15 Weeks Pregnant

Note: The tangerine is a very sweet citrus fruit; comes with a fresh taste and is pretty cheap. It originated in Morocco. As for the size, it is approximately four inches long and weighs 2.6 ounces.

Ok, that’s it – we’ve made it to 15 weeks pregnant. The road’s been tough so far, but we endured through it all, and it’s supposed to get better every day. You have most of your energy back and feel like you can do whatever you set your mind to, right?

Oh, and at 15 weeks pregnant, you’re probably feeling horny as hell. Don’t be freaked out – it’s totally normal. Your body has been “out of the game” for almost 4 months and now it’s finally getting back to its senses. Again, there’s nothing wrong with a woman feeling herself, well, like a woman.

However, we also gotta point out that your man might not be nearly as excited to perform his marital duties. Why is that, exactly? Does he find you unattractive? No, not really. The thing is – it’s kind of weird and gross to make love to you when there’s a baby in that belly.

15 Weeks Pregnant – Sex Is On The Menu Again

Here goes one of the best 15 weeks pregnancy tips: make sure to tell your fella that it’s A-O-K to have sex this early on. That’s true – unless your doctor tells you not to do it at this stage (which he/she probably won’t), sexual intercourse is more than welcome.

This is a 100% fact. No couple has ever hurt its baby while making love. Get that through your boyfriend/husband’s head and get freaky! We bet it feels good to get back onto the saddle.

Now, when you’re a 15 weeks pregnant woman, the fetus in your uterus is as big as a tangerine. As for its weight, it will be around 2.4/2.5 ounces. The baby is four inches long and it’s starting to look like a real human being. The legs are bigger and longer than the arms, the head is not as huge as before, and the overall proportions are normal.

Just take a moment and appreciate the fact that you’re more than three months pregnant. How cool is that? The storms have passed, and it’s time to embrace the 2nd trimester. It won’t be all pretty, but you won’t be throwing up 24/7 either – that’s a promise.

15 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Yes, it’s safe to say that the big-time troubles are behind us and that every new week will be less and less frustrating, confusing and disorienting. As a matter of fact, as mentioned above, the further you go down this pregnancy road, the sexier you will feel.

Increased libido is one of the finest 15 weeks pregnancy symptoms known to mankind. So, make the most of it and use this newly-found passion to reconnect with your man who’s probably just as into it as you are (or not, as mentioned above).

– Bringing sexy back. It might sound funny to you, but one needs some strength and energy in the bed. And the 1st trimester is known for taking all of that away. Fortunately, now that you can walk around without relying on someone’s shoulder, you can get creative in the bedroom at 15 weeks pregnant.

It actually depends on how the process is going for you and how the body reacts. Some women feel frisky at an earlier stage, while others don’t feel the sudden sex drive even weeks later. Remember – we’re all different, and there are no rights or wrongs here.

Bleeding And Problems With Your Tummy

– Nosebleeds. When there’s a baby in your belly, your body increases the blood flow. And while the pelvic area is where most of that blood goes, this also affects organs up high. Besides, your nose will be more sensitive during this period.

– Heartburn, digestive disorders, and more. True, this isn’t the most fun topic, but we gotta warn you about these 15 weeks pregnancy symptoms nevertheless. HCG is the prime suspect and causes most of these troubles. Be extra picky about your food and try to figure out which ones trigger the side effects.

And, make sure to consult the doc about the safe pills/medicine that you can take during your pregnancy. Expecting mothers claim that antacids are great and will help you cope with these nasty symptoms. Also, don’t forget about the 15 weeks pregnant movement routine.

Losing Breath And Itchy Gums

– Difficulties with breathing. Yes, this is a pretty common side effect at 15 weeks pregnant. It’s obvious that your torso is, well, “occupied” by a growing organism, and that is why it’s harder for your lungs to get big enough for a full breath. You’ll get used to this.

– Troubles with the gums. Aha, they become more and more sensitive. So, it would be wise not to abuse them and take as much care as needed. That means you should brush them more often and talk to the dentist.

Good news for 15 weeks pregnant women with twins: the side effects will be pretty much the same as those of a girl with a single baby. Still, there will be some nausea from time to time. It will go away soon, though.

15 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

Back when you were still in the 1st trimester, the uterus was comfortable inside the pelvis. But now that the kiddo is getting bigger and bigger, it needs to stretch to make room for it. That is why it goes beyond the pelvis and that is how your belly starts to show.

Again, we’re all different, and while your friend is already showing, you might still be relatively “skinny” at 15 weeks pregnant. Whether you’ll be super-bumpy or not bumpy at all depends on many things, but either way, there’s nothing wrong with the child.

Get this: if this is your first pregnancy, it will take some time before you start to show. However, if it’s the 2nd or the 3rd time, that bump will arrive a bit earlier (because your uterus will be ready to stretch when the moment comes). If there are twins in your belly, you’ll feel and look stretched even sooner.

Here’s one of the most important 15 weeks pregnancy tips. The doctors recommend gaining additional one/two pounds a week which equals 300 additional calories a day. But don’t pick the junk food – go with healthy choices. If your weight goes up at an abnormal rate, talk to your doctor about this.

15 Weeks Pregnant Movement

Now that you’re full of energy and want to slowly, but steadily get back to your normal self, we’d suggest going to the gym every now and then. We know that it’s kinda hard to be disciplined while trying to navigate the treacherous waters of pregnancy, but do try.

Water aerobics would be a great choice. Yoga is another awesome routine for you. Still, you’ll need to discuss every single exercise with your doctor. Trust us, you don’t want to go wrong when it comes to working out.

The 15 weeks pregnant movement plan should be focused on “waking up” from the 3, 5 months of constant sleeping. And that is why the docs will recommend starting with simple walks around the block. Right now your body is still weak and even a couple of miles will feel like a long walk.

15 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

When you visit your doctor and go through a 15 weeks pregnant ultrasound, the screen will show you that the fetus is doing all kinds of funny stuff in your uterus. For example, you’ll catch it moving its legs, hands, toes, and fingers a lot. Hiccups (say what?) are also quite a common thing for babies at this stage.

If you’ve decided to do MMS, which is also known at the triple/quad test, the docs will take a sample of your blood sometime between the 15th and the 20h weeks. Now that you’re officially in the 2nd trimester, it will be a lot easier to determine whether the fetus has any tube defects or not.

Ever heard about amniocentesis? Well, you should’ve, because it’s an option for you at 15 weeks pregnant. When it comes to diagnosing abnormalities, this is the right test. Keep in mind, though, that it’s not 100% safe. So, talk to your man and the doctor before you do it.

The 15 weeks pregnant ultrasound will allow the professionals to get a sample from the uterus fluid. These tests are nothing to play with and can be quite stressful for you and the baby. Make sure to get enough rest and have a huge bowl of ice cream every now and then!

Pregnancy Checklist At Fifteen Weeks Pregnant

Make an appointment with your doctor and get ready for the 1st MMS. This is a big deal; don’t take it lightly and learn as much as you can about it before going ahead with this.

If you want to go through with amnio, plan it ahead of time and consult with your doctor. As mentioned above, it does come with certain risks, ones that you should be aware of.

As they say, pampering is a blessing. A little bit of spoiling yourself can go a long way at 15 weeks pregnant.