12 Weeks Pregnant

Note: Garlic comes with a pungent smell and is great for numerous dishes. Originally from Central Asia/Iran, it’s approximately 2 inches long and weighs 0.5 ounces.

Everything’s going according to the plan at 12 weeks pregnant, dear ladies! The horrible 1st trimester is almost over, and that means the nasty hormones are finally ready to give up. That’s right – things are about to get easier and more enjoyable for you pretty soon.

The body of a pregnant woman needs +/- three months to adjust to the big changes that come with a baby. With that said, we’re happy to confirm that the 12 weeks pregnancy symptoms will ease up on you and let you take a full breath.

Besides, now it’s actually time to break the news to your friends and loved ones. We hope that you have already told your man/husband, though. He needs to be the first person who learns about the arrival of a new family member.

12 Weeks Pregnant – Sharing The News With The World

As for the rest of the fam, you can still keep them in the dark, but remember that the belly will become huge pretty soon. So, how big is the fetus at 12 weeks pregnant? The average weight hangs around the 0.49/0.50 ounces mark; and, the kiddo will be 2/2.1 inches long.

At this point, the majority of the important organs and systems are in place. All that’s left for the future boy/girl to do is, well, grow bigger. That means you gotta make sure it gets enough nutrition.

Yes, you’re three months pregnant now (or, rather, in the last week of the 3rd month). Get used to this idea and look forward to some incredible changes in the future. We promise – life will get a lot more enjoyable in the upcoming days.

12 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Good news right from the start, dear girls: sickness in the morning, nausea and fatigue will, most likely, fade away. This has to do with the fact that HCG will finally relax and let your body relax and get itself together. The truth is – they’ll be switched with other frustrating 12 weeks pregnancy symptoms.

Lightheadedness and constant headaches will attack you without rhyme or reason. Well, in all fairness, these side effects are a lot less annoying than what you had to deal with before. So, let’s just be thankful for this “switch” and see what’s in stores for us.

– Spotting. This is a very common thing and worries a lot of ladies. Spotting/bleeding doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong. It’s just that the cervix is way more sensitive now and can bleed after a love-making session at 12 weeks pregnant.

If you feel pain during it and/or if it’s like heavy bleeding as opposed to just a couple of spots, that means certain actions need to be taken. Talk to your doctor and sort it all out.

Dizziness And Severe Headaches

– More discharge than usual. Don’t get weird about it – this is your body’s way of ensuring your vagina stays clean and free of any infections. It’s totally normal and shouldn’t freak you out. At the same time, if it’s colored (pink/yellow/brown/whatever), get in contact with your doc ASAP. If you just let it be, the consequences will be dire.

– Wooziness. Forget about nausea and say hello to dizziness. At 12 weeks pregnant, your blood pressure is fluctuating all the time, which can lead to a dizzy head. The remedy is the same as with the morning sickness – eat every 2-3 hours and drink tons of water.

Make sure to sit/lie down whenever you feel a bit out of it. Those are the best 12 weeks pregnancy tips for any girl/woman. It doesn’t usually take much to feel disoriented and lightheaded, as there’s still a lot of pressure on your body.

That Light At The End Of The Tunnel

– Nasty headaches. True, pregnant women complain about headaches all the time, but the end of the 3rd month is when the pain becomes severe. Stress, lack of rest, a drop in your body’s blood sugar and the hormones all are partially responsible for this.

There is no right or wrong course of action in this situation. You’ll have to figure out what’s causing it. Again, as we usually like to say, headaches are normal. Yet, if they are unbearable or feel like migraines, tell your doc about it at 12 weeks pregnant.

Keep in mind that if you’re soon to become a mother of two, nausea will not go away that easily. Sickness will follow you for a bit longer. But pretty soon everything will change for the better. All you gotta do is endure these frustrating side effects for a little bit longer.

12 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

Ok, it’s safe to say that you’ve made it to the “official mom status”. We’re talking about the fact that your baby is showing and it’s a pregnant belly that you can be proud of. Aha, that is exactly why most expecting mothers share the news at 12 weeks pregnant – because folks will notice it eventually.

As a general rule, if you’re carrying twins, the belly will be even bigger, which means you’ll have to inform your circle a bit earlier. Now, there are some loose and comfortable clothes that you can use to hide your precious baby from the outside world.

We recommend going with leggings, t-shirts, and skirts. The idea is to leave the tight clothes behind and focus on what will make you feel good and conceal the kiddo. Of all the 12 weeks pregnancy tips, this is the most useful one.

Taking Pictures For The Future

Oh, and it would be a great idea to start taking cute pics of your big belly starting now. Actually, turn it into a habit and take one (or more) picture every week. That way, you’ll be able to track the whole process and get back to it later.

There’s nothing quite like looking at these pictures after you deliver the baby and get back to your regular shape. You’ll be amazed by how big, bulky and dinosaur-like you used to be. It will be all kinds of fun, and the 12 weeks pregnant belly is perfect for starting the chronology.

It might sound and feel a bit ridiculous to you at this moment, but believe us – you will thank yourself for going through with it and making sure you have something to look back to later on. Grab your fancy phone and get ready for a series of baby-friendly pics!

12 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Oki-Doki, sisters: we’ve made it to the stage when tests and samples become a big part of our lives. The fetus inside a 12 weeks pregnant belly is almost a “complete” human being. That means all the organs, the muscles, and the vital system are already in place.

During the 2nd trimester, the baby will only get bigger and stronger. There’s still a lot of work to be done, and your body will take care of it all. The organs, the tissues, the blood flow, the nerves – it’s all in development. You won’t be able to see all of that on your 12 weeks pregnant ultrasound, but it will, most definitely, get you excited.

A cute fact: if you pinch (or, rather, poke) your belly right now and look at the fetus on the other side of the screen, it will probably respond by moving its hands and legs. At this moment, there’s nothing different between the rate of growth of a single baby and twins.

The 1st trimester is about to become history, but there are a couple of checkups in stores for you before that. Will you have another 12 weeks pregnant ultrasound? It all depends on what your doctor has to say about.

Figuring Out Your Kiddo’s Gender

Usually, if there’s nothing wrong, the docs prefer not to run any tests on a pregnant woman. Your insurance may also play a vital role in this. Regardless, the ultrasound will show you a much clearer picture of the future child. A perfect time to tell everybody that you’re soon to be a mother.

Now, if you were hoping to learn if it’s a boy or a girl in your belly, we’re sorry to say that it’s not possible right now. If you’re lucky, the next week will reveal it. But still, don’t get your hopes up – it will be almost impossible to figure out the gender.

Just wait till the 19th/20th week: your doc will be ready to break the news to you then. On the other hand, if you give out your blood for various DNA tests (they are usually meant for discovering any disorders), the results might be able to tell you if it’s a son or a daughter. Hey, think it all through – maybe you don’t really want to know until the very end?

At 12 weeks pregnant, the never-ending stream of doctor visits will consume you. Genetic/blood/urine testing – all of it. Yes, it might be scary at first; don’t be afraid to ask your doc whatever’s on your mind. And remember: in most cases, the babies come to this world totally healthy and happy!

Pregnancy Checklist At Twelve Weeks Pregnant

Get ready for your upcoming visit to the doctor. They’ll run numerous tests and probably use the ultrasound machine to see if there are any abnormalities.
Take your time and study the various pregnancy foods that are available at your local store. Once you pick a product you like, buy as much as you can. There’s nothing worse than running out of food and torturing yourself with hunger.

And finally, make sure to tell all the important people in your life that you’re about to become a mother. This is a very important step both for you and for your fam.