18 Weeks Pregnant

Note: AKA cherimoya, this is quite a delicious fruit that grows in Southern America. It’s approximately 5.5 inches long and weighs 6.5 ounces.

When you’re 18 weeks pregnant, it’s time for some changes. First of all, forget about sleeping on your back – try to take naps while on your side. What’s the point, you might ask? Well, the baby is making the uterus grow every single day.

And right now it’s mighty enough to squeeze the vital veins in the lower abdomen. That’s not good at all and can result in all kinds of dangerous 18 weeks pregnancy symptoms. You’ll feel lightheaded, your heart will receive less blood than usual and the blood pressure might also drop.

Yes, all those side effects are not to be messed with, but, thankfully, if you sleep on the side, you’ll get rid of all of them. Obviously, your veins and organs aren’t the only ones that will feel the rising pressure. An 18 weeks pregnant woman should find the time to relax.

We’d recommend “chilling” every once in a while and letting your entire body rest – at least for a moment. The baby is not even halfway there, and there’s a lot of work to be done. We know that you’re busy and preoccupied with all kinds of tiny duties, but a break is imperative.

18 Weeks Pregnant – Taking A Day Off

A massage, a spa, a shopping spree or a romantic getaway with your husband will do the trick for ya. Be creative, spontaneous, and make the most of these hectic days. Remember – you’re four months pregnant – only 5 more left!

Ever heard about cherimoya – AKA cherimola? It’s a pretty tasty fruit (some call it the most delicious one, by the way), and at this moment, your fetus is approximately as big. It’s growing at a rapid pace and looks more and more like a human child.

It weighs 6.7/6.8 ounces and is 5.5 inches long. True, it’s still quite tiny, but compared to what the boy/girl was in the beginning, the changes are incredible! Oh, and if you feel like you want to eat all the time, it’s because the kiddo at 18 weeks pregnant needs its nutrients.

18 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

The baby is well on its way, but there are a lot of obstacles to overcome on your road towards delivery (and deliverance). So, get ready for a plentitude of frustrating side effects that will follow you around this week. It’s safe to say that pretty much every part of your body is going to hurt at 18 weeks pregnant.

Plus, your nose will start to bleed without rhyme or reason. These two side effects will keep you up at night. The stress and frustration will path, though, once you get used to it all. Ok, without further ado, let’s check out the 18 weeks pregnancy symptoms.

– Inflated hands and feet. Every expecting mother out there knows what swollen limbs feel like. Yet, that’s totally normal and doesn’t mean you’re dealing with a problem. However, if the pain is unbearable, make sure to consult with your doc.

More Swelling And Spasms

– Pain in the back. The overzealous boy/girl in your belly is growing every second and pushes your organs and veins, putting a pressure on your entire body. So, if you’re feeling unusual pain in your back, that’s actually considered to be normal.

– Leg cramps. Believe it or not, this means that you’re not getting enough water. Here goes one of the most effective 2 weeks pregnancy tips: stock up on as much high-quality water as you can and drink up! There’s nothing worse than dehydration, especially when you’re an expecting mother.

– Some trouble with the veins. Noticed a bunch of scary blue and purple veins all over yourself? Well, there is a lot of pressure on your circulatory system, and that is why they’re swollen. The best course of action would be to go with comfy clothes/shoes.

Plus, make sure to stretch your legs at least for 5-10 minutes every 2-3 hours and do some mild exercises. As a matter of fact, you should include stretching, walking and massage in your 18 weeks pregnant movement routine. Varicose veins shouldn’t be treated lightly.

Bleeding, Staying Up And Kicking Back

– A bleeding nose. Don’t get scared when you find yourself bleeding way too often than before the pregnancy. The pressure goes all the way up and squeezes the tiny veins in your nose. Therefore, constant nosebleeds are nothing to be afraid of. Just pinch your nose for 5-10 minutes and you’ll be alright. Not helping? How about an ice pack then?

– Trouble sleeping. Your mind and body are excited and on edge all the time, and that can lead to you losing sleep. Try to relax, think positive thoughts and maybe even fool around with your man in the bed.

– A feisty baby. At 18 weeks pregnant, you’ll start to feel the kid’s “rage” in the uterus. A few weeks back, it was just a series of weak vibrations, but now you’ll experience actual kicks in your belly. Isn’t that an awesome feeling?

Eighteen Weeks Pregnancy Tips

You can blame all of the aforementioned symptoms on the fact that your belly is turning into a huge bump. The pressure that it’s putting on your system backfires in the form of these side effects. If you come with an average BMI, the doctors recommend gaining one/two pounds a week.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to have a single baby or twins. If there’s something bothering you when it comes to weight gain, ask your doctor about the hidden dangers. For example, if you’re suddenly dropping or gaining several pounds, that’s not normal.

One of the best 18 weeks pregnancy tips you’re going to hear: don’t think that you can solve most of the problems and visit the doctor only when things get worse. Remember – these people are there to help you, and even the tiniest symptom can lead to a disaster.

At the same time, if you’re 18 weeks pregnant but, for some reason, don’t have a belly as big as the other ladies, it’s all good. Keep in mind that every single pregnancy progresses in a different way. The uterus will outgrow the pelvis eventually; just sit back and wait :).

18 Weeks Pregnant Movement

As far as the exercises go, you can keep on doing the same ones that your doc recommended back in the 1st trimester. Just remember that lying on your back, putting too much strain on yourself or doing sudden jumps/runs/changes of position can (and probably will) hurt you.

Generally speaking, 15-20 minutes 1-2 times a week is more than enough at this point. If you’re just starting out (like most women), the 18 weeks pregnant movement plan should begin with walking. This is the most natural and one of the most effective exercises.

You won’t need any fancy equipment, gyms, or strict instructions for this. Just put a nice and comfy pair of shoes/boots (it depends on the time of the year) and enjoy! Better yet, do it with your man. You’ll feel safe next to him and it’s always more fun when you’re walking around with a person you care about.

Swimming And Taking Yoga Classes

At 18 weeks pregnant, swimming is also a great option. Some women swear by it. But we’d recommend starting with regular walks. Even when expecting, the modern-day ladies still take care of business, and driving to a gym and back can be pretty time-consuming.

Prenatal yoga is, without a doubt, an awesome thing. It helps to stretch and heal your muscles and the entire body. Yet, again, it will take some getting used to. Besides, your doctor might tell you to wait for the 20th-22nd week to know for sure that you can and should go with yoga.

Eighteen Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Did you know that deep inside that uterus, the future boy/girl is constantly moving its hands and feet, practicing different movements 24/7 and staying sharp? It’s also sucking on its own thumb, yawning and doing all kinds of other weird stuff.

As a matter of fact, the fetus is big enough to make you feel all those “gymnastics”. Punches, kicks, twists – you’ll get used to these in the upcoming months. The 18 weeks pregnant ultrasound will show the baby’s activity on the screen.

If there are two kiddos in your belly, they’ll be separated by a thin membrane. You’ll get to see all of that during the ultrasound. A full-scale checkup and examination will be scheduled this or the next week. It’s known as the mid-pregnancy ultrasound – a very important test.

A Complete Examination

The docs will measure the fetus to make sure everything’s going according to the plan. The baby’s vital organs will also be examined, as will be the heartbeat, the fluid in the uterus, and many other things at 18 weeks pregnant.

Are you wondering about this procedure with twins? Here’s the truth: every baby will be checked separately during one session. Do you want to know its gender? The assistant will be able to tell you that, and it will be a 95% accurate assessment.

Now, the fetus must be in a certain position where the ultrasound can show its organs. If it chooses not to “stand under the light”, you’ll have to wait for a little bit longer.

Pregnancy Checklist At Eighteen Weeks Pregnant

Read as much as you can about baby care – the ups, the downs, and the hidden dangers.

It’s time to get romantic. Schedule a date night with your man. It’s important to be close to each other when you’re 18 weeks pregnant.

Stop sleeping on your back, even if it still feels nice. Teach yourself to enjoy the side position. Believe us, you don’t want to stress the already-pressured organs and veins.