14 Weeks Pregnant

Note: potatoes are internationally known and loved. They are affordable and can be used in a majority of meals. A single potato is approximately 3.5 inches long and weighs 1.4 ounces.

It’s here, ladies and gentlemen – the 2nd trimester has finally arrived! At 14 weeks pregnant, you’re about to experience a lot of changes. Forget about those exhausting days when you wanted only two things – to get some sleep and to get rid of the sickness.

From now on, you’ll be feeling a lot healthier, happier, and full of energy. It has everything to do with the fact that your body has adjusted to this new reality and is slowly taking back control over itself. That means you’ll be able to get some things done without any help and bring yourself back into shape.

Yep, when you’re 14 weeks pregnant, it would be wise to start doing some exercises to help your body and to have some quality fun. We’ll talk about that in more details later, but right now let’s take a look at the boy/girl in your belly.

14 Weeks Pregnant – Measuring Your Offspring

Ever seen a big, strong, mighty potato? Well, believe it or not, your fetus is pretty much as big! At 14 weeks pregnant, you can expect it to weigh 1.4/1.5 ounces. The baby will also be 3.4/3.5 inches long. Not bad, right?

Compared to the previous week, the kiddo is now twice as big and will continue to grow at rapid speeds in the future. Keep in mind that right now you’re 3 months and +/- 1 week pregnant and are just entering the second trimester.

At this point, you’ll feel like you’re getting back to life and can breathe, walk around and eat without having to throw up on every step of the way. You’re not completely out of the woods yet, but the change is so obvious that you’ll consider this new reality a blessing. And that’s exactly what it is!

14 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Compared to what you had to deal with during the first weeks, the 14 weeks pregnancy symptoms will seem like child’s play to you. However, don’t expect them to go away the second you embark on that 2nd-trimester train.

It will still take a while to get there, and you need time to adjust. So, our advice is to be patient and grateful for what you have. And now let’s take a look at some of the most common side effects that will bug you at 14 weeks pregnant.

– Pain in the muscles and ligaments. Yes, it’s totally normal at this stage, but that doesn’t make this any less confusing. Your body is doing everything in its power to make room for the demanding baby, and stretching itself is one way to do that.

Spasms, cramps and frustration usually have to do with what’s known as “round ligament pain”. Still, if you feel like you’re experiencing something different, drop whatever you’re doing and get in contact with your doc. The sooner you fix something, the better.

More Energy And A Greater Appetite

– A strong and energetic woman. Yes, finally! You’ve been walking around like a zombie and relying on your partner for pretty much everything. Thankfully, at 14 weeks pregnant, you’ll be able to cook your own food, sweep your own floor and take care of some other chores.

It’s great to feel like a normal human being again, huh? True, it’s not all bright colors, as there’s still a growing organism inside of your belly. So, don’t go nuts and take care of yourself – the baby’s health is of the utmost importance.

– A crazy appetite. Your system had to make do with little to no food back when nausea was killing you. And now that you’re finally free from the morning sickness, your appetite will come back with double force. When you’re 14 weeks pregnant, it’s super-important to eat healthy in order to supply your kiddo with the right nutrients.

Eating Healthy And Enjoying Your Hair

Generally, 300 additional calories a day will do the trick for you. At the same time, if you’ve got twins in your belly, 650-700 is what you should aim for. Make a habit of always having snacks around. Again, don’t go with the fat, greasy and all-around junk good. A huge bowl of ice-cream is allowed, though.

– Shiny and thick hair. Hands down, this is one of the best 14 weeks pregnancy symptoms out there. We don’t want to get into the science behind this, but the facts are there. Yes, this is actually a good side effect for a change, and you should make the most of it.

14 Weeks Pregnant Movement

Ok, so, what do you do now that the 1st trimester is finally in the past? Go back to work, start jogging and working out? It’s best to consult your doctor, but one thing is certain: walking in the park and doing exercises will most certainly be good to you. One of the best 14 weeks pregnancy tips would be not to overdo it. Keep it steady and enjoy the process.

You were too busy feeling sick and tired (among other things) during the first 13 weeks to even think about going to the gym. But now that you’re slowly getting back to the person you were before your man put a baby in there, it’s time to think about your 14 weeks pregnant movement routine.

The majority of expecting mothers recommend a special prenatal yoga class that will give you more energy and strength to deal with the daily routine. Now, taking a class would be a great way to keep yourself in check and motivated enough not to skip it.

Making Friends And Picking Classes

Besides, these “prenatal meetings” will allow you to make friends with other struggling moms and learn something of great value. Pilates, water exercises or pregnant-only dance classes are among the best options for you right now.

Or, as we just mentioned above, taking a walk alone or with a loved one will be enough. At this point, there’s no need in pushing your body too hard with the 14 weeks pregnant movement. The bottom line is – you want to be healthy and take care of your kiddo, which means you’ll need to find ways to support the boy/girl without putting too much strain on yourself.

14 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

They say that pregnancy is like a beautiful journey towards enlightenment. Now, there might be some truth to it, but it’s actually quite a difficult process with constant challenges and whatnot. On this website, we try to keep everything simple and down-to-Earth.

So, in that spirit, if you’re, say, buying clothes for your child in advance, make sure to keep every single price tag. That’s because the 14 weeks pregnant ultrasound might just trick you into believing you’re having a boy when, in fact, it will be a girl.

Next, when it comes to your own clothes, stop looking at the gorgeous women around that look awesome in those tight jeans and tops. Rock your loose mom-to-be “rags” with a smile on your face. We talked about this in the previous posts, but this is a very important topic, so, there you have it. And that’s it for our 14 weeks pregnancy tips!

14 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

To keep it real with y’all, we want to say that you won’t have this procedure at 14 weeks pregnant. We know that you might be hoping for one, but the truth is – there’s no need in it. Without a doubt, you already went through this once or twice during the 1st trimester.

The next appointment will take place during the 18th-22nd week period. Now, if you want to have an amniocentesis, the doctors will scan you between the 15th and the 20th weeks. But, in all fairness, a 14 weeks pregnant ultrasound is not going to happen, unless there’s something wrong with the baby (we really hope everything’s OK).

Growing A Human Inside Your Belly

Still, if you did get a chance to look at the fetus right now, it would probably be moving its hands and toes all the time and maybe even suck on its own thumb. Oh yeah, that’s a part of the development routine. When you’re 14 weeks pregnant, most of the child’s organs are already functioning.

The liver is busy taking care of its responsibilities, while, say, the kidneys are controlling the process of making urine. What you probably didn’t know is that your body is covering the fetus with some sort of hair/wool to keep it warm. That’s true!

At this point, it’s almost impossible to determine the gender of the baby, and that is why doctors don’t usually run ultrasound checks. Don’t go crazy: you’ll know everything in a couple of weeks. Just sit tight and let the doctors do their thing.

Pregnancy Checklist At Fourteen Weeks Pregnant

Schedule an appointment with the dentist. We bet you had no time or desire to think about this back when you were sick and emotionally unstable. Well, you should do that today!

Telling folks that you’re pregnant doesn’t have to be a stressful thing. In fact, you should turn it into a fun, happy moment.

Have you ever heard about childbirth classes? If the answer is no, we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with them and signing up at 14 weeks pregnant.