’t last forever, so, make the most of this boost of energy and sex drive. The ladies claim that the effects will fade once you enter the 3rd trimester. But while it lasts, this is one of the best 20 weeks pregnancy symptoms.

Problems With The Tummy And Heavy Lungs

– Heartburn and trouble with digestion. The fetus that used to be a tiny thing is growing into a mighty baby and is squeezing pretty much every vital organ in your body, the digestive system included. So, don’t be surprised by its sudden “breakdowns”. Eat healthy, fiber-rich foods and stay away from spicy meals.

– Shortness of breath. The ever-expanding uterus doesn’t care what it’s pushing against and goes all the way up to your lungs. That is why you’ll feel out of breath even while sitting on your couch at 20 weeks pregnant.

If you’ve got twins in that big belly of yours, this side effect will be even stronger. The best course of action would be to take it easy and have regular rests. Don’t push your body – it’s already under a lot of stress.

20 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

Do you know what “fundal height” means? It’s the distance from a woman’s uterus (the top of it) all the way up to the pubic bone. Fun fact: this should go hand in hand with the pregnancy weeks. That means if you’re a 20 weeks pregnant lady, the mighty belly should be 18-22 cm long. Obviously, this isn’t an exact science, but the numbers usually match.

Now, if your fundal height is significantly higher/lower, this could be an obvious sign that there’s something wrong. Diabetes, troubles with the fetus’s growth or – God forbid – a breech baby – are the most common conditions. Don’t worry, the docs will help you.

At this point, you won’t gain as much weight as in the 1st trimester. By now, the average additional weight hangs around the ten-pound mark. The goal is to gain one/two pound a week on average. Waiting for some 20 weeks pregnancy tips?

Here goes: if you come with an average BMI, then you should gain 24-36 pounds during the whole process. Women with a high BMI will have to eat less and add up to 25-26 pounds (or as little as 15). And finally, if you come with a low BMI, then you’ll have to eat up (30-40 pounds is what you’re looking at).

Twins Are Treated A Bit Differently

If you’re 20 weeks pregnant with twins, the docs won’t measure your belly. That has to do with the fact that it’s almost impossible to get a right “reading” on your double dose of joy. What they will, most certainly, do is ask you to put as many additional pounds on as possible.

In the 1st half of the process, one pound per week is golden. But once you enter the 2nd half, you should go for 2 pounds (or, at least, 1, 5). If you’re average BMI and have twins in your belly, gain 33-47 pounds.

Twenty Weeks Pregnant Movement

As mentioned above, you have enough energy right now to go head-to-head with the biggest challenges in your daily routine (like doing the dishes, cleaning the dust and watching the best TV shows). And now it’s time to think about helping your body feel even more energized and ready for action.

At 20 weeks pregnant, you should go really slow and focus on your inner voice, so to speak. If you followed our recommendations in the previous posts, then you are walking 5 to 6 miles a day now and feel totally fine.

So, is it time for some yoga classes? Yes and no. It all depends on what you want and what’s going on with your body. If nothing’s bothering you and everything’s relatively great, then there’s no point in it. The 3rd trimester might be a better time for this.

The 20 weeks pregnant movement routine should start from the basics and aim at giving your body additional strength, not taking it all away. With that said, nothing’s stopping you from doing basic yoga exercises – just consult with your OB first.

20 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Your baby is working on all of its senses, the majority of the vital organs are in place, and it’s starting to twist and scream. You’ll get to see all of it in the 20 weeks pregnant ultrasound. This is actually the best time for it, as the doctors usually schedule this test during the 18-22 weeks period.

As we just said, this time around, you’ll see the baby in all of its glory – both on the outside and on the inside. The assistants will carefully examine everything and make sure that the process is going according to the plan.

If you’re an expecting mother of twins, the 20 weeks pregnant ultrasound will be used to check whether the heads of the kiddos are matching when it comes to size. If not, they’ll run a couple of tests to see whether there’s something wrong or not.

Is it a boy or a girl? The docs will tell you that for sure. And don’t forget to ask for the printouts. You might not think that now, but later, they will be a great “memory chamber” for you. Just look at that adorable face!

Pregnancy Checklist At Twenty Weeks Pregnant

Your next visit to the doctor will be around the 24th week. Get yourself ready for it and write down any questions you have.

Decide whether you want to know the child’s sex or not.

It’s time to take care of your baby’s registry. We know that it can be totally overwhelming, so, ask your husband or, better yet, his or your mom to join you in this shopping spree.