2 Weeks Pregnant

So, you’re 2 weeks pregnant. What does that mean for your body and your overall behavior? What changes? You’ll learn about all that in this article. The most important thing to know is even when you think you’ve been “knocked up” two weeks ago, that might not be entirely true. How come?

Well, believe it or not, most docs will call you pregnant since the 1st day of your last MP (menstrual period, that is). And that’s actually 7-14 days before your future child is conceived. Do you think this kind of evaluation is a bit crazy?

2 Weeks Pregnant – What You Need To Know

Yes, that is pretty awkward, but at least now you know. For the OBs, this approach makes it a lot easier to chronicle the process and help you with whatever you might need. So, in doc peak, when you’re 2 weeks pregnant, get used to the idea that it’s actually been 4-5 weeks already.

Now, when a woman is in her 2nd week of the cycle and wants to make a baby happen, it might be a bit tricky. Don’t worry, though: there aren’t a lot of huge obstacles on the way of a 2 weeks pregnant woman. The real fun will start later :).

Make sure to always be in a good mood and have positive thoughts. That will have a huge influence on your future offspring and will make sure the pregnancy runs smooth. There will be some mood swings along the way, though, and we’ll talk about that next.

Two Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Ok, let’s have a look at the symptoms that you’ll need to deal with on this stage. If you want to get pregnant, you’ll have to be conscious about the importance of timing sex with your body’s peak fertility. Two days before and during your ovulation would be great.

If you, by chance, have a full-length (meaning 4-weeks-straight) cycle, it might just happen on the 15th day. But hey – none of us has a huge cycle like that every single month, right?

Get this: at 2 weeks pregnant, your system will give you hints as to when the best time for some sweet lovemaking is in order to put a baby in your belly. As far as the pregnancy signs week 2 go, the following symptoms will tell you that your body is going through ovulation.

Learning To Understand And Trust Your Body

– Mucus in your cervix. Does that sound awful to you? Well, it shouldn’t, because it happens in your body! At 2 weeks pregnant, the mucus will become viscous and clean. That allows the male sperm to make its way to your egg a lot easier.

– Enhanced sense of smell. Yes, this is actually a positive side-effect for a 2 weeks pregnant woman. The fluctuations in the hormone levels allow you to “catch” different smells and scents a lot faster and more accurately. Who knows, maybe that’s Mother Mature helping you find (or, rather, sniff out) a worthy male partner to have sex with?

– Increased sensibility of your breasts. Don’t be afraid of a sore feeling in that area. Of all the two weeks pregnancy symptoms, this is probably the most harmless one.

The Pros And Cons Of The Early Stages Of Pregnancy

– Occasional pain in your pelvis area. Due to the fact that your system (your ovary) is releasing an egg, your lower body might experience a little bit of pain from time to time. Don’t worry – that’s only temporal and doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you.

– Occasional spots on your underwear. This is another one of those scary 2 weeks pregnancy symptoms that make some ladies go crazy. The truth is – those tiny red/brown spots are natural and appear when the follicle is damaged/torn. However, if it is blood, then you should consult with your doctor.

– Hunger For Sex. At 2 weeks pregnant, you’ll start to experience this unusual craving. And in case you haven’t figured it out yet, just know that it’s your sex drive telling you to do it more often. Hey, if that’s what your body wants from you, then you should probably follow its orders, right?

– A different cervix. If you know how your cervix feels during the regular days, you might find that it’s softer, more relaxed and located a bit higher than usual.

Some ladies like to go through ovulation tests to understand the best time to have sex for conceiving. There’s an old-school trick, though: just have sex every day or so during the 12-16 days period. You’ll definitely get knocked up if you follow that rule!

2 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

Now, if you do manage to “get bumpy” at 2 weeks pregnant, keep in mind that the symptoms won’t follow immediately. And a home test won’t help you either if the corresponding hormones level is not high enough.

So, how long should you wait for? As a general rule, the fourth week is the right pick; that’s actually when you will miss a period if you’re lucky. Only then will you start to experience some real changes. At the same time, some ladies have pregnancy signs week 2 in.

Tips For Surviving The 2nd Week

– Spotting. Nothing wrong about it: 5-10 days after you conceive a kiddo, there may be a little spotting all over the place. One of the best 2 weeks pregnancy tips: don’t pay any attention to this and keep living your life.

– The bathroom will become your new bedroom. Well, not quite, but get ready for frequent visits to the ladies room. At first, it will be super frustrating. But you’ll get used to it in no time.

– Pain in your chest (breasts) and saturated areolas. That’s actually logical: as soon as you conceive, your entire system makes itself ready for breastfeeding – hence the pain and the strange feeling.

– You’ll feel tired 24/7. Of all the 2 weeks pregnancy tips, this is the most important one: don’t play a guessing game with yourself and wait for the first signs of early fatigue. If you feel exhausted all the time, then you’re probably with child.

– Nausea early in the morning. Yes, all girls know that sickness in the morning is one of the biggest turn-offs when you’re 2 weeks pregnant.

– Bloating. Probably the nastiest symptom of them all. At 2 weeks pregnant, your body will slow down the metabolism so that the new human in your belly gets as much “food” as possible. It does look pretty gross, that’s right, but come on – women are ready to sacrifice everything, including their good looks for the little ones!

2 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

There’s no use in having an ultrasound this early in the process. Besides, it’s pretty hard to see what happens in your body at the exact time of ovulation. Here’s now this usually works: the egg gets released (tinier than, say, salt grains) and fertilized within a day or so.

If you made love 5-6 days ago, the remaining sperm might just “attack” the egg and get you pregnant. If not, then a sex marathon is a must. That’s all there is to know about the 2 weeks pregnant ultrasound.

This procedure is very important at later stages. But when you’ve just conceived your boy/girl, it’s a bit too early for estimations. Still, if you feel like something’s wrong, you should definitely drop everything and rush to your doc.

Pregnancy Checklist At 2 Weeks Pregnant

Alright, let’s see what steps you should take at this stage. An ovulation test is a pretty good idea. It will give you some pointers and guidelines for conception. It works both ways, actually: if you don’t want to get pregnant, then keep yourself from going to bed with your boyfriend during ovulation. Look for its signs (we talked about them earlier) and stay vigilant.

If you still want that baby to happen, make love every single day as your fertile period approaches. Oh, and don’t forget about the prenatal vitamin we talked about in the previous post. Ok, that’s about it.

As you can see, it’s not that easy to get pregnant when you’re morally and physically ready. A lot of girls get knocked up at a very young age when they don’t really want it. On the other hand, many women who dream of having a baby fail constantly.

The trick is to study your body and learn to recognize its signs. That’s the language that it speaks to you in. Keep eating healthy, don’t do anything rash and you’ll be alright. At 2 weeks pregnant, you’re still in control of everything and there’s more than enough time to get pregnant – keep trying and you’ll be successful!