10 Weeks Pregnant


Ok, we’re happy to say that the wait is finally over and that the baby belly is starting to show! At 10 weeks pregnant, that “baby bump” makes you look like a true expecting mother, and people will treat you differently.

You may find yourself pushed forward at the line in your favorite store or even offered a seat in the city transport. It’s safe to say that now it’s time to drop whatever you’re doing and embark on a shopping spree.

Yes, your wardrobe certainly does need a proper update at 10 weeks pregnant, and we’re not talking about those fancy and tight pants. With your belly getting bigger and bigger with each passing day, comfy, looser clothes is what you should go with.

10 Weeks Pregnant – Picking The Right Clothes

When you’re starting to show, all your focus should be on the baby and on your own comfort. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to look like a homeless person, of course, but do sacrifice style for the sake of usability.

Maternity wear should also be on your mind (look for worthy picks on the Internet). It won’t cost you much, and when shopping online, you’ve got a huge collection at your disposal. Again, “fancy” should not be the first thing on your mind.

At 10 weeks pregnant, the fetus is as big as a radish and is approximately 1.2 inches long – cool, right? Keep in mind that next week, the kiddo will reach 2.5 inches! The weight is 0.14/0.15 ounces. Aha, the future boy/girl is growing at an exponential rate.

10 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Because of the unprecedented growth of a new organism inside of your body, the abdominal muscles begin to stretch to make room for the fetus. One of the biggest physical changes includes bigger boobs. The next list includes the biggest 10 weeks pregnancy symptoms that you’ll have to learn to live with:

– Hurting ligaments. It’s totally normal to feel some pain in your lower abdomen. Again, you’re stretching, and it’s taking a toll on the fragile body. We won’t even talk about all the incredibly complex changes that your system is going through at this moment because all you need to know is that you’re heading in the right direction.

And while some expecting mothers don’t really feel any pain, the others suffer quite a bit. As a general rule, if you’ve got two babies in your belly, you’ll be hurting even more. Talk to your doctor and discuss the 10 weeks pregnancy symptoms with him/her.

– Bigger breasts. As we just mentioned, your boobs will grow significantly and look quite different. Breastfeeding is right around the corner; your body needs time to turn your breasts into a milk factory.

Tired, Emotionally Unstable, And Sick

– Nausea. Sickness in the morning (24/7, to be exact) and nausea are probably the worst symptoms for a 10 weeks pregnant woman. You’ll find yourself throwing up all the time and feeling like losing all of your strength. It’s not all bad, though: in a couple of weeks, when you finally make it to the 2nd trimester, things will start to look up.

– Uncontrollable mood swings. The hormones put you through a tough test and mess your emotions up. That means you’ll find yourself being ridiculously sensitive and/or angry at the insignificant things.

Here’s one of the best 10 weeks pregnancy tips for you: If you’re in that “cry baby” mood, put your favorite TV show on and enjoy! Don’t forget about those nice snacks, though – they’re very important at this stage. Eating healthy and keeping yourself entertained – that’s what you should focus on.

– Fatigue. Expecting mothers always feel like they’re about to collapse because of how tired they are. You don’t even have to carry heavy weights to feel exhausted. The body is working overtime to make sure that fetus grows and you may not get enough sleep because of the mysterious dreams that visit you at night.

More Side-Effects To Handle

– Additional vaginal discharge. Due to the fact that there’s more blood flowing in your lower body than ever (and a heavy production of estrogen), 10 weeks pregnant ladies are to have a colorless, odorless substance out of their vjjs.

Don’t be grossed out – this is your body’s way of releasing the toxins and making sure your baby is healthy. However, if it’s a bit bloody, comes with a bad smell and causes you pain, get in contact with your doc. It might be something serious.

– Big blue veins. Noticed those impressive veins that you couldn’t see (or didn’t pay attention to) before? Well, they’re delivering tons of blood to the fetus, and that is why they’re so bulked up.

10 Weeks Pregnancy Tips

At this stage, your beautiful belly is finally starting to show. The child in you is getting bigger and stronger, and the uterus needs to adjust to its new size. Still, at 10 weeks pregnant, not a lot of folks will notice anything different about you.

Still, as discussed above, get some stretchy pants and don’t pick your tops trying to look stylish – go with something loose and comfortable. If your BMI is average, the docs will tell you to gain as much as 3-5 additional pounds before week 13 ends. So, if you’ve gotten a bit fatter, that’s great!

As a general rule, when you’re an expecting mother of twins, the OB will instruct to add +/- a pound every week in the 1st trimester. And that means that a 10 weeks pregnant woman might just gain 10 pounds.

Keeping Your Weight In Check

At the same time, it’s not uncommon to gain less weight and ever lose it. We’re different, and our bodies grow in different ways. Nausea is one of the reasons why a lot of women get skinnier instead of gaining those much-needed pounds.

Thankfully, when the 2nd trimester hits, the majority of the nasty side effects will leave you alone and you’ll be able to eat as much as you like. As far as the 10 weeks pregnancy tips go, we would recommend picking healthy foods and making sure that you eat enough carbs, protein, and fats.

10 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

When a woman is 10 weeks pregnant, she’s got a baby inside of her that looks a lot like, well, a baby. The arm joints are there, and most of the bones have already been developed. The most important organs are working on their own. Pretty soon, the child will have hair and fingernails.

At this point, it’s getting used to kicking, even though you won’t feel a thing. The 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound will show you a lot on that screen and run you through some tests. Think about genetic testing (consult with a professional who will know what to recommend).

If you were wondering about the NT Scan, just know that the docs will scan you somewhere during the 10-14 weeks period. It will show whether the fetus has abnormalities of any sort. Don’t worry – the process is totally painless.

Never-Ending Tests

At 10 weeks pregnant, your blood will also be tested to assert the risks for your future offspring. NIPT is the most important of all the blood tests. Essentially, the doctors take a DNA sample and test it. Hopefully, the fetus won’t have any congenital syndromes.

If necessary, the CVS test will also be run. The amniocentesis test is used when the first results suggest there might be a risk. The 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound will allow the doctors to know exactly where your placenta is placed.

Next, they’ll take samples from your cervix by using a special tool or just put a needle in your tummy. As for amniocentesis, the docs will make an appointment somewhere during the 15-20 weeks period. True, these tests might seem to be endless at first, but you’ll get over them soon.

Pregnancy Checklist At 10 Weeks Pregnant

Remember to make an appointment with your doctor for the 1st CVS test. It’s very important, so, don’t postpone it – deal with this at an early stage.
And, don’t forget about the NTS test. It’s also vital for figuring out whether there’s something wrong with the fetus or not. It’s best to know sooner than later, trust us on that.

Finally, consult with your doctor and find out which exercises are allowed and which are not. There’s nothing worse than putting a lot of work into certain workout moves just to find out a while later that you were putting unnecessary strain on your body at just 10 weeks pregnant.