17 Weeks Pregnant

Note: Tomatoes originated in the Central and Southern regions of the American continent. They can be eaten in a number of ways, and that’s what makes them versatile. They are approximately 5 inches long and weigh 5.7/5.8 ounces.

Once you become 17 weeks pregnant, several opportunities open themselves up to you. First of all, now you can learn whether there’s a boy or a girl in your belly – the 17 weeks pregnant ultrasound will help you with that.

Second, it’s time to pick between the various childbirth classes and stick with one. Believe us, you’ll need all that knowledge that these classes will share. And, you might want to start looking for some unique and original names for your future baby.

It will be more fun if you get your man/husband to join you. Use the Internet to search for the rarest names out there. Just don’t go too far and remember that this child will have to live with whatever name you pick for it :).

17 Weeks Pregnant – A Long Road Ahead

Yes, you can finally forget about those nasty side-effects and focus on the important and exciting stuff. We’re not saying that the 17 weeks pregnancy symptoms won’t frustrate and confuse you, but the damage will, most certainly, be a lot less.

Fact: as you begin taking care of things that will only be relevant once the baby arrives, it puts you in just the right “pregnancy mood” and you realize that this is, indeed, happening to you. At 17 weeks pregnant, you’re a month away from being halfway through!

There are a lot of things that demand your attention, and sometimes, the stress can unbearable. The best course of action in this situation would be to just take one step at a time and face the music with a smile on your face.

The Baby As Big As A…

Besides, you can (and should) make your significant other a part of the process and have him help you out. Hands down, this is one of the best 17 weeks pregnancy tips you’ll ever hear. Chances are, he’ll be happy and thrilled to do this with you.

Alright, let’s see how big the fetus actually is right now. You’ll be surprised to learn that it’s approximately the size of a tomato (and we’re talking about a big, ripe vegetable, not those tiny cherry tomatoes). The kiddo weighs 5.9/6 ounces and is +/- 5 inches long.

At this point, you’re almost four months pregnant. Yes, you’re in deep, and there’s no going back :). Funny how time flies, right? Ok, without further ado, let’s check out the various side effects that will be bugging you this week. They’re not horrible, but still – be prepared.

17 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

The baby inside that big belly is growing at a rapid rate and is not going to stop to the very end. Thankfully, your body learned to adapt to it and you won’t experience nearly as much (and as strong) side effects as in the previous weeks.

– More fluids than ever. Yep, this is one of those nasty 17 weeks pregnancy symptoms and will drive you crazy from time to time. It has everything to do with the increased blood flow in your body. So, if you feel like your nose is “blocked”, you’re sweating a lot and there’s more discharge from your vjjs than ever, that’s totally normal!

– Strange dreams. The anticipation is killing you, and the stress is taking its toll. And that is exactly why at 17 weeks pregnant you’ll find yourself saving the world from alien invaders, marrying your neighbor and doing other weird things late at night. Just blame it all on the hormones.

– Itching breasts and belly. As the uterus gets bigger, it makes the skin thinner and a lot more sensitive than before. Restrain yourself from scratching all the time, as that can lead to some unwanted consequences. There are several creams out there that will ease the pain. Still, before picking a certain brand, talk to your doctor about it.

Stretch Marks And Additional Pounds

– Increased weight gain. At 17 weeks pregnant, it’s ok to be 5/10 pounds “heavier” than in the beginning. And, during the 2nd trimester, one/two pounds a week is what you should aim for. At the same time, excessive weight gain overnight shouldn’t be treated lightly.

This could be one of the most dangerous 17 weeks pregnancy symptoms. So, make sure to consult with your doctor. Hopefully, it’s just your body acting up and there’s nothing to worry about.

– Nasty stretch marks. Yes, your uterus is forced to grow, as the baby is pushing it every single day. As a result, you’ll get some stretch marks all over your body. Those additional pounds are also partially to blame at 17 weeks pregnant.

If you’re a lucky mother of twins, those marks will be even more vivid. Drinking water and using a humidifier of some sort will help you battle this unfortunate side effect. Don’t worry – it will all go back to normal sooner than you think.

Seventeen Weeks Pregnancy Tips

The most important thing to remember now that you’re 3+ months pregnant is that your entire body is getting bigger. The skin is stretching, the uterus is growing, and you’re putting additional pounds on. By the way, if you’re carrying twins, you should gain approximately as much as if you’ve got just one kid coming up.

We already mentioned this in one of the previous posts, but we’ll say it again: take lots of pictures of yourself at 17 weeks pregnant. Right now, it might sound to you like a ridiculous idea, but the truth is – when you look back at them a couple of years later, you’ll be happy with your decision to go through with it.

As a matter of fact, we’d recommend taking photos every single week and creating some kind of a chronology for yourself. When the baby turns into a full-grown human being, he/she will probably never want to take a look at these pics; you, on the other hand, might even shed a tear or two.

As far as the 17 weeks pregnancy tips go, this one’s a keeper. At the end of the day, our memories give us a sense of accomplishment – make us believe that we did something great with our lives.

17 Weeks Pregnant Movement

Some ladies go crazy during their pregnancy and start working out and doing all kinds of insane exercises with their bellies hanging out. Well, most of them know what they’re doing and are probably famous coaches or something like that.

For a regular woman, the 17 weeks pregnant movement routine should be nice and easy. That means walking around the park for 15-20 minutes will be more than enough to keep your body in check. No need for pulling weights, dear ladies.

Yoga and aerobic/water exercises will also be quite beneficial, but, in all fairness, they’ll require commitment. If you are a driven person, talk to your doctor and find a professional trainer. If not, stick with just walking – it will do the trick for you.

17 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Your baby is in full growth mode and is starting to put some meat on those tiny bones. All the vital organs are in place; so are the systems. At 17 weeks pregnant, it looks a lot like a human being and you’ll catch him/her kicking every once in a while.

Have you ever heard of cordocentesis? Well, if you’re planning to have a 17 weeks pregnant ultrasound, that’s probably because you want to run this test. The doctors will take a blood test from the umbilical cord that connects you to the fetus to check for any abnormalities.

This is quite a complicated and advanced procedure: the docs locate the exact spot where the placenta and the cord touch and take a sample. Usually, these kinds of tests are not run when you’re 17 weeks pregnant unless you and your man specifically ask for them.

Pregnancy Checklist At Seventeen Weeks Pregnant

Have a sit-down with your man/husband and decide whether you want to learn the kiddo’s gender or not. Some couples are eager to find out, while others want to keep it all a mystery to the very day the baby is born. There are no right or wrong answers here.

Your child still has a long road ahead of itself, but you should already start thinking about decorating its room. The nursery must be perfect, and they say that at 17 weeks pregnant you may come up with some brilliant ideas.

And finally, think your maternity leave through, plan it ahead. This way, you’ll consider all the pros and cons and be ready to stand your ground if need be.