16 Weeks Pregnant

Note: also known as simply beet in the US and Canada, the beetroot has a specific taste and is quite popular for coloring and medical purposes. It’s approximately 4.5 inches long and weighs 3.5 ounces.

If you’ve made it to 16 weeks pregnant, then it’s time to praise yourself for the mighty accomplishments. No seriously – it’s been a bumpy ride, and you’re here now. Rejoice, because things are about to get only better further down the road.

Expecting mothers claim that the fetus starts to kick this/next week.How awesome is that?! Make sure to listen closely to the baby – you might just feel the kicks in the belly. The 16 weeks pregnant ultrasound will allow you to connect with your boy/girl and listen to his/her heartbeat.

Or, your doctor might postpone the appointment to the 18th/19th week – it all depends on how your pregnancy progresses. Don’t worry, though: if this procedure is not necessary, that only means you and your baby are fine and there’s no need for any tests and checkups.

16 Weeks Pregnant – Communicating With The Fetus

Our bodies work in slightly different ways and you might just have to wait for a while for the next appointment. Oh, and keep in mind that the child in your belly can hear you speak at 16 weeks pregnant. Does that mean you should start talking to it? Absolutely!

The doctors say that after the kiddo is born, it will recognize the voice of the mother and feel closer to her. So, talk as much as you like – just make sure there are no people around, as they might just think that you’re crazy and are talking to yourself :).

When you’re 16 weeks pregnant, the fetus is approximately as big as a beetroot. It’s 4.5/4.6 inches long and quite heavy – 3.4/3.5 ounces. If you want to keep track of the process, remember that at this point, you are 3 months and +/- 3 weeks with child.

Sixteen Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Ok, this might sound a bit weird to you, but some of the following side effects are actually good! Get this: some expecting mothers claim their nails/hair look better than ever. Yes, your hair will be thicker and look quite pretty. And, your skin will feel tender and sexy. And now let’s take a closer look at the 16 weeks pregnancy symptoms.

– A hurting back. Does your back act up from time to time and make you feel uncomfortable? The pain has to do with HCG – the so-called “pregnancy hormone”. If it’s severe, contact your doctor and talk it all over – this might be something serious.

If not, there are some awesome exercises that will help you get rid of the pain. Squats are great for this and should be included in your 16 weeks pregnant movement routine. Don’t put too much strain on your body, as it’s still going through some rough changes.

Bigger Breasts And Memory Loss

– Big boobs. Aha, this is one of those in-your-face 16 weeks pregnancy symptoms. By now, they must look really huge. When the 2nd trimester comes to an end, your newly-established milk factories will be ready to feed the baby.

– Constipation. Hands down, this is the most frustrating and confusing side-effect. Now, while there’s nothing wrong with your digestive system, you will still have some problems with your intestines. Why is that? Well, when you’re 16 weeks pregnant, the uterus outgrows the pelvis and starts to press on your guts.

So, what should you do to fix this? It’s quite easy, actually: make sure to drink as much water as you can and get your fridge stocked with fiber-rich foods. In most cases, these two remedies help. If not, consult your doc for some medication.

– Forgetting things. Relax, this has nothing to do with brain damage or anything like that. As a matter of fact, the scientists/doctors aren’t 100% sure what makes expecting ladies become forgetful. But it is a fact, and you’ll have to live with it. Hey, maybe you just have a lot on your mind?

Aching Eyes And A Beautiful Skin

– Sensitive eyes. Caught yourself with teary/itchy eyes after watching your favorite show at 16 weeks pregnant? That nasty HCG is responsible! Well, it’s a pretty common side effect and won’t cause you any problems if you take your favorite eye drops that come without a prescription. Wait, scratch that: talk to your OB about it first.

As far as the best 16 weeks pregnancy tips go, this is the most important one. Believe us, there’s nothing worse than taking some pills/meds that turn out to be causing more harm than good. So, don’t go “rogue” and always let the doctor make the tough decisions.

– A beautiful skin. Yes, the famous pregnancy glowing skin is not a myth – it’s real. You’ll feel that there’s something different the moment the changes kick in.

A 16 weeks pregnant woman with twins should know that the symptoms she’ll have to deal with will be almost identical to those that a single-baby mom will encounter. Still, keep the OB posted on every tiny symptom because twins usually require a lot more tests.

16 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

As mentioned above, right about now you’ll start feeling your precious kiddo moving up and down in your uterus. At 16 weeks pregnant, this is quite an awesome new thing. In the beginning, you won’t feel anything stronger than just a tiny twitch. However, as the child gets stronger, the kicks will wake you up at night.

If you’re 16 weeks pregnant with twins, the kicks will be stronger; but, they won’t occur earlier, as the babies will need time to grow. Now, as fun as this might be, you gotta also know that the bigger your boy/girl becomes, the more stress that will put on your lungs.

Don’t be afraid – you won’t suffocate or anything like that. It’s just that sometimes, you’ll feel like it’s getting harder to breathe. The growing uterus is squeezing all the other organs in the body and taking more and more space to make some room for the mighty fetus at 16 weeks pregnant.

16 Weeks Pregnant Movement

Alright, now that we’ve got the side effects and the symptoms out of the way, let’s see what we can do to help the process and keep ourselves in shape. Back in the day (like way, way back), women used to work even with an almost full-grown baby in their bellies.

And while that might be a bit too extreme, our bodies still need to be active in order not to turn into a rusty mechanism. With that said, you have to come up with some sort of a 16 weeks pregnant movement plan to keep yourself happy.

At this point, extreme exercises are out of question, as they’ll hurt you – a lot. On the other hand, walking around for 15-20 minutes will be a great way to keep your body in check. Sounds too easy? Well, try first, talk later! At 16 weeks pregnant, you’re still very weak and even 1-2 miles will seem like a never-ending journey for you.

16 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

As we already learned, the fetus is capable of hearing what’s going on around and can listen to your bedtime stories. The eyebrows and hair are all in place. And what about the 16 weeks pregnant ultrasound – will you go through with it?

Depends on your doc, to tell the truth, but if you want it, you can most certainly get it. More importantly, they’ll ask you for a urine and possibly blood test to check for any abnormalities.

Here is the good news: if your doc says the kid is alright at 16 weeks pregnant, that means you’ve got a 99% chance of a healthy delivery. Yes, the possibility of a miscarriage will drop to 0-1%. How does that sound to you?

Pregnancy Checklist At Sixteen Weeks Pregnant

Get ready for your visit to the doctor in the 20th week. This is an important step in your pregnancy and should be treated accordingly. Don’t worry your head about anything – just make sure you’ve got your questions in order.

A mid-pregnancy ultrasound is also quite a vital part of the process. It will help the doctors determine whether there’s something to be worried about or not.

Start thinking about the possible names for your baby. We bet you already have more than a few names in your mind. It would be a great idea to do this with your man/husband. Believe us, at 16 weeks pregnant, it’s quite fun to get together and come up with the most ridiculous names ever. Better yet, gather all of your family members and loved ones and play a game – it will be tons of fun!