19 Weeks Pregnant

Note: Guavas are tropical fruits with a distinctive taste. They grow in the majority of tropical/subtropical regions. They are approximately 6 inches long and weigh 8.3 ounces.

With the so-called “mid-pregnancy” visit to the doctor being right around the corner, you’re probably freaking out a bit. Now that you’re 19 months pregnant, it’s finally time to discover your future kid’s gender: will it be a boy or a girl?

Some women get excited about this, while others prefer to stay in the dark for as long as possible. It all depends on your personal preferences, dear ladies. At the same time, it’s safe to say that this is a very important step in the process and you should treat it respectively.

The 19 weeks pregnant ultrasound will be able to show you not only the baby’s sex but a lot of other interesting things. For the first time ever, you’ll get to see the fetus in all of its glory. Believe us – that will impress you more than anything you’ve been through.

19 Weeks Pregnant – Almost Halfway Through

At this point, the kiddo in your belly is as big as the exotic dragon fruit. Ever had a bite? It’s delicious! As for the baby, it weighs approximately 8.4/8.5 ounces; and, it is 6 inches sharp long. That’s pretty awesome, right? The growth rate is quite impressive!

When you’re 19 months pregnant, everything starts to finally make sense and you get in just the right mood. Make sure to visit the doctors with your man right beside you. Even if he’s not a big fan of holding hands and looking at that cute baby on the big screen, you’ll feel safe knowing that he’s there next to you.

Remember that you’re already more than four months pregnant, and next week, you’ll be almost halfway through. Yes, it’s hard to believe this right now, but you’ve been with a child for about 120/130 days. Keep up the good work and you’ll be able to hold the baby in your hands in no time!

19 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

We’ve got some good news for you, fellow expecting mothers: today, you can forget about the nasty side effects that used to haunt you in the past. It’s time to move on from nausea, sickness, trouble with sleeping, and “lady problems”.

It’s not that the 19 weeks pregnancy symptoms are enjoyable or anything like that, but the truth, as always, lies in comparison. Ok, let’s check out some of the most common and unpleasant side effects that we’ll encounter this week.

– Pain in the abdominal area. As far as the most common symptoms go, round ligament pain is right there in top-3. That’s what causes you to feel like your belly is acting up. But in reality, your muscles and ligaments are busy stretching to make room for the big baby.

If the pain at 19 weeks pregnant is unusually strong, talk to your doctor about it. On the other hand, if it’s not bothering you that much, just keep on putting a smile on your face and know that you’ll get better soon.


– Dizziness. Feeling like you’re going to fall down in the middle of your room? That’s called fainting, and it’s totally normal if you’re an expecting mom. The boy/girl keeps pushing the uterus, which, in turn, puts pressure on your organs and veins (the blood vessels).

This is one of the most common 19 weeks pregnancy symptoms – nothing to worry about. By the way, your lungs also feel the pressure and you’ll find yourself out of breath more than once. So, what can you do?

Make sure to drink as much clean water as possible and have healthy snacks every two to three hours. Now, if you’re fainting one too many times and it starts to concern you, the doc will tell you exactly what to do to get better. He/she will test the body for anemia.

Constant Cramps And Pain

– Leg cramps. Yes, 19 weeks pregnant women have to deal with this a lot. Stretching is probably the greatest remedy for this. What you should do is extend your leg as much as possible and carefully flex your toes (and ankle) until they touch your knees.

If your man knows how to massage the calves and/or some yoga moves, you should definitely include it in your 19 weeks pregnant movement routine. If not, well, you can also ask your doc for some advice or learn to massage your own legs – it’s not that hard.

– Aching hips. As a general rule, this will bother you late at night when you’re trying to get some much-deserved sleep. If you sleep on the side instead of the back and put a cushy pillow between the knees, that might do the trick for you.

Don’t really like those huge body pillows? Well, it’s not the time to feel fancy and stylish. Grab one of those and feel the blessing of being able to sleep at 19 weeks pregnant. Everything else shouldn’t matter to you.

19 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

Alright, now that we’ve got the side effects out of the picture, let’s see what we can do to make our lives more enjoyable. At this moment, we bet you’re already feeling how the baby is kicking and twisting in that big belly of yours.

For some ladies, the “chaos” starts earlier, while others have to wait for a little bit longer for the boys/girls to start making themselves known. It’s possible that right now it feels more like your muscles are stretching than actual kicks.

One of the best 19 weeks pregnancy tips would be to listen closely to your belly and get your family members and friends to enjoy this special moment with you. Nothing like feeling your future child wreaking havoc inside. This is quite a special thing – make sure not to miss out on it.

Taking Care Of Your Weight

Now that you’re 19 weeks pregnant, you’ve probably gained a lot of additional weight. The average amount would be in the 8/14 pounds range. Double that if you’ve got two kiddos in your belly (20-30 pounds).

And if you’re out of this range – meaning you put on less or more pounds – only the doc will be able to tell you whether it’s a problem or not. Usually, our bodies can adapt, and that’s the beauty of it. All the 19 weeks pregnancy tips suggest adjusting to your system and having regular visits to your OB.

Watch out for rapid gain, though. This could be a symptom of preeclampsia. It’s quite a nasty thing and needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. At the same time, if you’re lacking those much-needed pounds, your fetus won’t get enough nutrients, which is a very bad thing.

19 Weeks Pregnant Movement

Alright, now let’s see how we can help our bodies cope with the stress and make ourselves feel better. If you’re thinking about doing some heavy workout, you should reconsider. The last thing your body needs right now is some additional strain.

As we usually like to say, a little bit of walking can go a long way. Start with just 1-2 miles – not more. Later, when you get used to it, you can switch to 3-4 miles. Yoga is a great remedy for all that pain, but you’ll need to consult your doctor at 19 weeks pregnant.

Water exercises, jogging, and stretching are also quite beneficial, but, again, every case is different and your doc is the only one who is capable of giving you the right advice.

That’s actually about it. Do this for a couple of weeks and watch your own body’s reaction. If you like the changes, then it’s time to move on to something more fundamental. Make sure to check out our other posts to see what’s in store for you!

19 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Oki-Doki, it’s time for some fun, dear women. Right now, your boy/girl is busy creating some kind of protection around itself. It’s colored white and doesn’t look very attractive – some of it will come out when you give birth.

You won’t see this in the 19 weeks pregnant ultrasound, but the kiddo is already developing its 5 senses. That’s right – all the necessary nerve cells are getting in place, ready for action. When you do visit the doc, he/she will scan your fetus’s entire body.

The tests they run will concern the heart, the spine, and all the major organs that are vital for proper development. It will be pretty exciting to see everything on that screen. Obviously, you’d like to know whether you’re carrying a boy or a girl, and the assistants will be able to tell you right away at 19 weeks pregnant.

Most ladies really like to take printed “pictures” from the ultrasound and brag to their friends about the baby’s health. Now, a pediatrician should already be on your mind at this point. If you’ve got some friends who know a good professional, it would be best to get in contact with someone they recommend.

Keep in mind that you will meet this person a lot during the child’s 1st year, and that is why you should be extra careful when picking a man/woman who will guide you through the initial steps towards being a great mom.

Pregnancy Checklist At Nineteen Weeks Pregnant

As we just mentioned, start a “pediatrician audition” and interview as many professionals as you can before choosing one. We can’t stress enough how important this really is.

Have you ever heard about cord blood banking? Basically, it’s when you ask the docs to keep the umbilical cord in case you need its life-saving cells later.

Look for a solid CPR class for the babies and work on your technique. It might seem way too early for you at 19 weeks pregnant, but it’s actually not. Take your man/husband with you so that he can be there for the kid whenever you’re not around.